Roblox Punch Wall Simulator all codes, pets, wiki

Unfortunately, like most games the codes are very very basic items. In fact you do not need codes in this game.

Paste code below:

They are just small wins, some potions and stage one type pets.
Playing the game for gifts as the timer runs down will give much pets code pets. There’s a potion also after 10 mins of playing.
Also, if you like the game and Join the group on every hour you can claim either 3 or 5 free spins at the stage 1 treasure chest. It is buggy though, meaning if you get 3 spins in the hour you will get them. If it says you got 5 spins. It’s 50/50 whether you get them or now. If it says 8 spins. You not get them.
So every hour of free spins is great but it’s 50/50 whether you’ll get anything.
You could spend a month of playing to gain 1100 free spins. Literally only got 2 good pets from the 1100 spins. Not happy about that. But the more good op pets you have the better it is for your player.

You have the pet passes and the 3 you start with I am guessing with the 13 pets. Very good. There is a pet index in level 4 probably. For every 100 pets you collect you gain another equip spot.
This helps too. The great thing with this game is. You can have 3 versions of the same pet. Normal , gold and void. Each version of the same pet counts as an index collected pet.
You can smash through the final wall as fast as you can run. What this means is there is no competition with wins then. As you can only go so fast and if everyone grinder is smashing through that final wall with double wins potions . You are all at the same speed and same wins. It just comes down to how much you want to grind and smash that wall over and over. You could be sprinting through walls at 3.8 seconds. So that’s how fast you can be able to gain wins.

Unlike arm wrestle sim. The biggest pet in this game is 25000. It you max it it will get to 150000 probably. But that is very near impossible. You could have pets in arm wrestle sim that are 10m boost. If you have 36 equip it’s a massive difference. So unfortunately this game has no had updates for a very long time. I don’t think it will. There focus is weekly updates for AWS now.

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