Legend of Neverland guide, tips, heroes, relics, skills guide, etc.

Legend of Neverland is a MMORPG multiplayer game. It has 5 elements, wind (green), fire (red),
earth (brown), holy (purple), and water (blue). Heroes with fire (red) element get more atk and crit damage, earth (brown) get more defense, water (blue) gives additional health and healing effect, and wind (green) gives piercing rate, damage reduction, and atk. Holy is most balanced as it’s echo effect gives damage buff to all monsters followed by wind class. You have 4 character class Gladiator, Ranger, Scholar, and Craftsman. Weapons have 3 classes normal, good, good+1, epic, and epic +1 and star levels. The combinations of various skills, characters, weapons, and classes allow you to build various formations depending on your playing style. The game has various side missions, events, etc. to get resources, and upgrade materials which allow to to progress quickly even as f2p. Here are tips, tricks, strategies, and guide for Legend of Neverland.

1.Legend of Neverland Heroes guide:
If you are a aggressive type of player then go for character ranger class as it has highest dps (damage per second) followed by craftsman, and gladiator. Scholar has highest support and is recommended for more
defensive players. You can switch existing class by tapping on upper right corner option >> settings symbol on lower right >> create a character. Fire has atk and crit damage buffs so is recommended with ranger. If you go for scholar, choose water class heroes as it has healing effect buffs. You can activate this buffs with choosing formation of same class of 2 or more heroes. The more heroes
you deploy of same class the higher echo effect you get. Choose 2 each for main and secondary slots.
Tap on Flower Fairy by tapping on upper right corner option >> formation. Choose heroes with red
symbol. I recommend Anthurium and Oleander but you can choose Chestnut Rose as well.
You can ascend these heroes by combining 2 heroes of same class.

2.You can get heroes by tapping on “drop” symbol above >> link x 10. Choose link option from left which gives fire heroes. If you run out of link, then reset and dismantle 3 star heroes by tapping on Flower Fairy >> reset and dismantle >> auto select >> dismantle.

3.Upgrade your heroes. Once you choose hero class and type, next step is focusing on them. It is recommended to not scatter away your resources on other heroes. You need exp points and gold to upgrade heroes which you get from missions. Preserve these for your main formation first. Once upgraded to highest level then use remaining resources on “Assist” heroes. You will need to upgrade your heroes after getting to highest level. You need psychic stone, sprout of origin, transform potion, and flower of revival. Tap on progress >> resource >> source to find how to get them.

Your recommended quest are those which allow you to get these 4 resources. “Assist class” will allow
you to get more buffs. Select best heroes there which are spare. Upgrade them to get more buffs.
You can unlock more slots by Seal of Symbiosis quest. There is also will pack.

4.Your next focus should be on weapons followed by skills. You need primary weapons enhance dust to do it. You can get it through Ancient Ruins, Giant Boss, Production Forge, and Special Quest. To upgrade your weapon, tap on option on upper right corner >> Spirit >> Equipment Enhancement. Tap Equipment ascension to combine equipments of similar grade to get a higher grade one. Extract equipment of similar grade to get more atk buffs. You get equipments in Ancient Ruins, Giant Boss, Exchange, and Craftsman Vulcan. You can go to Craftsman Vulcan by tapping on Bag symbol >> Oath Bow >> Source >> Craftsman Vulcan >> Coin shop. If bow is your primary weapon, buy it but don’t waste gold on sword then. You can go to exchange by tapping on trading port.

5.Battle strategy for bosses is to stay at a safe distance away. This is where bow shines because of it’s high damage and long range. Retreat, recover HP with HP recovery skills like Awaken strength of nature and proceed to ambush again.

6.You should also upgrade gear by selecting different gears from Spirit >> gear symbol >> enhance. You need advanced armor enhance dust to do it which you can get from Ancient Ruins, Giant Boss, Production Forge, and Special quest. Symbiosis armor and oath belt should be given maximum priority as gear gives tremendous HP boost and oath belt gives atk boost. Focus only on these 2 first.

7.You can also choose relics there. Best relics are HolyStart coin and Truth key as they provide maximum atk buff. If you have a defensive formation consisting of water, scholar character, etc. then go for Box and Order. Inscription order will give further buffs. Tap on inscription order >> Inaly “+” symbol. Enhance it with same material. You can get it in elemental realm, exchange, and Top League. Remodeling allows you to change attributes of inscription and order. You will consume one to get another. You can replace older attribute with new one or it will disappear.
Remodeling should be done to get your desired attribute like atk or HP buff depending on formation type.

8.Legend of Neverland Skill guide: Skill tree for ranger includes Marksman – Hawk Eye and Windchaser – Wind Control. Windchaser is good because of its Awaken – Strength of Nature skill which regenerates HP equal to atk*54.9% +8000. Since your entire formation is based on atk, this gives more HP regeneration whenever you use it. Up grade it to max level first followed by Wild Hunter skill which will get unlocked after 5th level of prior skill. If you use sword then go for Berserker Ash out, Gladiator – Rock skill because of it’s HP regeneration effect. HP regeneration allows you to last longer and retreat and heal during boss fights. “Uppercut” is by far best skill as it causes damage and heals at same time. Level it up first. Don’t waste your skill rubbing on anything else until you get your main skill to level 5. You can get skill rubbing by escort transport, Flower Fairy EXP pool, production restore, path of fire sword, first clear, special quest,wilds auto battle.

Best skills for scholar are Priest Bless, Kiss of Frost Wyrm because of enemy speed reduction effect which is useful during boss fights to retreat, EM chain strike because of large 337 % damage buff, thunder forbidden zone because of it’s AoE effect and 395 % AoE damage which is useful when clearing quests as AoE swipes enemies in groups quickly, and Pious Light because of it’s extra large HP regeneration effect. Level it up to level 5 followed byMagic Flux as it’s most important.

Best skills for scholar are Mechanician – Craze, Blood Restraint, Flamy Cannon, scorching blast, and Nether Fire. Blood restraint has 50% HP regeneration based on damage.

Flamy Cannon, scorching blast, and Nether Fire has stacking effect which is useful during longer battles as the more you last the more effective your skills get. Best skill is Blood Restraint so upgrade it to level 5 first followed by fatal trap which will be unlocked later.

Skills can advanced class advancement to get more atk and def buffs. You need trace of the original force to do it which you can get by path of fire sword first clear, and path of fire sword rank. Tap on skills >> class advancement >> select class >> advance.

9.Crystals can be used to getatk, crit, break buffs. You can also combine them to increase effect.
Tapon upper right corner >> crystals >> auto inlay/combine crystals.

Adventure manual gives you stat buffs every time you beat, achieve, or get something. Tap on adventure manual >> “!” symbol >> unlock.

10.Trading port allows to exchange acorn with equipments. You can buy acorns with cabala crystal which you have to buy with real money which is for p2w players. Alternatively, just grind Ancient Ruins, Giant Boss Lv.50, get gold and buy from Craftsman Vulcan Sold.

11.Join an active guild to get rewards, form a team, etc. Get free rewards from welfare bureau. Tap on upper right corner guild >> welfare bureau >> open. You can also send cabala sapphire currency. There are 5 guild events guild quest, guild boss, guild war, gloomy realm, bathing beach. Guild contribution currency is most important as you buy get 4 star fairy fragments from guild shop. Tap on shopping cart symbol >> guild shop >> daily shop >> 4 star fairy fragment of desired class. 4 star draws are better compared to summon seed as you get only fairies of desired class.

12.Arena medal currency is one of most important currency as you can buy fairy progress materials with it like transform potion, and psychic stone.

13.There are also options like Tutor and Apprentice to get costume and currencies. Core of desire is best for infusing energy for Thunder soul as it has +4.6% HP steal. You can also try searching for couple to get costume. Tap on upper right corner >> couple >> find assistant.

14.You can also build your home. Tap on hammer symbol >> resource. Home stone pile >> drag and move “tick mark”. Do same for Anvil, stove, hematite, rubbing of gabriel. Home stone pile will give you stones. Go near it and dig. Anvil will give you primary or medium armor enhance dust. Buy land by tapping on hammer >> land >> drag and tick mark. Place seeds there to get more seeds. You can also get companionship of fairies to get additional buffs and materials. Tap on heart symbol >> choose fairy >> choose reward/interaction, etc. Companion rewards are based on points. You get attribute bonuses for every tier, exp, summon seed, and gacha gold. The more time you spend with her,
the more she will get attached to you.

15.Perform your daily quests to get exp, coins, seeds, shards. This is a methodical approach. If you get stuck
because of low CP level, tap on get stronger option above.

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