Bot World Adventure android game tips, tricks, strategy, and beginner’s guide

Bot World is an adventure role playing game. There are various tips, tricks and strategies to quickly progress in this game. Here are tips, tricks and strategies for Bot World Adventure.

1.Focus on completing your contracts rather than randomly engaging different bots. This will make sure that you make steady progress and collect rewards. Try to be as stealthy as possible which means try to avoid as many bots as possible when completing your contracts. There are plenty of opportunities where you can collect scrap piles even being close to multiple bots without getting in a fight.
You have limited repair canisters so use them wisely.

2.Stick to your team as using bots will give you AI abilities as you level up. Don’t change it too often. Make
sure you always use your best 3 bots so they will always get AI points.
The best team as a beginner is Barrie, Froggy, Chomp, Rocketeer, Frosty and Brute. You can replace Brute with Flamer later. I like Flamer and Chomp as they have healing abilities at advanced levels. Barrie is best tank and is generally used as damage absorber thereby protecting ranged bots.

3.Bot World Battle strategy: It’s always better to start with
2 tanks and 1 ranged bot with big range like Rocketeer. This is because ranged bots
will be easily targeted if your enemy uses more melee bots.
You should use ranged bots with less range like Flamer and Frosty later as they also have less health. Good opening bots should have
higher health. Place them closer as in beginning if you place ranged bot away it will bet targeted by melee bot. When a bot dies place new ranged bot away from melee bots as distance will now be used as advantage.
Place your bots strategically in battlefield. It’s generally a good idea to place ranged bots close together so they complement each other well. For example Rocketeer can knock back enemies and Frosty slows them down so they both can defend together better. You should place Barrie in front of them to cover them. Place Frosty and Froggy has less range compared to Rocketeer so place Frosty slightly closer and place Rocketeer as far as possible to protect him. This will ensure quick attack. If you could see enemy formation then place a tank where enemies are most concentrated followed by 2 ranged bots.
This will allow tank to take damage while ranged bots can attack with cover.

4.Another strategy is to start with 1 tank and 2 ranged bots with higher range placed dispersedly. One of your ranged bot will generally be attacked by melee but you can use botpack abilitiy like goop to protect ranged getting attacked from melee and another ranged bot will protect it. Generally Barrie, Froggy and Rocketeer are good openers. Flamer’s third AI hot drop causes damage on landing. Use it later preferably where there are more than 2 enemies or on a lone ranged enemy bot.

5.Auto battles don’t use gadgets so turn it off if you want to use one then you could turn it on. Use them when you face a stronger bot or multiple enemies.

6.Never use auto battle unless you are sure of an easy victory. Auto battles can be a disadvantage as bot pack abilities are often misused. It’s better to use bot pack abilities yourself. The most damaging skill is firewall and is best used when enemy bots are in packs. If you use this skill on a lone ranged bot it will not be much effective. Targeted abilities like missile, energy bolt or goop are better for ranged enemy bots away from pack. Auto battle generally misuses slow moving abilities like Freeze or Chilling Ground so the best way to use auto battle is to use only attacking abilities like Missile, Firewall, etc. You can also hoard points and use abilities in quick succession against a powerful bot. If enemy bot has shield wait till shielding effects of enemy bot is over. Best abilities are Poison bolt, Goop, Missile and Firewall.
This combo works well even with auto battle.

5.Complete in arena for easy rewards. Arena has a reward for 3 victories daily so make sure you collect them as you rise up ranks rewards do get better.

6.Use your gold coins to buy scrap materials in shop. First check which materials you need for a particular bot and then decide to buy. You can but by tapping on Shop >> Coins symbol. Always upgrade bots which are in your team first. When you max them then you can upgrade others to complete boat upgrade tasks. If you are upgrading only to complete boat upgrade make sure you only upgrade till you complete boat upgrade task. First few upgrades require
less resources so you can upgrade to 3rd levels rather than spend more resources on only 1 bot.

7.Choose your energy and AI skills depending on importance and bot specialty respectively. The most important energy skills are AI Research, Canister repair boost, Canister storage, scrap collector, Arcade Machine, Chip Fabricator and Terrify. Max them out first before using your points for other skills. AI makes sure your bots levels up quickly and repair boost
allows you to survive longer. When you level up you can choose AI abilities depending on your bot type. For
example, Frosty’s main use is slowing enemies so your first AI skill should be enhanced slows. Barrie is a tank
so your first AI skill should be to increase health. Rocketeers shock wave ability is unique and should be preferred. Use your bot pack abilities combined with bot skills. For example, Firewall or Freeze can be used when Frosty slows down an enemy and Rocketeers can knock back bot towards Firewall.

8.Boosters are used to boost passive stats of your bots. Best booster in my opinion is healing booster. It makes sure your bots survive longer. You can use 2 of them. You can also use attacking boosters like Bot Crit
and Bot Damage. Gadgets like Damage Amplifier will further increase your attack. Certain boosters
like energy defense boosters, Sniper Range and Chaser Stun Resistance only work against certain bots or for certain bots so it’s better to not use them. Use boosters which work for all bots.
will only be useful against bots which cause energy damage so it’s not a good idea to use them.
You can equip boosters by tapping on bag on upper left corner >> Customize >> Boosters.

9.Complete codex missions to get extra rewards. Glance at them so you could complete some when opportunity arises. Tap on bag on upper left corner >> Codex to see it.
Best recruit missions are usually to get gold or boosters. Boosters are hard to get so if your recruit can do
that job then it should be preferred first. You can hire recruits by tapping on bag on upper left corner >> Recruits

10.One cool trick to get extra rewards and complete quests easily is to give best bots to your recruits and use only level 8 bots for yourself. This will also reduce level of your enemy bots for quests and contracts.
If you use higher level bots then enemies also are of higher level. Generally, this trick should be used
when your main team has at least 3 AI level skills. You can select
bots for your recruit by tapping on bag >> Customize >> Bot Team. Shared scrap and recruit repair energy points will allow your recruits to last longer and give you rewards.

11.Play in danger zone to collect extra rewards. Scraps in danger zones gives you boosters and more rewards. You also get frozen core there which is required to upgrade your boat. You can also collect frozen core by sending one of your recruits on missions.

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