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Merge Survival Wasteland is a puzzle, merge android game. Grinders especially who like zombie apocalypse type survival will like this game. It gives energy from ads and and diamonds. You also get 100 when fully recharged and you also need 1 for collecting item. This allows you to play it longer compared to other merge games. Developers are quite active with new story and event updates too. This game also has it’s own reddit page.

Merge Survival Wasteland apk: Playstore

1.Follow story quests to progress in story. This will give you quest rewards and player level points. This allows you to level up and unlock more items. Check upper left >> level up to level up. Moving forward in story will require you to find more advanced level items. Tap on “?” above your character Eden >> collect to go to merge board. If you don’t know how to get item, tap on it to see where to find it. Complete daily tasks on top left to get gold and gems. They get refreshed at midnight.

2.Never sell for gold rare items like cup of water or dew. You get it once every hour and dew from quest
completions or shop.

3.Merge guide:
1.Always merge blocks to their maximum level before collecting them for blocks like EXP, energy,
coins, gems as you get more as you merge them to produce higher level blocks. They increase in such order, for example, Milk Carton Piggy bank: 1,3,9,20,50; RO6 battery: 2,6,15,40; EXP:1,3,8,20,50; Gems:1,3,8, etc.

2.Every time you merge a loftiest level block, you get a gem. Tap on item >> “i” to collect them. Don’t sell loftiest level items to get coins as you will need them to produce more elevated blocks. You can exchange lower tier useless block for coins, tap on it >> sell. If you have surplus energy, you can exchange it with coins by manufacturing and selling items. You can cancel a sale immediately but not if you tap another block.

3.Merging block producers increase chances of getting better tier items so don’t sell them. If you want to play savvily, then you could preserve level 3 tool container, for example, to get gloves exclusively if needed for quests. It could get frustrating when it pops out item you don’t need and you waste energy and space.

4.Store excess items in inventory to free up space. Do this for loftiest items. Drag items below near empty bar. Tap on bag sign at bottom on merge board >> coins to expand inventory. This is one of best uses of coins too.

5.Use items you have newly found to merge near muddy blocks to unlock that tile.

6.Some items disappear after giving out items like piggy bank gives, ration box gives food items, battery gives energy. Merge them to get a chance to get level 2 item or better. Collect from them a few times before merging them to get more out of them.

List of all manufacturers that disappear and how many taps you can get out of them. Extra tap will end them.

Milk carton piggy bank 1st level: 9 taps before merging

Piggy bank tin 2nd level: 19 taps before merging

RO6 battery1st level: 4 taps before merging

6F22 battery 2nd level: 9 taps before merging

ration box 1st level: 6 taps before merging

ration box 2nd level: 14 taps before merging

adventure vest 1st level: 10 taps before merging

adventure vest 2nd level: 21 taps before merging

pencil case 1st level: 14 taps before merging

pencil case 2nd level: 29 taps before merging

eggs 1st level: 2 taps before merging

eggs 2nd level: 6 taps before merging

bee 3rd level: 7 taps before merging

beehive 6th level: 6 taps before merging

Suitcase, storage box, and wooden chest cannot be integrated once they are used. Integrate them first [1]

4.Complete expeditions to find new areas or get rewards. You might search an already explored area or look for a new one. You don’t explore a new area always but you can keep on trying until you explore more areas. You can also send your dog seed to explore base camp simultaneously while Eden is exploring. Tap on Exploration map on lower left >> “i” >> base camp Choose Free. Always prefer to explore areas to increase your obtainable resources as each area different resources.

5.Buy items from shop with coins. Tap on “+” sign above. You should buy items which are difficult to get like
water cup, dew, pipette, etc. or items like battery or ration box as per need. Watch ads and collect free rewards there too.

6.Best use of gems is to buy energy from shop followed by bubble items as getting higher level blocks can take so much time. It gets job done quickly and is worth it. Tap on shop on lower right on merge board >>
scroll down >> buy energy. It’s cheap 5 gems for 100 energy!

7.Participate in events like stray cat’s gratitude. Read their tasks above once to get an idea. Spot rewards are
free rewards on field. Tap on shiny space to collect them. It’s one of tasks there.

8.Join social media community like Instagram to get surfeit 100 coins. You can also sync account with Google Play to save progress. Tap on settings on upper right >> Follow social media.

9.Merge Survival shovel: Integrate to acquire from Eleventh tier toolbox [2]

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