Island War android game tips, tricks, strategy, troops formation, wiki, and beginners guide

Island War is a PvP android game with base building features. There are various tips, tricks, and formations by
which you could progress in the game. These are the tips and tricks for Island War.

1.Gems guide: Never waste your gems on upgrading base. Always reserve them for recruiting troops. You could use them to hire extra builder initially if you have surplus lumber. The best use of gems by value is to use them in markets. The reason is you get the troops you want and in big amount. The chances of getting troops you want in premium recruit is very low. New cards keep on popping up every week so keep an eye until you se what you want and then spend your gems for them. Another way to use gems to get troops you want is to use them for fusion and set your wish list. Always use only 2 star
troops for fusion because if you use 1 star then you will get 1 star troops and then it’s hard to get another 1 star especially epic and legendary ones. You generally get 2 star in premium, lucky draw and even number of troops in market so it’s easier to combine later. You don’t need to pay if you are patient as there are plenty of ways to get resources and troops but if you pay to win type of player then there are various packs you could buy. You could the best value for money in sales pack where you could get the epic and legendary troops you like for aggressive buyers. They keep changing these so wait patiently until the troops you like pops up.

If you want to spend modestly, then beginner and chests pack are better in my opinion. Always spend your gold on recruit rather than Tavern as you get a lucky draw after 200 points and it’s certainly worth more as you have a 20 % chance to get a legendary troop. Generally other swill advise you to recruit only 160k troop because of higher chance of getting
rare and epic but I prefer 20k recruit because archers are deadly when you have higher numbers with you and 20k packs allow you to get them. I only use 160k packs when I have extra gold after opening a chest or to complete a quest.

2.Complete your quests daily. Whenever you complete a quest, you get gold, coins, and unlock a chest where you get troops and 5% chance of legendary for last one. You could do troops fusion once everyday as it’s in quest rather than doing all at once. This way you get get extra 40 gems and gold everyday. You could also reserve 320k gold coins for 2 4 star lucky draw as it’s in quest everyday rather than spending all your gold at once. These are passive tricks to get most with your resources.

3.Lumber is an extremely valuable resource in this game as you have
to play to get it.
The easiest way to get lumber is to do all Legion conqueror missions everyday. You
could set them on auto. You get all 3 resources so it’s a great way to get lumber. Another way is to
play campaign missions. Getting lumber by campaign missions is even better long term because the higher level you go the more lumber you get. Arena missions are another way to get lumber. Make sure that you choose a player with less power and higher lumber count to get most out of your attack.

4.Island War Troop formation and placement guide: You could have 5 formations for free so make sure you make use of them all. The best way is to have 3 troops formations based on type of missions. You should have one for Legion Conqueror and Campaign, one for Arena and one for clan wars and infinite Trial. You should put as many Rogue as you could for Legion Conqueror and campaign missions as he gives gold loot surplus. Rogue gives gold loot surplus in Arena too but not as much compared to others. You should have extremely ranged based and lower melee based attack formation
for arena mission with enemies having flat Island. The ranged troops can easily attack buildings even with wall cover on flat surfaces so that’s the best way to do it. You should have more melee and send those ships first for multi layered island formations because melee are best attackers for breaking down walls. Troop formations for Arena missions can be divided into 2 parts based on enemy’s troop formation, melee heavy troops and other with range heavy troops for PvP battles. Always send ships with ranged attackers last and combine them with Nuns as Nuns work best to recover health of ranged troops. If you use heal wizards, send them with melee.

Troops like Force Mage should always be united because of their “Shockwave” skill as it’s best used when they are all clustered together. Formation for Infinite Trial should be more melee based as they have higher HP and tend to last longer in battles. You could also use healing troops if they are upgraded to level 5 at least.

Island War camp layout:

Island War best troops/heroes:

5.Paratroopers should always be placed once you could place
all of them at once as this makes sure they have maximum impact as their strength lies in higher
This allows them to take defensive troops together. They should be placed near base buildings.
If there are archer towers or archers nearby then you should place them behind base buildings in a
way where they should be out of their range. If defense near bases is too much, then best way to
use them is to place them with melee to boost their attack. Another strategy that you could use is
to deflect enemy troops to one corner with just one paratrooper and then place remaining ones
strategically near a base. This works best to distract enemy melee troops.

6.Never delay sending your ships and always send them at once because the higher number you have the more damage you can cause in less time. You also only have 2 minutes to win so have to be quick.
Place all your ships together for melee and ranged troops should be placed adjacently but not
to far away from each other. When ranged troops are sparsely placed, it takes more tie for melee
troops to reach them. This allows better cover for your melee troops. Also tap on 2x as this will
quicken things up and chances of you losing on time will be reduced.

7.Island War base formation guide: You will start out on a flat surface but multi layered bases are best as they give more security to base buildings and ranged troops. you could relocate by tapping City Hall >> City Hall >> Relocate Island. Always relocate to an Island which will provide best cover for your ranged troops and the best ones are those which allow you to place walls at higher floors to stop melee troops from entering to bases. Have ranged troops always at the top along with all base buildings and melee at the
bottom. Generally, it’s best to keep all base buildings together but you could keep them separated
too if you could provide them enough cover. It’s a double edged strategy because if one of your base
buildings doesn’t have enough cover it could be targeted by paratroopers and your troops on that
floor will not participate in battle. I have won numerous battles that way by targeting cornered weak base
building with paratroopers.

8.Join a good clan. Joining an active clan is important because of
battles like clan hunting and higher damage leads to more rewards. Also, higher trophies
lead to more chest openings. Keep an eye on clan quests and try to complete them to get rewards.
Clan war league rewards are based on entire clan’s performance and you need to be in top 20 to
participate in Legends Championship.

9.Prefer to use your gems in wheel event as 1 spin only
requires 160 gems compared to draw event where you require 400 gems for 1 draw.
If you like a troop wait
to spend your gems to get him in wheel event.

10.Choose your enemies wisely. When you compete in
arena, the best targets are those which have less power and higher resources. If you want more
lumber then target those with less power and higher lumber. Same thing should be
done in challenges where opponents with lesser power and higher points should be chosen.
Pay attention to weather as weather affects power of certain troops. Scorch
weather increases Halbierders, Fire Mages, Berserker, Mace Warriors, Drakes, Engulfing Dragon,
Void Assassin, Lapidating Giant, Infernal Warlock. It reduces strength of Frost Titan, Frost Archers,
Draughrs, Shadow Assassins, Artic Wolves, Lightning Mage, Phase Apostle, and Gale Rider.
Vice versa happens during rainy event. Direction of wind affects range of archers so
for archer heavy formation pay close attention to arrows on water and place your troops
accordingly. This allows archers to stay far away from range of enemy ranged
attackers and requires more time for enemy melee to reach them. It also allow you to
target base buildings easily for flat surfaces. You should use it even during campaign

11.Legion Conqueror brings gives you lots of lumber but campaign mission gives
you more in long term especially combined with Rogue.
For Infinite Trial use more tanks
for ,ore cover to ranged troops.

12.In general, chasing only legendary troops is wrong as they are hard to
Best way is try to get as many epic and rare troops as possible and upgrade them as much as possible.

Best troops based on type:

Common: Archers are by far the best common troops because
of their long range and higher hit speed. Their attack and HP are statistics could be misleadingly
lower but their hit rate is very high which increases their attack.

Rare:Fire Mage is best rare troop because of their AoE effect but
tend to struggle when melee gets to close. Shadow Assassins work best
near bases and to attack archers at higher bases at start of battle. They can directly
jump to higher floors immediately and take down ranged attackers.

Epic:Lightning mage in higher numbers give excellent dodge effects. Giant also provides excellent cover for
ranged attackers. Crossbowmen have excellent range and should be placed with archers.
Force Mage when used in high numbers can repel melee with great force.
Place over 30 force mages and melee could not even come closer to them because of their
“Shockwave” skill. I did not upgrade them to have more number of them in beginning.

Legendary:Wind Swordsman are the strongest troop and have over a million HP at 9th level.
Infernal Warlock has highest attack. Frost Archers are my favorite though as I prefer range heavy
formation. When used in higher numbers, they freeze melee attackers very frequently to the
point where even higher level epic troops like Giant and Clossus have hard time reaching them.
If your opponent has very range heavy formation, then you should use more Air Bender as their
skill “Wind Wish” will stop archers easily.

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