Grand War War Strategy Games Wiki Android game tips, tricks, strategy, and beginner’s guide

Grand War War Strategy Games is a war strategy turn based action game. If you are a fan of turn based game this game has a very comprehensive strategy from planning of picking your opponents and movements to tactical decisions when you engage in combats. You have 4 troop types infantry, cavalry, artillery and navy. I will explain all strategies I have learned in detail in this game.

1.Always check your mission objectives before battle starts and take a look at map before making any movements. You can check mission objectives by tapping on Magnifying Glass>> Check.
Divide your troops in different parts consisting of infantry, cavalry and artillery and send them to capture different buildings. This is very important as you have limited turns. Make sure that you clear an area completely before moving to other areas. If you skip enemy’s movements check map to see if they moved closer to an occupied building. You have limited turns so don’t waste turns chasing an enemy if you have already captured base in that area and accomplished
mission objective.

2.Divide your troops in 2 or 3 groups and send them near each base to save turns and complete missions quickly. This will allow you to use your troops with maximum efficiency. Always count enemy troops and have 2 extra troops for each ambush.

3.Occupying buildings will allow you to produce resources or troops. They also lead to increase in morale.
Occupying a building should be top priority when attacking as it will prevent
your enemy from producing troops. If you can occupy a building,
first always occupy it first and then attack. Always produce a unit at end of each turn. This is very important to keep your troops maintained. I recommend artillery
as it has highest damage.

4.Artillery has highest attack but it has one drawback that it cannot attack after moving so it’s slow to cover distances. Your whole attack should be built around it. Make sure you always have at least one infantry in front of artillery to cover it as it has less HP. Always use artillery for attack first as it has highest attack. Choose an enemy with a general or high HP when you attack with artillery. This will make sure you will use your attack to maximum extent. Troops get an additional attack if they kill and their morale is high. The second attack causes less damage so use it on an enemy which has least HP. Artillery also has combo effect so also choose an enemy which is surrounded so all around it get additional damage.
Cavalry is great for guerilla and ambush tactics as it can cover more distances. You will
unlock “Out Of Battle” skill which will allow you to move back after attacking your opponent. Even without that skill you can always send you infantry first to weaken and reduce your morale of your enemy and then give final blow with your cavalry. Excess troops around your cavalry will give them extra protection. Never go for solo attack even if your cavalry can cover more distance as it will be targeted easily. Infantry has highest HP and low attack so they work as great tanks. They also act as great cover for other troops.

Send them to attack first to cover cavalry and artillery. When you have additional troops surrounding your enemy they also attack so always surround your enemies with troops first and then attack. Infantry is best for setting up such surrounding to increase their attack and cover other troops. If an enemy is
surrounded on both sides it leads to sandwich attack which you can see by circle
symbol. You can build forts and fortresses with infantry so for defensive missions you can leave an infantry troop behind to keep on building fortresses.

5.When you choose an enemy always kill it first before killing others rather than causing dispersed damage across enemy troops. This will make sure you reduce their numbers rather than just cause damage.

6.There are 2 mission types France and Great power of EU. You can upgrade tech for these units. Complete France missions and focus on native tech first then unlock global tech.

7.Deploy general to your best units. Some generals have more artillery buffs and some have cavalry buffs. Deploy general according to his buffs. Choose Grouchy in beginning as his skill to get 2 additional movement is useful to cover large distances and raids. Generals can be upgraded and trained.

8.Always spend coins on your troops first. Upgrade cavalry and artillery first then upgrade infantry. Second priority should be given to upgrade native and global tech. Once you have upgraded all unlock an additional slot and get one more cavalry unit. Dragoon is best cavalry as it has highest attack. Last priority should be given to upgrade, train and buy new generals. Training may not always lead to new skill so you medals can be wasted. Give it last priority. You can upgrade by tapping on Generals>> Upgrade. Upgrade your generals first before buying new ones as buying new ones are more expensive.

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