Gladiators Survival in Rome Wiki android game tips, tricks, strategy, gear, and beginner’s guide

Gladiators Survival in Rome is an RPG adventure survival game. The game has an amazing story line and has side quests for additional rewards. You can choose your own pace and play with your own leisure. It doesn’t require 100% of your attention so you can play it quite casually. What I like about this game is that you only consume stamina constructing, repairing, or procuring resources. It’s not very stamina centric and there are plenty of ways to get more stamina which also includes daily dice game
and do health and attack based quests which don’t require stamina. It also
includes There are 3 types of packs, starter, gems, and performance
based. Starter pack gives best value for money in combination with stamina boost pack.

1.Complete story quests first. That allows you to get more rewards especially gems and progress quickly.
They will also unlock multiple areas giving you more access to resources to construct buildings. Some resources are only found in certain area. Stones, for example, don’t respawn and are mostly found in caves. Some side quests give good gems as well. Choose the ones with highest gems reward.

2.Gems should be exclusively spent for storage size augmentation. Increase size of storage followed by backpack. This will allow you to collect maximum resources during
quests. Tap on storage>>upgrade to upgrade it. Don’t spend your gems on any other things as other resources can be built. Don’t delete any item as you might need it later.

3.Always try to keep your
storage as empty as possible when going out of village. Do not collect resources like copper, water, wood,etc. more than you need as you can always collect them inside your village. You have 3 trees which are replenished daily and a logging camp as well. You need to hoard stones though as they are not accessible in your village. Other resources too like hide, rough parts, meat etc. should be hoarded even if you can get them at hunting cabin because they are slower to get. Do not store any resource obtained from wood in excess since they are quickly produced either by a delegate or by yourself. Just store enough to match maximum inventory capacity. You can produce excess only if you
want to sell at merchant store. Check merchant store’s requirement and produce accordingly. If your storage gets full retreat to use some of it to produce more resources and then return after emptying your storage. This way you get something for every kill. Ideally, the storage bag should contain 50% stamina resources as this will allow you to naturally empty your bag as your go further in quest or cave. I recommend you to produce carrots and beans before you log off so you are ready to go on quest immediately when you log in later with lots of stamina resources. Build at least 3 farms. When you log in produce grass, straw, or flax based on quest requirement. No need to produce these in
excess since they are easier to get.

4.Village center is the most important building
which unlocks other buildings as you increase settlement
level. Check items you need for Village Center and prioritize
it first. Collect as much gold as possible. You need it to build buildings. Build a house to collect taxes quickly.
You could delay other buildings as you get passive gold income every 4 hours. Keep an eye on merchant’s orders and make resources accordingly. Construct buildings according to what items are needed for merchant’s orders first followed by others later.

5.Once all buildings are built, prioritize upgrading cooking pot and weapon workshop. Mushroom
soup gives you 40 stamina so your entire focus should be to collect all items you need to get mushroom soup, clay bowl, mushroom, water, soup. Hoard as much mushroom soups you can as that will allow you to
complete more quests quickly. Don’t consume mushrooms raw as you will need it to
prepare mushroom soup. Don’t waste rough parts to upgrade
club or other basic weapon. Preserve it for bow or quarterstaff. You don’t get fully compensated for an upgraded weapon so choose your weapons accordingly. I recommend you unlock bow first. You can construct bow by tapping on Weapon Workshop>>upgrade>>check resources>>find. Build required buildings and collect those resources.

6.Lastly, focus on prosperity points buildings like fountain. These help you to collect more taxes. Upgrade them to collect more taxes. This will allow you to be not dependent on merchant for your gold supplies allowing you to use resources for other purposes.

7.Don’t engage with every opponent you meet while on your quest. Focus on your main quest. You can engage with opponents while returning to your village. Kill any animal you encounter on way to get hide and meat. Hides are used to get rough parts which are used to repair tools or upgrade weapons. Hoard them even if you don’t need them immediately as you will need plenty of them later. Do same for health potions. Prepare a few and hoard them.

8.Explore all caves. The most important item you can get there is stone as they are not replenished so never
delete them even if you feel you have plenty. Build worker’s house and delegate workers to produce resources to preserve stamina. Make sure all your builders are busy.
Try to produce resources in excess whenever you delegate so they keep on working even when you are offline. You can store excess resources which you don’t need immediately in second storage. Visit certain locations for every quest like place between West Valley
and Beach. Mushrooms are found there regularly.

9.Fight bosses with bow and constantly running after shooting one arrow. Bow
are the only ones with range attack which allows you to take no damage
against bosses. Keep running in circles. Shoot 1 or 2 arrow from
maximum distance and run. This will allow you to take zero to minimum damage when fighting bosses. You will not even need any health potions. I have killed bosses with barely any damage and 0 potions with this strategy.

10.Upgrade all weapons under bronze level to level 6. Start with club then Quarterstaff followed by Bow, and Rough Pugio. Disassemble Club once you get Quarterstaff. Always carry at least 1 meele combined with 1 ranged like sling or bow. You need more than 15 rough parts to upgrade above level 6 so don’t waste it. Preserve them for copper gear. Bow is only exception though since you will be using
it for a long time so you can upgrade it till at least level 8 from my experience.
Focus only on offense first. Once you unlock copper gear, then start focusing on creating armor.
Do not upgrade anything more than level 6 until you get to bronze level gear for armor.
At some point, you will start killing some easier enemies with 1 strike so just focus on offense first. Defensive gear is mostly useful to survive longer against bosses, many enemies or strong enemies. Health potions can compensate for that.

12.Upgrade pick, axe, and armors to increase durability. Focus on upgrading leather
armor as it gives maximum health and armor. First few upgrades
require less rough parts so upgrade each armor till at least 4th level. Disassemble other armors of same type to get rough parts as you only need 1.
Retreat to village if health drops too low to recover. Do not use potions unless your health drops below
300 as you can always retreat to village. Don’t go outside your village unless you
have recovered whole health. There is no need to repair armors or weapons which have lost
little bit of durability. Only repair it if its durability drops too low to preserve rough parts. Health recovers automatically in your village so don’t spend health potions unnecessarily
unless absolutely required. Retreat from battles to village, recover, and repeat quest. Also have an additional
melee weapon along with bow like Rough Pugio. Rough Pugio has 1.35 attack speed which can be used tactically when fighting against multiple opponents with lower HP to kill them with one strike. This way you don’t take too much damage. This is especially useful in caves where you can sneak up on enemies from behind and attack them quickly especially ranged attackers. Get it to level 8 at least to kill an enemy with 2 blows. Prefer melee for ranged and animals like wolves
and pigs. Melee weapons are great against wolves as they are too fast so bows will not be of much help there as you can’t outrun them. You can shoot first arrow with bow and quickly change to melee. Whenever you use bow stand at maximum distance from your opponent and then shoot as much as you could and run away to establish same
distance again.

13.If you find a mission too hard then complete it in parts. Kill a few then come back to village, recover health, and repeat. Caves need more time to explore so you will definitely need to do this. Always carry a strong melee weapon too in case bow gets broken.

14.Gladiators Survival in Rome Layout: Keep your Hunting cabin, Lumberjack’s hut, cooking pot, repair, and disassembling workbench closer as you constantly
need this every day. Equip mushroom soup and potion for quick use to preserve time. Potions are required for quick use during battles.

15.Produce tar at alchemist’s table. You will need charcoal for this which can be produced in kiln. Dry log can be produced at drying rack. Hoard these resources as you are going to need them later.

16.I don’t recommend spending gems on shop unless you have upgrading your inventory and storage till at least 4th level. You get a free resource/s and 1 with video so collect it every day. If you area spender then I recommend Stamina boost pack. It will get your work done quickly as you will need
lots of stamina in beginning during building phase. It also gives enough gems to get your storage and inventory to 2nd level each. That’s a good start.
Further spending should be directed towards gems pack from shop. Gems can be converted to gold but do it only if you have gems in excess and only for required amount of gold. Gems have better uses so this should be given least priority. Tap on shop>>slide>>gold pack.

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