LaTale M Side Scrolling RPG tips, tricks, and heroes, skills guide for beginners

Latale M is a 2D RPG, open world, adventure game. It has 4 classes warrior, explorer, knight, and wizard.
There are various ways to progress quickly in game.

1.Complete your main quests first, and give second preference to side quests as main quests give EXP. You get EXP for every battle. EXP raises your level allowing to upgrade skills as well. You can check your character level on upper left near your icon. Main quests also lead to story progression. Side quests include basic tutorials.

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2.Choose gear type based on skills. Gear selects sill type between Staff and Magic Ball. If you select Dice, you get Magic Ball sill sets and any staff equips staff skills. If you have already upgraded skills for magic
ball then choose your gear accordingly. Tap on Bag >> Gear >> select gear >> gear. Gears have different classes like excellent (green), superior (blue), rare (purple), or more classes. Upgrade skill from upper right option Skill >> choose skill >> upgrade. You can also swap skill by selecting skill >> swap. Use your skill points on only 1 skill from 1 unique to upgrade them. Skills can be reset by selecting reset option below. Best skills to upgrade are those which require less CD (cool down) so you can use them more often. Fire ball has least CD of 5 seconds and should be preferred for using skill points for Magic Ball followed by Massive Fire
Balls and above. Check low CD skills for every Unique. Sills like Phantom Teleport are pretty dope too
to evade even if they don’t cause any damage they mold well with other sills and has 8 seconds CD.
Upgrade only those skills which you are going to equip to save sill points.

3.Explore all options under “Growth” section Enhance, Pet, and Puzzle. Enhance has 3 options Gear, Gem, and star up. Tap on “Enhance” to enhance your current weapon. You will need Enhancement Stone which you can get from tapping “Source” below. Enhancing reduces success percent every time you do it so use gear enhancement crystal stone to increase success percent.
Inlay gems from Gem option to get passive resonance boosts.

Pet has 5 options. Upgrade skills with skill book, awaken with Amethyst and Fluorite. Tap on Awaken >> “+” >>Source to find them. Mining requires vitality which gets restored slowly automatically so use it
every day and store as many mining resources as you could. The more you mine the more level your rises allowing you to mine upper level mines and get other resources Find basic ores by traveling to different teleport portals. Travel near ore >> mining >> mine sign to mine.

Starred up pets can be added to left bubbles to get bonus stats.

4.Puzzles allow you to upgrade specific stats lie HP, P,ATK, M.DEF, M.ATK, etc.Your success rate will keep on dropping so use gear puzzle crystal stone to increase success percent. Select desired stat from right side >> Upgrade. Select ATK and Ignore M.DEF stats for main weapon as other HP and DEF stats can be used for other gear like leather, pants, etc. Tap on puzzle piece >> Source >> select item >> source. Source is mostly Dungeons. You can keep on competing in Dungeons to collect these gear. You can check upgrades stats from BAg >> Stats to see changes.

5.Collect free items every day. Tap on Event >> Daily Pack >> Claim. Tap Benefit >> Daily >> Online Rewards >> Timed Goal, red dots, etc., Lucky Wheel and Community benefits.

6.Increase reputation with promotion by doing reputation tasks to get bonus stats. Tap on reputation >>
Go on right >> completed to collect reputation points and promote on left side once character level requirements and reputation requirements are met.

Complete daily Academy Vault quests to get keys. Use these keys to get various resources. Tap on
Academy Vault >> Vault Rewards to get what you need. Medium vitality potion and star up stone are probably most important. Vitality is difficult to get.

Growth fund is pack which allows you to get extra rewards for Fund quests. Pet Fund has good Pet XP potion rewards.

7.Guide quests provide pet XP potions, gems, different crystal stones, silver coins, etc. Use silver coins to buy potion grades in LaTale Boutique. Challenge Dungeon quests give you revival potion which allows you to revive on spot. Tap on Guidebook on upper right >> Challenge Dungeon >> Go. Common Dungeon quests give you gold to buy gems from from shop. Tap on Guideboo >> common Dungeon >> Go followed by Shop F4 Gold Coins >> buy gems.

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