Pocket Love apk, story, code, room ideas/pictures compilation, tips and guide for beginners

Pocket Love is a dating simulation, design, craft, and offline android game. The game has story of 2 characters who are partners and live together, date, etc. who you can customize with different hair style, hair color, skin type, and pet. It’s all about customization, buying what you like, dating, and decorating your place. It also has auto story chatting to add to mix and you can tap on your partner to make them chat too. Tips to progress in this game are detailed below.

1.Fulfill your “To Do” list to get coins or money for that day. You also get special reward for completing all 3.
Tap on lower left tick mark >> tap on task question mark on left.
If you have a task like Change your Wallpaper, go to Amazing store on lower right and buy wallpaper under
Wallpaper. If wallpaper is not there, tap on wallpaper already placed >> box sign to store it >> OK >> Furniture on lower right >> Wallpapers >> select other to place it.

Open boxes task requires you to open free boxes which come periodically on right side.
Chat with your loved one requires you to tap on your character to make them have conversation.
Cleaning street requires you to tap trash on street. Try new hairstyle by tapping on lower left (pencil) >> select different hair style >> OK. You can also watch ad on right for random vanity item. Tap on paws to change pet name. You can also tap on merchants near your house
to get some dress, with ad, coins, or in game dollars, and pets or pets related items .
To do tasks are reassigned and new ones pop up so check them daily.

2.Collect free rewards daily. You get one from free spin. Tap on Amazing Store >> upper right named Roulette >> Free Spin. Watch ad for further spin. Second is daily login reward. You get another one by tapping Pocket Surprise on lower right >> Free. You can also watch ads to get gold on item. Tap flying drone to get 100 gold coins or upper right to get item.

3.Pocket Love Room ideas:
Decorate your house with various items by buying them from Amazing store. Tap on Amazing on right >>
buy items you haven’t bought. Place them by selecting room >> last choice on lower right >> select object >> OK. Items get refreshed every 6 hours or more so buy later or reset it with ad or 5 dollars in game currency. You can also watch an ad to get special item by tapping AD on right. Different room ideas are shown below.

Compilation of room ideas from Pocket Love community. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/PocketLove/

Buy new rooms to further expand your house. You can even make living room, bedroom, kitchen, “fun room”, etc. and go on with your ideas. Tap on house symbol outside >> buy with in game money. Build a living room first with items like Flat HD TV, stool, criss cross mat, framed leaves, pink window, pink sofa, classio fireplace, etc. Use second room as bedroom and buy bed wooden shelves, gray bookshelf, steel lamp, etc. Buy cheap items first to fulfill your room and then go for expensive ones.

4.You can also make room more fancier by going for packs you can buy with in game currency and make special rooms for gamers, cat, dog, asian decor, etc. Tap Amazing store >> second last option Pocket Surprise >> “>” sign. This allows to get without spending real money. Preserve your dogllars or watch ad to get 5 from store to make it more f2p friendly.

You should reserve your money for rooms first and then items or refresh. You can exchange money for gold but only do it if you have excess dollars as you cannot get dogllars with coins. Tap on currency above to see packs. Tap on Amazing store >> star sign to see specific packs for gamers, pets, wedding, beach , etc. to set up your room style accordingly. You can also share it on Reddit PocketLove group.

You will fulfill your love heart above and level up as you buy items and level up which will further unlock new fancy furniture items. This will keep your progress uniform.

5.Go on a date or park in midtown with your lover. Change clothes if you want.
Whenever you will see “love” symbol above you or partner, tap there to start date.
You will get a souvenir reward. Watch ad or pay 5 dogllars in game currency to play again.

6.Name your memories and see them under memories tab on upper left >> camera >> pencil sign to name a picture.

7.Pocket Love codes:

1.PocketLoveBf (space at end)


Type settings on upper left >> box sign >> secret password

8.Pocket Love apk link

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