Hustle Castle Medieval games tips, tricks, and, beginner’s guide

Hustle Castle Medieval games in the kingdom is a base building game where you fight in a PvP format with other players. There are various ways you could quickly become stronger in this game if you allocate right resources to the right buildings. I will share the best tips, tricks, strategies, and beginner’s guide for hustle castle.

1:Upgrade all your food and gold production and storage units as much as possible rather than upgrading barracks beyond level 3. This is because you will need a lot of apples and gold to upgrade. Having higher apples will give you more chances to do campaign missions and raid other and invasions. The next priority should be given to the fighter training room. Upgrade your dwellers to highest level possible here. I recommend starting with only 3 players and there is no need
for 4th player unless all of them have legendary gear.

2:Equip gear according to classes of dwellers. Higher defense armor is not necessarily always the best one. For example, you should only use tank armors for tank dwellers. The archer armor should be used on archers only even if you have higher defense tank armor. This is because the archers are not expected to survive for longer. Their job is to do maximum damage. The tanks are supposed to take bulk of damage and protect the archers. So don’t just go with numbers when it comes to choosing armors. Check the type carefully. The armor benefits of attack buffs only apply if you have equipped the relevant weapons.

3:When placing dwellers in dining hall or treasury, check his classes. Some dwellers are advanced as cooks or treasurer or alchemist or fighter. You should place the dwellers in the corresponding rooms. To check his class, tap on dweller and check the symbols on the left.  Equipping relevant gear is also crucial. To equip the best gear automatically, tap on the dweller>>class type (on left)>>equip. The relevant buffs only apply when then are placed in the relevant room. Also make sure you place maximum dwellers are placed in these rooms. You can tap on rooms>>info to check dweller capacity.

4:Keep producing babies in the living room. The key here is that more dwellers does not necessarily mean better results. This is because if you produce babies with lower star parents they will produce lower star babies. So make sure you only place at least 3 star dwellers in the living room. This is important as later only higher star payers can equip higher tier gear for specific classes.
You can spend diamonds to increase the star level of a player. You can choose 2 breeders and increase their star levels to 5 to produce 5 star babies.

5:Hire a goblin assistant to collect the gold and food. The best time frame is 15 days but wait till your throne room is at least level 4 and  vault and cellar are at their highest level before you hire him to have more space for assistant to collect.

6:Defeat all your invasions daily to get gear and gold. Defeat as many enemies as possible who have lesser power than you. But check the power of every enemy even if he has higher level than you. This is because sometimes some people forget to put their dwellers in barracks which leads to lesser power. If you want lower level enemies to appear more often don’t upgrade your
throne level beyond level 6.

7:Get legendary gear by breaking apart the unwanted gear and get shards. You can build the weapons using weapons workshop. Start off with uncommon weapons as higher level weapons need higher level of fighters to equip them.

8:Clear debris outside your base to get diamonds. This should be done as soon as you login to give you more time. Don’t build or upgrade your buildings right away as that will keep your builders busy. Clear debris first as they take less time and then upgrade before you logout.

9:Prepare spells from magic workshop. I recommend crafting only Lion’s spell as it increases attacking power of all allies. As you upgrade higher powers will be unlocked and must be crafted. Keep spells in reserve as you can use them urgently.

10:Repair arsenal asap and upgrade them to at least level 2 and employ poisonous runes for better defense.

11:Hustle Castle best formation guide:The best formation consists of 50% tanks and 50% ranged weapons. The ranged weapons should  include 1 archer and 1 mage if you have 4 dwellers as fighters. If you have 5 fighters the best division is having 2 tanks, 2 mages, and 1 archer. The mages will restore the health of the tanks and will help them survive longer. If you get more dweller capacity I recommend adding either a mage or an extra tank. The archers have less life but do more damage,
the mages restore health, and tanks act as shields.

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