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Roblox Pet Simulator 99 codes, wiki, tips, how to get huge, crystal keys, castle key, all relics, best use of gems, diamonds, tier list, lucky coins, etc.

1.Merch code: Whats a merch code?
A code that is merch. Buy big games merch and there will be a code in it you can redeem to get stuff. All the way on the bottom in marketplace is how you redeem them. They removed normal codes. Only merch ones works.

How does the merch codes work?
You redeem them in the store. There are only merch codes.

2.Roblox Pet Simulator 99 Crystal keys:
How do you get crystal key?
You can get it from drops, merchant, daycare, free items. You can get crystal key parts from normal coins from treasure hunter, obbies, or rank rewards. You can also get exotic enchant from coins.

You can get crystal keys from trading on #trading on discord.

3.Roblox Pet Simulator 99 Castle key:
How do you use the castle key?
Go up to the castle doors at area 3.
You can get castle key, first rebirth most likely and merge your current pets in the machine.

Where do you use the purple key?
Arena 15 tree.

You can get more secret key upper half’s
by blood sacrifice for better drop rng.

4.Roblox Pet Simulator 99 All relics:
You get chance for shiny pets for finding all the relics. Not much just says shiny chance increased.

5.Roblox Pet Simulator 99 Tips:
You should focus on gems rather than coins if you gonna buy better pets and stuff, coins you can easily get from doing rank quests and stuff.

It is not worth it to open the chest.
If you sell them you get more profit than opening them. You should list it for like 10k.

Just stuff like tnt is usually the best thing to do that with etc. Anything you can get ahold of cheaper than what its worth. Keys, as long as it isn’t a secret key are really good. Tickets, vouchers, key fragments, and stuff like that are what you can usually sell pretty well.

Grinding in pet sim 99 to the final island is so slow kinda but worth it. Just spam tnt.
In tech world it actually helps. Use coin flags and tnt. They are actually useful but you need tons of them. Then just go trading plaza and buy the best pets. Hatching them is gonna take probably 2 hours or 3 and its a waste of time.

6.Best way to get gems:
Just buy cheap items and resold them a bit higher at the start to make money but later you could just grind. Just see if you can buy pinata under rap then sell them 4k higher. If you can buy them at rap it under sell them for 58-59k. Takes time but you make profit. Same with tech keys and tickets.

You can get many gems from trading, farming best zone with fortune flags, diamond potion, and enchant.

7.Tips for a huge or more gems:
Flip exclusives until you have enough to buy high tier one and then sell for like 400 – 500k more and flip buy underaps. If you save 100 mil gems you can buy huges.

Strategy for gems at beginning could be with golden water can, diamond seeds, and a rotation between the worth obbys (clan obby, surgex3/x5/x15 obby, chest rush and lucky box event
When you are done with the obbys or they on cooldown use the time and shoot balloons in #75-#149 with the slingy you have in your inventory.

You have in your inventory a slingy in #75-#149 there are random ballons with red/blue/purple red, give you gift bag blue large gift bag purple this gift chest.
With golden water you save 1h by planting so plant seeds and then shoot a half hour balloons and do the surge obby and the clan obby and the chest rush too but only the big chests at start.
Diamond seeds you buy in trading plaza when you waste 10m for seeds you can get 15m+ back.

If you are stuck on one of stages due to only 16 pet slots just go buy some pet slots.
Go on trading plaza and try to snipe some event pets or from new area you will find for sure cheap one which you can afford.

8.Best use of diamonds:
If you have 800k diamonds for example, and got no exclusive pets or huges it’s worth saving for a huge hunters book probably. You could probably save for huge hunter or just buy pet equips if you happen to rank up before you save enough for huge hunter. If you don’t have VIP a good way to get gems is to buy underpriced stuff in the trading plaza and then sell it for like 20k more than what its worth. Believe it or not people actually buy them still.

How to make diamond?
Concentrate on getting to area 25 and rebirthing, unlock the trading plaza and look for some cheap stat pets. Work on increasing your pet slots.

Where do you spend green coins you get?
Rainbow Event.

Anyone know how to use lucky coins?
Rainbow event. Starts at 2pm cst.

9.Pet Simulator 99 Tier list:

Tier list:
There’s no tier list rn. There is no idea what’s best but golden seems much better.

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