Pet Simulator 99 best enchantments

Roblox Pet Simulator 99 Best enchantments setups for grinding, farming diamonds, item drops, loot, value list, rebirth 3, toys, trading plaza, wiki, etc.

What is the best enchant?
Treasure hunter or lucky eggs probably.

1.Roblox Pet Simulator 99 Best enchant combo:
6 criticals VI grant probably 100% for crit which is 5x damage. But 6 Strong Pets VI give 6 times 90% which is almost same result if not better for last area grind.

2.Best enchant setup for someone with 5 slots:
Just do magnet, 2 treasure, and 2 crit.

3.Best combo of enchantments for item drops (8 slots):
Treasure Hunter

4.Best enchant build for loot:
Blazing or astral. Metal is mid (deepwoken enchants).

5.Best enchant loadout for getting drops:
Treasure hunter

6.Best f2p enchant setup for diamond farm:
You could get 500k gems / hour with 2 critical 7, 2 diamond 7, 1 magnet, that is probably the best diamond build for F2P.

7.Best enchants to farm diamonds:

Well you could have comet, diamonds 6, 2 crit.

Another best enchant arrangement to farm diamonds:
Just diamonds now and a magnet.

Diamond chest mimic?(vip zone farming)
is probably the best enchant for grinding diamonds rn, but try not to buy with robux. It is quite pricy.

If you buy massive comet or diamond chest enchant only buy one it doesn’t stack.
Really cause lucky block and mimic stacks.
But you could just sell them for gems and get a lot of huges.

8.Best enchant setup for grinding:

Broke version of this:
Try just crit with treasure and coins maybe for
4 slots.
For four you could have two for treasure (if you prioritize item drops. If you prioritize coins/diamonds use the enchants for those instead), one for strength (if yours isn’t THAT strong so you could use it, but if you have good pets you can def swap it out for something else) and one for crit.

Best enchants for grinding coins (only 5 slots):
3 coins and 2 fortune but fortune doesn’t stack probably

Midas touch 5X (another option)
5 midas touch basically 5 x 5 = 25x

You could do 1 midas, 3 coins, and 1 fortune.
Fortune enchant can drop from crystal chest in castle. That’s a single method.

Best enchantments for afk grinding(for 3 slots and only lvl 4 enchants):

Current coin, strength, and criticals
2 crit v and magnet 3

9.Another best enchant combo for grinding:
You could typically use 1 crit, 1 strong, 1 treasure, and 1 mag as a f2p. With boost and stuff you could make around 500 items a night as f2p. If you got tap power 5 coins 5 and strong pets 5, they are the best when your not that rich.
Crit books are better than strong pet books probably. They both rely on each other.

Best enchants for grinding (for 3 slots):
Luck v
For newbie, you gonna need crit and strong for break breakables fast, and coin.

10.Best enchant arrangement for farming items:
Coins, damage, lightning
Full t6 treasure hunter
Another choice is like on magnet then all max treasure hunters. It is worth it buying extra enchant slots

Best f2p set up for item farming last stage:
All magnet 1 books.

11.Rebirth 3:
Rebirth 3 is in area 75. Every 25 areas is a rebirth. You unlock clans after rebirth 3 probably.
Rebirth 3 is so fast. You could be in 20 mins on area 50.

If you are not doing any damage when you are 3 rebirths in it means you’re weak. Even if you got 4.39b pets but still it aint enough. You just gotta grind. Afk at the best area. You’ll keep getting coins. Just use potions and flags. Go max rebirth before anything. Last area.

How do you get those tnts that drop from sky
if you are rebirth 3?
Go to your inventory and reach the slingshot.

Speed is not really a problem if you have speed potions and toys.

Trading Plaza:
Use gems to buy stuff in trade plaza and extra pet spots and extra egg hatches.
You unlock it after stage 3 probably.

How do you go to trading plaza?
The castle is in area 3. You need rebirth 1 to get in btw.

If you go to trade plaza then there are people selling pets with 2-3b power for a cheap price
50 gems each.

If you want to have a huge and stuck in area 105, for example and need help if you have weak pets or exclusives go to trading plaza.

If you leave the trading plaza your items still remain there. You can leave. And when you come back you just say relist items. Then they appear again, but others cant buy them while we are offline.

How do you get advanced trading plaza?
You need either 5 huges or 1 titanic.
You gain rich people to trade with, pros.
You get good offers, and can sell high tier huges going to pro trading plaza.

You can obtain diamond seeds without being on trading plaza if you buy seed for 20k you get min. 10k+ per seed.

If your trade plaza rly fkd up and you want a huge potion, go digsite or fishing advanced.
There you get this item what you can trade 16x against huge potion. It’s not that rare.

If you want huge pet and tired of fishing and p2w pet sim 99 or flip stuff in trading plaza until you can afford one. Once you get one huge it’s easy. You from like 40m to 170m in one day of trading.

You can get a boss chest. People get their own named chests and you can’t touch that and only they can. Buy from trading plaza.

How can you break these chests?
You can tap em.
Use toys, fruits, potions, and enchants.

Get diamonds and get books like Lucky Block from trading plaza. To get lucky block, you would have to get it from the trading plaza since it’s not in the exclusive shop. For gems, use Daycare, the Exclusive Daycare, or grind in last area. Trading is the best way to get diamonds fast.

If you have alot of robux what is the best thing to spend it on?
Some gamepasses aren’t worth buying for newbies. If your not at rebirth 1 yet and can’t go trading plaza to buy pets, luck gamepass would be good to hatch pets. If you can go trading plaza then buy eggs and sell for gems.

Roblox Pet Simulator 99 value list guide:

Check values of items/pets by going to Win-or-lose on Discord to ask questions. It’s a voting system. Value list could be useless as rap keeps on changing because of inflation. Ask experienced players and they will let you know whether it’s a fair deal. Example: 25m For Huge Happy Rock W/L? That is cheap. You could just join an normal trading plaza to get it.

What is rap?

You could be so confused on what that is. It’s the amount of gems under an item. It’s how much it sells for on average in trading plaza. Rap is recent average price.

Roblox Pet Simulator 99 more wiki links:

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