Negamons Monster Trainer apk, guide, tips, best team, best heroes, wiki,etc.

Negamons Monster Trainer is a role playing turn based adventure multiplayer game. This game has open world map providing you with plenty of options of enemies to choose, collect apples passively, watch ads, play mini games, etc. The game has 3 divisions fire, grass, and water.

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1.Complete your achievement quests to get apples, jewels, and gold coins. The more you play, the more naturally more you will complete it. If daily quest is available, then chec them to get more rewards. Always target easier ones first, to complete maximum quests. Tap on achievements/daily on upper left side.

2.Collect your daily rewards every day. Tap on daily and shop on left >> Lucky Box >> Free. Watch ads to open additional chests, watch them after fights to triple your rewards. Don’t open normal box with coins
as epic box gives discount. If you are a spender, then you get most diamonds for 5th pack based on diamond per money, 2.6, 3.33, 2.51, 4.06, 4.17, 0.22. If you are converting gems to gold then 800 gems give most based on gold per gems which is 8. Preserve your gems till at least 100 to get additional gold per gem. Best packs fom sale are starter pack, ultimate supplies, etc. Don’t buy no ads pack as ads offer lots of chests and if you can’t see ads at all.

3.Negamon best monster team formation guide:
This game is mostly about correct type monster matching to win battles. Fire type deal 2x to grass type, grass 2x to water, and water 2x to fire. If you choose your monsters of opposing division, it will allow lower level monster to defeat higher level ones. Even if level gap is too wide, it will allow your monster to survive longer, take less damage, deal more damage, and waste opposing monster’s skills.

Once you understand these basic things, build a team comprising of 2 water, 2 grass, and 2 fire type monsters and upgrade them equally. Reason is that upgrading gets expensive as you progress. If your opponent has 2 water, 2 fire, and 1 grass, then choose 2 grass, 2 water, and 1 water and place accordingly. You should also look at placement of monsters, for example, if your opponent is going to use water, fire, grass, fire, and water, then use water monster first as your second battle will be against fire which will give you advantage if yu win. If you choose grass, then you will be weaker against second
monster. Use fire against grass then and choose opposing monsters accordingly later.

4.Best team is Volcanix for fire, you can choose 2 of them. It’s lifesteal sill helps it to restore his health. Hydroshock has healing skill too and is good for water, leafblade’s stun skill allows you to use both skills. It’s second burn skill takes a big chunk of opponent’s health regardless of monster type. You can develop Zuku with it as well. Suner has healing and ban skill as second skill which are both pretty good. It has less attack but greater speed and is better opener than Zuku. Don’t use Infernite as it’s second skill speed up is pretty much useless. and not sure how much stats are boosted for attack up. Evolving requires gems so stick to your team otherwise you will waste your gems.

5.Use your gems to revive your best monster once. It will cost you 6 diamonds but it will assist you to win
close battles.
Choose wisely, choose monster of opposing type. Another best use of gems is to open 10 legend box. You can get level 60 Pyroar who is a strong monster with good skills.

6.The best use of coins is to open epic box. Get apples quickly by collecting apples from certain locations on map which have 2 trees nearby. Best place is near Negamon monument in Minaret city which has 2 trees nearby which give 4 apples each. Stay slightly away to get four otherwise you may get 3 if you stand on spawning area. Use ads to to open chest from shop till you wait.

7.Get gems with 2 easy ways. First is to to grind water monsters for f2p players. Savane monsters give most apples and gems so grind them and watch ads to triple your rewards. Use skills and grass type monster to quickly grind. Open epic boxes with coins to get a chance to get 10 gems.

Excavation site also gives decent gems with coins. It’s located in Minaret city. First is free and spend coins till 100 but not more than that unless you have over 1k coins. Come back next day
to collect your remaining rewards. Mini games don’t give a lot and require more time
so don’t waste too much time there.

7.Go to shop to convert gold to apples. Tap on bag on right >> map >> shop >> travel there >> cashier.
500 coins give most apples and are best used. You can buy bike but it expires so not recommended
for f2p players. Bike room is in Minaret city.

8.Collect monsters after fighting them with balls. Your probability of catching goes higher with each draw and highest for epic ball. Try to use all your drawing chances once you have already spent balls. Use epic balls for better monsters. It’s easier to catch lower level monsters with better probability so always try to catch as many as you could in beginning. Axum town has certain places to catch monster there on right side of map.

9.You will unlock special places after you beat master trainer at Savane gym room. Come back to first map
to Wally at Axum Town. There’s another such place in Savane city on left side. Go to Talia closer to beach.

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