Monster Slayer Idle RPG game apk, tips, classes, weapons, and beginner’s guide

Monster Slayer is an idle, adventure, role playing offline game. It has 6 basic attack and defense attributes
attack, health, health regen, attack speed, critical chance, and critical damage. There are 2 additional classes
double shot and triple shot which are based on upgrading attack speed.

Tips for Monster Slayer Idle RPG are given below:

1.The most important classes are attack and attack speed. Upgrade these 2 with all your gold
while ignoring other classes.
Attack speed should be given uppermost priority. You can upgrade health till level 400 and ignore it later. You will lag behind in quest id because of this but it’s more aggressive way of playing. Substitutively, you can choose more equipoised approach and keep everything at equal level.
Enhancing is cheaper in beginning so you can enhance all classes till level 100 and then go for attack speed
and attack.

Monster Slayer Idle RPG apk: Playstore

2.Complete quest ids’s to get gems. Tap them to see what you need to upgrade. Completing
quest ids also unlock other battle types below. It ensures quick progress.

3.The best way to progress quickly in monster slayer is to go afk all night. This will store up
your gold which will allow you to enhance quickly. Higher levels give you more gold so better to do
it once you reach at least Normal 3-1. Decrease your mobile brightness to save battery. game enters sleep mode.

4.Use your gems to to summon gear. Gears have 6 classes; common (grey), uncommon (green),
rare (blue), epic (purple), legendary (orange), mythic (red) and exotic (light blue) red being strongest after
exotic. Always choose gear with better color rather than upgraded lower one. Summoning gear increases your level which increases percentage of chance of getting better gear. For example, at level 6, you have
0.02% chance of getting mythic and 0.09% chance of getting legendary which is raised to 0.04% and 0.12% respectively. Tap on “i” sign to see probabilities of draws and bar to se how many summons you need for next level.Tap on first option on lower right >> Summonx35. You get 2 extra summons this way. Tap on lower left Hero Info >> choose weapon >> Enhance and Equip. Weapons have owned and equipped effect attack buffs. It’s always better to enhance all to get owned effect attack buffs so you get these buffs even if you don’t equip them.

5.Finish daily quests to get gems. Some require you to watch ads to claim rewards.

6.Watch ads to receive gold and statistics bonuses from blessings. Tap on upper left >> Receive.
Get more free rewards by spinning fortune wheel. Open more with ads. Tap on mail box on upper right to get
free gems.


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