Primitive Era 10000 BC android game wiki, tips, strategies, heroes guide, and guide

Primitive Era 10000 BC is a build and battle type PvP multiplayer android game. This game has 3 factions farmer,
plunderer, and trader. They have their own special buildings called as exclusive structure which provide certain benefits. Farmers have harvest feature allowing you to procure massive resources. They also have resource plundering protection, 50% gathering speed buff, and 100% warrior load buff when gathering
resources. They have -30% attack, march speed, and defense cons though when invading others. Plunderer has 150% warrior load, 40% fallen warriors getting turned into injured warriors, healing 100% heal speed buff, -30% resource production drawbacks, and -50% warrior load. Trader can use gold to buy goods, 50% gold output buff, resource aid to allies, -30% warrior food cost, and resource price reduction by 5%. It has cons of increasing plundered resources by 100% and -50% warrior healing rate.

Here is wiki, tips, tricks, strategies, heroes, and beginner’s guide for Primitive Era android game:

1.Choose a correction custom. Farmer is a better choice in beginning as you will need a lot of resources to
upgrade and build buildings. You will get crops garden building which will give you 1 hours resource production instantly.
You can change later to plunderer custom before going for war to get attack and defense buffs. You can change custom for free once every 3 days. Tap on chief’s hall >> custom >> select >> change.

2.Complete your solo missions, daily missions, and main missions. Solo missions are most important as they
allow you to unlock more area and build and discover more buildings. You get resources for every objective and also additional rewards at end of chapter.
Daily missions provide points which allow you to get resource chests after particular points interval. The best way to get rewards here is to use your speed ups just enough to get required objectives done. You have a daily mission of conduct 2 research, so you can use research speed ups to do it. Preserve rest for later. Don’t use your normal speed ups for research or training as they are required for upgrading buildings.
You cannot use research or training speed ups for upgrading.
Do your main missions as well. You can do them at your own pace but daily missions get refreshed daily and give better rewards so should be prioritized first. Tap on notepad symbol on lower left >> select mission type >> tap/go.

If you prefer to do things based on requirement of your own, then you can do that as well. This will also get many missions done. You can do it based on lacing resources. For example, if you lack pelts, you can build more pelt shelter and upgrade them to maximum. Tap on build >> pelt >> hunter shelter >> tick. Make sure you also build depots to store your resources. Another way is to research rapid production technologies. This give you resources quickly. Rapid production success rate
drops by 25% each time you do it. You can use it for another building of same type. If you have 2 farms, try it for both if you want food. Tap on farm >> rapid.

3.Get free reward every day. You get them through VIP, pack mall, benefits, and login event. Tap on VIP on
upper left >> daily rewards/ tick on upper right. Tap on pack mall >> last option. Tap on benefits on upper right >> red marks >> claim.
Tap on events >> login event on upper right >> claim. The best way to spend gems is on VIP level as they provide lot of buffs for every level. Tap on VIP >> “+” symbol >> purchase.

4.Research various technologies at research. You should always start off with rapid production. Next priority should be for warfare chief 1 for elite and march queue which allows you to
deploy a hero with march.
Focus on researching warfare chief 2 for elite and march queue after that
as that allows you to unlock extra hero for march slot which will allow you to increase your attack.
Research basic battle ancient scrolls after that and then focus mostly on village development to increase resource production output.

You can go for more aggressive type of research based on your preferred type. You can research only infantry
based troops first in basic battle, moderate battle, and infantry promotion. Infantry impact in moderate
battle increases regular attack damage, if your troops consist only of infantry. This will allow you to
build your march around infantry or other troop type. Deploy a corresponding infantry hero like Magic Mountain: Horace
for infantry or Brutal Waraxe: Yedda for cavalry, for example. Tap on your march on upper left (third option) settings >> drag the hero and infantry troops under warriors.

5.Hire maximum workers to speed up your building progress by building laborer huts. Tap on build symbol on upper left >> go. This will increase amount of buildings you can upgrade simultaneously. You can upgrade fourth laborer hut after reaching level 13 chief’s level.

6.Hunt down different animals on map to get various resources and hero EXP. Megaloceros provides food, dire wolf provides wood, carved tooth provides stone, giant warthog provides pelts, gold thief provides gold, and barbarians provide various rewards like resources, rubies, speed ups, recruitment scrolls, etc. You need to rally them and need an alliance. Kill these animals based on your resource requirements. They also will give hero EXP. It’s better to choose only few heroes for marches as that will give them many EXP.
Tap on earth symbol on lower right >> search >> select animal >> search >> go. You will use 10 stamina to do this but you will recover it at a rate of 1 every 8 minutes. Good thing is that you have 2 queues so you have 20 hits available. Research rapid recovery in elite queue and march queue to recover more quickly.

7.Gather resources based on what you are lacking. It’s generally better to gather before you log off as that frees up your marching queues to attack animals during play. Gathering requires more time so try to keep your troops busy gathering even while offline. Tap on earth symbol on lower right >> search symbol >> food symbol >> select resource >> gather. You can tap on crops garden for farmer custom to get resources instantly. Send resources where people gather to raise population as you have population requirements too to upgrade buildings. Tap on bonfire plaza >> transport drag resources and transport them.

8.Train your troops to increase your power. Tap on cavalry camp, infantry barracks, and archery range >> train. You can increase level of lower tiered troops by tapping on them >> “up arrow” >> confirm. You need to do required research though through research >> basic battle >> infantry/archer/cavalry promotion.

9.Primitive Era heroes guide: Heroes are divided into Ace (green), stellar (blue), epic (purple), and legendary (orange). They are further divided into commission/growth and battle heroes.
You get free recruits every day.
Tap on heroes lodge >> recruit >> slide and recruit all classes. Legendary
recruit has maximum 3.95% probability of getting legendary hero, epic has0.14%, and stellar has 0.02%.
If you get a epic or legendary hero, switch your formation immediately as that will increase your power and give them hero EXP when they attack. Tap on march on upper left >> settings >> drag a hero. You can also give EXP through magic potions. Tap on hero at bottom >> select a hero >> “+” symbol >> use. Preserve them for epic and legendary heroes though.
You can deploy commission heroes to get resource production output. There are heroes specific for gold, food, wood, pelt, and stone production buffs. Tap on any resource building >> commission >> commission to deploy. Use skill to use it by going to hero >> commission >> use. Commission heroes can be upgraded with ritual dew. You can get them at brave heart guild.
Exchange hero bracelets for ritual dew. Tap on hero >> select skill >> upgrade.
Heroes for battle are recruited for marches.

If you get a legendary hero for infantry or cavalry, for example, then build your march around it. Research
infantry, train more infantry troops. This will make you overpowered in that one department.

Primitive Era beasts: Build beast pen after you reach castle level 16. Beasts have certain boosts related to troops type. Smilodon has +5% infantry attack and defense and Dire Wolf has +2.5% infantry boosts. Mammoth and Arctodus have cavalry boosts. Check these stats and deploy your troops accordingly to get these boosts.

Hero tier:

Ranged: Eagle Hunter: Talon, Winter’s Thorn: Deshawn, Snowy Claw: Kloze, Antler of Majesty: Lucita, Fists of Vengeance: Baden, Bestial Huntress: Elroi, Siren Killer: Jukache, Tripmaster: Abaris, Shield Piercer: Alvis

Infantry: Eagle Hunter: Talon, Winter’s Thorn: Deshawn, War Drummer: Dame, Fists of Vengeance:
Baden, Cap’n Deepsea: Dee, Tusk Shield: Jotunn, Will of Currents: Vibia, Beerserker: Quintus, Sentry: Odelia

Assist: Growler: Kunpan, Tide Caller: Naia, Contemplative: Cheeyanah, Cap’n Deepsea: Dee, Weighty Totem: Parkash, Jadeite Hammer: Babak

Universal: Growler: Kunpan, Weighty Totem: Parkash, Jadeite Hammer: Babak, Alpha Wolf: Aujune, White Lion: Muren, Arbiter: Gaius, Fist Blade: Karwan, Rabble Rouser: Manto
Northland Loner: Jaleh, Protector: Erato, Wilderness Hunter: Danae

Cavalry: Snowy Claw: Kloze, Contemplative: Cheeyanah, Antler of Majesty: Lucita, Siren Killer: Jukache,
Mammoth Predator: Rhea, Beast of Prey: Gustave, Reaper: Elsie

Archer: Tide Caller: Naia, Melody of Nature: Sheely, Tripmaster: Abaris, Shield Piercer: Alvis, Raven: Pag

Melee: Melody of Nature: Sheely, War Drummer: Dame, Alpha Wolf: Aujune, White Lion: Muren, Tusk Shield: Jotunn, Arbiter: Gaius, Fist Blade: Karwan, Will of Currents: Vibia, Mammoth Predator: Rhea,
Beerserker: Quintus, Rabble Rouser: Manto, Northland Loner: Jaleh, Protector: Erato, Wilderness Hunter: Danae

Blitz: Bestial Huntress: Elroi, Sentry: Odelia, Beast of Prey: Gustave, Reaper: Elsie, Raven: Pag

10.Join a good clan which is active. Clan offers various benefits like upgrade help, protection from getting looted, rallies, buy items from shop. Collect daily login reward in clan by tapping on clan >> salary. Tap on contribution to get gold. Get gifts whenever someone buys a pack from gifts section.
Donate resources to clan research to get clan contribution points. This can be used to buy items in shop. First focus on development till clan help 2 which will allow you to help progress quickly. You can then focus on battle research. Most important items on clan
shop are speed ups, piece shield, attack, and defense bonus. Tap on clan >> shop >> item >> buy.

11.Battle guide: Generally, infantry is effective against cavalry, cavalry against, archers, and archers against infantry. Scout your enemies and if you get troop formation, then send your troops accordingly. Experiment and see which troop types are effective against whom. Rally is a great way to attack a stronger opponent.
You will unlock beasts later at chief’s hall level 16.

12.Best packs are laborer list, hero pack from pack mall, and weekly limited resources pack which gives you resources. Hero pack gives you legendary scrolls which are used to recruit heroes at heroes lodge. Tap on pack mall >> hero. Laborer pack can be purchased from laborer list on upper left >> purchase. This gives you laborers to upgrade quickly.

13.Participate in events. Tap on upper right to see them. Some events like Rules of Survival has defeating wild creatures to get survival points which can be exchanged to get heroes.

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