Merge Farmtown android game tips, tricks, strategy, and beginner’s guide

Merge Farmtown is a merge puzzle single player game. It does involve building your town and strategy which mainly involves resource allocation and placements. It doesn’t involve any difficult objectives or doesn’t require your 100% attention so it’s a cool game to play casually. There are many tips in this game which I will list down to progress quickly in this game:

1.Complete daily quests every day. You get 8 of these quests to do to get gold coins. Try to focus on them first rather than spending your energy on getting other resources. Keep an eye on main quests on left side. They will be automatically done too. This allows you to level up. Even if you get required number of resources/buildings but if it’s not in quest it will not add up on left side quests when you get newer quests for same buildings. This is one of drawbacks
of this game so don’t combine unless you see it in quests especially for buildings.

2.Do not merge when you have 3 resources. This gives only 1 upgraded building or higher grade resource. If you combine 5 you get an extra resource. This helps you to get more resources and upgrade quickly. The more higher grade resources you get the more gold rewards you receive. Tap on “?” symbol on lower right >> “!” >> collect rewards.
This happens whenever you get higher level resource.
Do not tap on copper, windmills, coins as you will collect them. Just keep
on merging them in count of 5 and you will progress further to get rarer resources. You do need some windmills to upgrade some levels so just tap them enough to unlock new land and merge remaining others. You should only merge 3 if you have don’t enough space left or you need only 1 resource to get highest resource for required quest.

3.Collect all free rewards every day. You get free energy coupon every 4 hours 7 minutes approximately, free 10 coins every day. Tap on “+” symbol on upper left >> “Free”. You can also watch ad to get 30 energy. There are also additional ads for specific resources on right side.

4.Participate in events to get gold coins. There are wonderland events often. Make sure you play them to full extent as they disappear later. Merge, level up, and collect as many coins you can there. Do not spend it there. Come back to home island and use these coins.

5.The best use of coins is to buy supplies as you have to wait a lot to get food items. Collect enough
food. Once you have it in excess, buy energy with coins. Buy advance energy pack as you get extra energy.
You can also watch ad if you don’t have coins. Mayors require supplies which give you windmills and copper
which allows you to get gold. Windmills allow you to unlock further land. Unlocking new lands gives you more types of resources.

Money should be used to get rare resources like gems and supplies. Don’t use it to quicken up progress.
You should only use it to get gold if you have gotten sufficient supplies. Buy most expensive
pack of coins to get from money. They give you best value per every dollar. Packs 1, 2, and 3, give 4.2, 4.4, and 4.5 coins per every dollar respectively. Tap on “+” sign besides coins above >> buy.

6.Focus on mining rather than other buildings to get resources as buildings producing resources need more energy later. Mining produces resource producing buildings which require less energy. They also dissemble quickly and give chests. Focus on mining and dissembling all those buildings. Try to complete 1 building first rather than just focusing on new buildings which require 5 energy. This will free up space for new stuff.

7.Merge Farm Town layout guide: Layout should have one guideline which is to place same type resources at one place. Plants at one corner, buildings at other, cakes at other, windmills at one place, etc. This will allow you to keep track of your resources and collect 5. You might accidentally tap coins or windmill so keep them at corner and away from mayors.

8.Use construction rush boost to speed things up quickly. If you choose to buy pack choose special booster pack as it’s cheap and gives you enough money, energy, and coins to progress quickly at first. Starter bundle does give additional money compared to first pack so use it only if you intend to play this game longer as extra money will go a long way.

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