Day R Survival – Apocalypse, Lone Survivor, and RPG tips, tricks, and, beginner’s guide

Day R Survival – Apocalypse, Lone Survivor, and RPG is a role playing strategy game which is story based and also has turn based battle strategy involved. This game is survivalistic in nature so you have to take great care in details and craft different items.It is difficult to I will list some of the tips, tricks,ideas, and strategies for beginners to successfully complete this game.

1.Check the surrounding cities thoroughly.This is the core essence of the game.You should magnify the city and search every building in the city thoroughly and collect al the valuable items especially in intact homes,canteens for food,crates for water and garages for spare parts.

2.Always search more than once.This is the thing I overlooked during my initial phase of the game.Whenever you search a particular building always first stop walking so you don’t go past that area and then click on Location.You will see the list of items that can be found.If you don’t find the desired items in your first search then tap on searching until you find them. After 3 searches all the items which can be found will be found.Regarding skeletons,since you can’t pick them tap on them and then
tap search.

3.Always have a spare Axe.This is the most critical thing which will help you with food.Wooden Axe can be used to butcher rats and eat them raw.If your Axe is damaged then you will be missing on food.Make a mental note of all the things you need to create Axe and whenever you find them always create an extra.Also avoid them when fighting rats and use the knife instead.

4.Increase your traveling speed with cycle.Keep a mental note of the tools you need to create cycle.You can get a cycle within first 3 episodes so you have to find garages for all the spare parts.Once the parts are discovered you can assemble a cycle.Ths wil save a tremendous resources over the entire course of game.

5.Use bags to reduce your load.Bags can significantly reduce your load you can tap on them to use them.

6.Sleep as soon as you drink water.Water level depletes very quickly if you walk thus further reducing your overall health once it gets to 0.It’s best t sleep as soon as you have it since it recuperates health quite quickly and increases energy too.

7.Use forests to clean toxic water.If your load is to high to carry wooden logs you can visit nearby forest to chop wood, create fire and then purify water and also cook Pasta.

8.Always keep spare 10 wooden logs.This will help you create fire and wherever you are and clean water or cook food.Anything more than that and you are riskingover load.

9.Try to make a crossbow as soon as possible.Keep in mind what items you need to create crossbow and try to assemble it as early as possible.It has a good range and can be used against rats to save bullets.Gun should only be used if your health is to low
and should be preserved as much as possible.

10.Take the road route whenever possible.Traveling by rad takes minimum time t reach the desired destination.Always avoid going close o coastal areas since you will b stuck there for a long time.

11.Never take more than what you need.You can list your inventory by weight and check which items weigh the most. Drop the ones which are unnecessary but also make sure you also keep a few of them since you will need them at some point.

12.Use markers to mark the important areas.If you have found a area which has lots of gasoline,water or spare parts of car or something else you should mark those areas so that you can reach them if you ever need them desperately.

13.Escape rats and other animals if you have sufficient resources.If you have enough food its better to avoid rats whenever possible since you are risking your health.However when running low on food and with sufficient health you can fight them.

14.Use medicines to heal your body.You need to find pharmacy inside the city for medicines.To use them tap on Character to check the damage>>heal.15.Never forget to save games at save points.As soon as you reach a save point tap on settings symbol and save.

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