Epic Battles Online android game Wiki tips, tricks, strategies, formation, troops, and beginner’s guide for f2p.

Epic Battles Online is an online multiplayer battle simulator android game. It can also be played offline. The game features 7 types of units; Infantry, Cavalry, Archers, Spear men, Giants, Wizards, and Specials. This game is most PC like in battle simulation and has good real time strategy features. It does have 3 types of formation and different speed and attack, defense differences, and weakness of particular troops against others which allows you to be cunning, exploit your opponents, and use your troops wisely. You are also allowed to preselect formation which saves time and allows you to execute your plan quickly.

1.Set up a solid and mobile formation from your army camp. Don’t use default formation as you waste time getting your troops in good order. You have 14 troops out of which you can select 13 excluding your king. Go for 2 heavy infantry, cavalry, wizards, and spear men, 3 archers, and 1 giant and light infantry.

Start off with 2 spear men at center as they have highest defense flanked by heavy infantr1y
and then flanked by light infantry. Light infantry have highest numbers and are best for attack. I recommend
placing them on flanks which gives you great mobility and allows you to cover all sides. Elfs from
Light infantry provide 13500 attack overall and are best for targeted attacks. Humans from spear men provide 15000 defense and are best tanks. Humans and Elfs provide 4500 attack. They are great for a quick attack from a safe distance. I prefer higher number for lower defense troops like archers as that allows them to spread out more which makes them survive longer. Archers are best counter for cavalry because of their range which prevents cavalry from from quick ambush but they need cover. Go for straight line formation for archers and box formation for tanks; infantry and spear men. They always need cover from tanks though so they should be placed behind tanks.

Elfs provide highest attack 1350 and are best wizards. Wizards are extremely effective at concentrated places
since they provide 90 attack per troop. They are lowest in number and should be placed around edges well covered by tanks and should be last used to attack especially when enemies are first ones to attack.
Giants and Cavalry are pretty same as they have highest speed and are good chasers and should be used
tactically for a quick defense and attack. Giants have highest defense which is 500 per troop which gives them good longevity. Elfs and Undead provide 150 speed which could be used for quick
ambush or defense. Elfs are best cavalry with 9000 attack.

2.Attack strategy: You need to kill 50 % of your enemy troops to win or kill more troops than your opponent if battle lasts for 10 minutes. Distract and lure your opponent to one end of battlefield. This allows you quick ambush. Send a cavalry troop on one side of flank of your opponent. Choose a side if it
doesn’t have quick troops like giants or cavalry to get countered. If your opponent has archers or wizards at one end then that’s a good place to start.
Aim for a king but you have to go exactly behind your opponent on opposite end. Killing your opponent’s king weakens your enemy. If your opponent falls for bait and sends 2 or more troops to counter your cavalry, keep on evading him from one corner to next.
If 2 or more troops are distracted then slowly inch closer towards your opponent without breaking formation.
When you are sufficiently closer for a quick ambush, launch an an out attack starting with tanks,
followed by giants, archers, and eventually wizards. You can keep giants or a tank troop behind with your king if your opponent has sent a troop for your king. Do not chase bait attacks from behind. Just cover and hold your formation. If your opponent is ready he could exploit a weak formation line along your battle

3.Attack should be spread out for all troops of opponent. Target spear men with spear men and infantry. One against one with support from archers. Your opponent will be weakened as you would have outnumbered him if executed as per plan. Once one of his troops loses numbers, go for other troop. This can especially be done quickly with archers as they don’t need to move much for attack.
Do not allow your any troop to be idle. Engage every troop.
Wizards are great for central attack where enemies are most concentrated. They rout out enemies pretty quickly and should not be underestimated because of their lower number and low defense. You can then use your bait cavalry troop to attack archers, king, or wizards from behind. King should be prime target for cavalry followed by other ranged troops.
Use it as a sacrificial troop to gain ground and time. Do not change your opponent targeted troops unless they are obliterated otherwise you will waste time switching opponents without causing much damage.

4.You can also go for a more aggressive attack approach with 5 archers and only 1 cavalry, light and heavy infantry. This allows for extremely lightning fluid switch to target your opponents because of their range.
However, this approach requires more efforts to main a solid cover for your ranged troops.
I recommend
box formation for ranged troops in this formation surrounded on all front sides by tanks. This will
give you a compact and liquid formation. You should not go for quick ambush if you go for this approach and inch slightly closer while maintaining formation thereby teasing your opponent to be first to attack.
In either case, archers are main attackers in this type of formation, so switch quickly from troop
to troop. You can even go for 2 against 1 strategy where you deploy 2 archer units for 1 enemy troop
and switch quickly once troop is dead. Always maintain front defense. if one side weakens deploy more archers and 1 tank to that side. This will not allow your enemy to penetrate your camp.
If your opponent panics and starts retreating, go for quick ambush.

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