Nations of Darkness Wiki, best hero formation, hero tier list, tips, and beginner’s guide

Nations of Darkness is a city builder type competitive multiplayer game. This game has 4 sections vampires, werewolves, hunters, and mages. Vampires have +5% building speed and shooter attack, werewolves have +5% speed and driver attack, hunters have +5% resource output and and fighter defense, and mages have +5% research speed and fighter health. Vampire is best faction as only drawback is less resources which can be acquired easily by upgrading resource tiles.

1.Simply focus on chapter missions in beginning. They give massive rewards like speed ups, resources, healing item, hero fragments, etc. They also let you know new areas to be discovered which allows you to build more types of buildings. Chapter missions will also allow you to get healing item for your hero Cain. You could deploy him once he is fully healed. Main tasks can be done at a slower pace. Daily tasks get repeated from beginning daily so make sure you do most of them to get resources and activity points. Activity points allow you to open gifts which have resources, speed ups, and fragment chests for last gift.

Nations of Darkness upgrade requirements: Tap on a building to see resources required. You can always use a resource chest from your inventory or collect on open world. If you get stuck because of lower power, train more troops or do missions which give you troops to add to your overall power. You can also upgrade heroes as well. Tap on your formation and slide maximum to deploy maximum soldiers.

2.Your town center is main building. Keep your 1 resource producing land/building at it ‘s level, research center, training soldiers buildings like fighter camp, shooter camp, and driver camp, hero tavern. It’s unnecessary to upgrade each resource building till highest level. This will waste your speed ups and time. Build as many resource buildings as available. This will give you free resources. It’s easier to upgrade till level 6 easily with no speed ups so get them till that level quickly. Tap on a building >> upgrade >> upgrade.

3.Train your troops relentlessly. They will increase your march power. It’s better to keep a good balance between drivers, shooters, and fighters. Drivers have highest attack and lowest health , followed by shooters which are more balanced, and fighters are kind of tanks with high health, low attack. Use speed ups to quickly train. Tap on shooter camp >> train >> speed up >> training speed up. Don’t use normal speed ups as they are needed for upgrading structures.

4.Recruit heroes from hero tavern. Heroes recruitments are divided into standard with 12.5% rare hero, 2.5% exceptional hero, and 85% items chance, advanced with 10.91% exceptional hero chance, 2.73% epic hero chance, 1.36% legendary hero chance, and 85% items, faction which have 6% rare and exceptional hero chances, 2% epic hero chance, 1% legendary hero chance, and 85% items chance. Faction recruitment allows you to recruit based on faction. You get 3 standard recruitment chances and 1 legendary chance. You can also spend recruitment cards to draw more heroes. Tap on hero tavern >> recruit >> free/recruit >> slide and recruit more. Get recruitment cards through daily tasks, diamonds, etc.

5.Get all your free rewards daily. You can get them by login, events center, VIP, etc. Tap on calendar symbol
at bottom left >> daily task >> daily login >> claim. Tap on event >> carnival of shadows >> claim. Claim other rewards as well which are based on development, power, attacking feralbeasts, etc.
Read these event challenges and solve them to get massive rewards. These events get terminated after certain time so complete them quickly. Events like territory raids are based on feral beasts which give you renown which can be exchanged for rewards. Tap on event >> territory raid >> territory affair >> get >> rewards exchange exchange.Go to menu >> gift symbol >> resource >> use. Best exchanges here in ascending order are diamonds, advanced recruitment cards, speed ups, and fragments.
You can also collect more free rewards

VIP rewards are also free. Tap on VIP >> claim at bottom and gift above. You get more for successive logins.
Add VIP points with diamonds Tap on + sign >> diamonds. The higher your privilege level, the more boosts
you get. Boosts are hero XP, research speed resource production speed, march capacity, march speed, etc. You also get troop attack, defense, troops health buffs after level 9. Check them by tapping on next sign “>”.
There is also VIP store to exchange resources for mobility
potion and speed ups. Mobility potions are required to attack foes on open map. You have 200 by when fully replenished. Hoard them as they are needed during battle. You can also accumulate more free resources by tapping on “?” marks on your city.

Most efficient way to spend diamonds is for VIP followed by buying recruitment cards from hero tavern.

6.Research development, troops, territory, and skills in research center. Tap on research structure >> select
a type >> research. Focus on economic development till crystal output. Maximize it and focus on troops strengthening then. Fighter promotion research is vital to upgrade your lower ranked soldiers to highest level.
That will raise your power tremendously.
Research battle skills fighter attack, shooter attack , and driver attack. Territory war should be given last priority. Troop strengthening should be given highest priority.

7.Tier up your heroes, add XP, and upgrade their skills for massive boosts. Tiering up raises power massively. You will need starlight statues for it. Preserve it for your best heroes. Tap on hero >> upgrade. You will need EXP book to do so. The more you use them.the more you need. Upgrading heroes till level 5 requires less EXP so use them for all heroes in your marches. Don’t waste them on heroes you don’t deploy.
Tier up by tapping on “up” arrow >> tier up. Skills can be upgraded by tapping on hero >> skills >> upgrade. You will be using fragments so upgrade oly attack skills rather than resource skills.

Heroes are divided into multi hit, driver, train, fighter, develop, burst, gather, support, shooter, healer,
balanced, tank,march, siege, defender, and field battle. Some heroes have advantage over specific troops type. For example, Beatrice’s 4th skill has 22% attack against shooter, Steve has 22% attack buff against fighters.
Check 4th skills to see which fighter has buff against which troops type. Use your heroes accordingly.
Scout your enemies before attacking. If you get information about troop type, then deploy your heroes accordingly. If your foe has more shooters, use Beatrice, or Ivan, or Ace because of their shooter attack buffs. If your foe has more fighters, use Steve, etc.

Hero tier for Nations of Darkness:

1.Multi Hit: Cain, Beatrice, Gary, Lilith, Yelena, Minsky, Hawkins, Larry, Ulrich, Lyuba, Karol, Manning, Cade, Sully, Pushkin, Holly

Driver: Cain, Steve, Cain, Gary, Yelena, Minsky, Jaina, Larry, Leon, Fred, Orson, Victor, Meryl, Marcus, Dorina, Sakharov, Peter, Kuznetsov, Maggie

Train: Cain, Vincent, Ace, Minnes XVII, Yelena, Hawkins, Larry, Leon, Stein, Malenkov

Fighter: Beatrice, Ace, Minnes XVII, Gorky, Ivan, Yuri, Liadrin, Stiller, Lermontov, Margarita, Malenkov, Kezlov, Karen, Clark, Francisco, Morozov, Bayer, Beth, Reynolds, Rowan

Develop: Beatrice, Gary, Lilith, Lyuba, Dorina, Sully, Nathan, Clark, Francisco, Sakharov, Pushkin, Peter, Kuznetsov, Morozov, Jess, Holly, Chester, Bayer, Beth, Maggie, Reynolds, Rowan

Burst: Steve, Gorky, Jaina, Veitch, Stein, Margarita, Malenkov, Orson, Karen, Dorina, Sakharov, Jess, Beth

Gather: Steve, Jaina, Stiller, Karol, Margarita, Manning, Kezlov, Orson, Victor, Karen, Cade, Meryl, Marcus

Support: Otto, Meryl, Nathan, Peter, Maggie

Shooter: Otto, Lilith, Ladio, Hawkins, Veitch, Ulrich, Diphu, Lyuba, Karol, Stein, Manning, Cade, Sully, Nathan, Pushkin, Jess, Holly, Chester

Healer: Otto, Ivan, Veitch, Ulrich, Lermontov

Balanced: Vincent, Ace, Ivan, Ladio, Leon, Diphu, Fred, Clark, Kuznetsov, Chester, Reynolds

Tank: Minnes XVII, Yuri, Liadrin, Stiller, Lermontov, Kezlov, Victor, Marcus, Francisco, Morozov, Bayer, Rowan

March: Gorky, Yuri, Fred

Siege: Ladio

Defender: Liadrin

Field Battle: Diphu

8.Do missions in hall of prestige to get soldiers, fragments, speed ups, and EXP, Tap on hall of prestige, select a mission, and go.

9.Join a functioning alliance. This will allow you to get help to upgrade, rally attacks, etc. Each help gives you 200 alliance contribution points. These can be used to buy items in alliance store. Most important items are speed ups, advanced teleport, and march speed up. Alliance also has tech which can be used to get buffs in resources attack, defense, etc. Development is important till alliance help 1. Develop war tech later. War tech is more important as attack will help you tough battles.You can also collect reward from alliance perks and gifts. You can get gifts by defeating reapers.

10.Collect resources on open field. Tap on search >> select building >> gather >> march. Defeat foes there too like feral beasts, and reapers to get enormous rewards.

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