Roblox Pet Simulator 99 best pets, how to get a huge pet, titanics, strategy to make normal pets strong as titanic, trades, etc.

How to get a huge pet?
Second rebirth you hatch egg probably.
If you have 2 rebirth you have chances of hatching it maybe, like 30-5%. Any eggs, just a bit hard to hatch from any egg.

Poseidon is the easiest huge that you can get to get because you just need to afk fishing. That’s prob the easiest.

Huge Poseidon pet is good. Any huge is good. All huges scale the same off of strongest pet, so in terms of stats yes. Then stats it’s good. It’s always as good as your best pet, but increases with levels and charms and if you have the best pets in the game a normal huge lvl 85 with a strength charm is the same as a titanic.

Exclusives pets damage based of you best pets.
So if your huge is your best pet, it will scale off of that.

Which is the most easy way to get huge? Prob eggs if your rich or buy exclusives and get a guaranteed huge. If you wanna be able to open 1 million eggs (the chances to get a huge from a normal egg is 1 in a million) you will need like over 9 billion tech coins or something in world 2.

How to get huge computer? Tech world all eggs.
They’re pretty rare but just keep hatching.

For an afk farm, how many huges do you need before you can actually start?
No need of huges, you’ll need
1.Good stat pets (best)
2.More pet equip (IMPORTANT)
Huges just boost the process.

1.Get more slots
2.Pets above 5b
3.Better enchants
4.Potions and flags

Exclusive eggs are such a fucking scam.
They give you a 1/50 to get huge and 1/2,000 to get a titanic and you only get the profit of like 4 eggs when you get a huge, so its never profitable unless you get rainbow huge or shiny huge or titanic, otherwise its 100%%%%% mistake.

Best pets:
Rainbow Shiny Meebo in a UFO
That’s the best pet.
Bleebo the alien is the 3rd best pet in egg.

The spaceship one, rainbow, and shiny
are the best pets in the game. It’s too expensive, you should get only the Rainbow one.
You have like a 2% chance to get something you want probably from the superhero egg.
That’s 1/50. Not bad.

Best stat pets now is Shiny rb gleebo in spaceship. Another best pet is probably the titanic bat cat. Other good pets are Snowman, Frost bat, m6, rainbow axolotle.

The most expensive one clearly egg is best to farm or hatch. It has the best pets rn and people will buy them. Its like the last one probably.

Best pet in ps99 from eggs to get that’s not huge nor excl is Rainbow Shiny.

The three best pets of St. Patricks are better than egg 162. They are around the same stats.

What are the best F2P pets?
Huges, titanic are all f2p just “hard” to get.
but shiny exc are probably your best bet.

How to get titanics?
You can get titanics by getting hella lucky.
You shouldn’t even attempt to hatch 1.
Just buy with gems. Get hella lucky by getting egg from daycare than getting titanic from it.

It feels like it’s impossible to hatch the best stat pet. Without the passes it is, and it’s hard even with the passes. BTW only the best 2.5k Pets count towards the power lb.

Some of the best stats for pets rn probably above 5b.

If your best pet is 40.4k and if don’t need huges, just need good upgrade. Use gems in trade and go get 2.2m ones. If you have 7k gems, for example, you can get in trades get one of those 25 gems pets.

You can find the trades by teleport button, and on the bottom left there is some arrows. You need to unlock the castle. You need rebirth 1 for it most likely.

You can also trade on discord. Example is given below:

Example of #trading on discord:
Selling current best stat pets (normal & shiny ONLY (NOT GOLD OR RANBOW)) for little less than RAP
Selling current best stat pets (normal & shiny ONLY (NOT GOLD OR RANBOW)) for little less than RAP
Selling current best stat pets (normal & shiny ONLY (NOT GOLD OR RANBOW)) for little less than RAP

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