Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

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Quick tips, tricks, and beginner guide:

This is a basic guide to give new players, especially players on new servers, some direction to get started. This is not an absolute path, but is generally a good way to start off.

1.Get the Travain companion. Work on getting Travain companion to 17001 intimacy. There are multiple reasons why you want to do this. You can/will learn more in depth about why this is important as you progress and learn the game.

2.Do not focus too hard on a main team early on, especially on new servers. New servers do not have access to all champions until the server has been open 28 days. Most of the meta champions are newer champions that new servers do not have access to immediately. If you take a champion past 5 star, there is currently no use for them if you end up not utilizing them in your team. If you keep them 5 star or less they can be used as ascension fodder later on. So unless you are 100% sure you will be using a champion long term, try to limit ascension to 5 stars.

3.Do not concern yourself with marriage and its mechanics early on. Marriage is one of the more complicated mechanics of the game, and until your Travain companion reaches 17001, is not really worth getting into too deep.

4.Continue building knowledge and understanding of the game and its mechanics through the wonderful resources this discord provides. You can create forum topics in to start a help discussion, or utilize guides in created by the games experienced and knowledgeable players.

Hope this quick guide helps people get started.

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas apk link: Playstore

More tips:

Here is LONG advice for beginners. It’s a little different than the order of companions / heroes listed above, but the same principles.

1.Focus on your companions. By upgrading companion intimacy, you can get Mythic heroes, which you need to be competitive.

2.Start with raising the intimacy of your Travain companion to 17001. This will get you the cheapest possible mythic heroes with level 22 traits, which you can use to upgrade all of your heroes.

3.After that, focus on the Lionstone companion, which will get you two solid mythic tanks. You will eventually replace the Male, but the Female is solid even at the highest level.

4.Then, work on the Yivnian companion, which will give you level 22 Focused, which is good for heroes you need to Ult quickly.

5.Only take food from the Senate issues, to maximize your districts.

6.Play the dungeon every time it’s available. The shops on every fifth floor have the best discounts in the game on items to upgrade your companion intimacy. Don’t push the campaign too far until you are ready – beating campaign levels also raises the dungeon level difficulty.

7.Finally, don’t bother using summoning crystals to get special event heroes UNLESS you can use enough of them to get the companion as well. This is usually around 300 crystals, so stockpile them until you know what you want to go for. A hero without the companions is crippled, and can’t really progress. You need the heirs available to repeatedly upgrade your hero through the altar.

8.There is CURRENTLY one clan event, one Blood craft hero, and one sprite you cannot skip when the events come to your server. You must get the Male Water and Sun, and the Water and Sun companion. Once you start getting Guild Conquest rewards, focus on getting Fenix. The other bloodcrafts are far less important. When the Bulko sprite event happens, you need him. You should have plenty of time until those events pop up on your server.

9.During the process of doing all of these upgrades, you will eventually get more Mythic (Red) heroes, so don’t worry about that so much yet.

10.Also, you do not need to have one of each type of hero on your team. My main comp is one tank, 2 assassins, a mage and a Bloodcraft. I don’t use warriors or archers at all on my main. It’s more about what works together, or at your level what you have.

How to get gems:
If you kill all the bosses daily, you get 5ish chests a day, so that’s at least 7k. Then free gems from login, daily quests, prisoners, etc.

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas active codes:
Active Codes: BLD623, BLD500K, BLDHOL1, & BLDHOL2. Also unsure of code duration for the following BLDRETURN (As of 1/6/24).
100 Cleansing Potion + 500 Diamonds

Also MISWG1O invite Code for New Player to get Referral Rewards. (Reward given after Completion of Campaign 3-20). Check #gift-code from Discord to get latest codes.

Discord link

Ancestral temple:
There’s ancestral temple where you get special heroes. You can see the bloodcraft stats there.
like we can with the Renowned Champion.
Just click on the eye icons.
Go to ancestral temple and summon to use shards.

You get bloodcraft from ancestral temple, you need glory to buy them from guild conquest store. This is the store where you buy them.

You can see Fenix skillset or rather all blood craft skills in Ancestral temple There’s an eye on each one, and you tap that icon, you can read into each bloodcraft.

All companions:
Once you get all of the current companions, you can save summons and only use on the newest companion since it will be the only one you don’t have.

At bi-weekly releases, assuming you have already caught up on all of the companions, it’s perfectly possible to get enough summon stones to get the companion on release for a low cost. And if you haven’t, it’s perfectly fine not summoning on every banner, being selective. And you can even get loads of heir potions and stuff too in that time.

Flower event is only worth it imo if you do minimum 70 rolls per event which is around 11k diamonds. 70 rolls guarantee at least 10 shards per event which means in around 3 rose events the companion is almost warranted. Can’t get jigsaws If i want to get all companions.

When cashing in your relics you could get this big gold heart that says that you earned favor with all the companions? It’s just a title. Gives your title a fancy background.

Guild conquest:
There’s a currency called glory that you can earn from a guild vs guild vs guild mode called Guild Conquest. You can also earn it elsewhere. You can use it to buy stuff from the GC store, including the 400 fragments you need to summon a bloodcraft champion.

They’re heroes you need 400 fragments of to summon. You can earn those fragments from doing guild conquest and rare rewards from the tavern.

Other top tier champions are out there that one should get are: Water and sun Fenix Ho Galibar To get those champions : Water and Sun, Ho, Galibar you need to wait the summoning event in your server. To get Fenix like other Bloodcraft, you have to get 400 shards of it from GC and too many other challenges, once you have 400 shards you go to ancestral Temple and you spend them to get the Fenix.

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