Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

Bloodline Heroes of a District guide, prisoner, level 22 traits, and intimacy.

District guide:
Basic suggestion would be to aim to get all buildings to lvl 20, use bread to progress your progression quests for the extra senate scrolls, carousal potions etc, this caps out at 600 workers per building, then just going for the cheapest bread purchases possible at x10. i can’t say this is optimal but has served well.

Go up by 5’s to get the next hero slot open
start with market n go in the circle up by 5s.

Don’t raise anything past 20 until you have them all to 20, ’cause you can’t add heroes after that which is your biggest booster.

Also, don’t sleep on carousing, keep maybe 20 to do your dailies, but don’t keep them in your inventory. get your companionship list bumped up. Grab as many companions as you can get your hands on.

Always save 1500 charm for cross server charm challenges, you get 20 carousal potions from that

Gold chests scale off gold income, which scales (partially) off companionship carousels, which scale off of companion charm.

You get more carousing based on the amount of charm you have on your companions

Personally if your not going to spend $$ and be a
free to play focus on getting all of your companions to around 3k Charm and by then you should be able to have an incredible increase.

World map collect -> chance to get one prisoner every hour. It’s luck. Every hour, you’ll get either the prisoner or a stamina potion.

Level 22 traits and intimacy:
How much intimacy do I need for level 22 traits on 3s companions?

You use marriage to transfer better traits to your champions. Marriage can be pretty difficult and time consuming so I wouldn’t touch it until your travain companion is has 17001 intimacy points.

By doing that you have an unlimited source of level 22 traits. But do note that that traits each heir gets and the level it is is at random. In other words some might have level 22 brutal but others may have level 20 or 21 brutal.

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