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Broyalty is a role playing strategy PvP android game. The game features numerous events regularly with their own currencies and markets you could buy items. It is a medieval strategy game which does involve three main units of warrior (melee), ranger (archers), and mage (range). Weapons include 3 types and 4 classes, uncommon(green), rare(blue), epic(purple), and legendary(orange). The game has 2 packs, direct and progress based. Premium and royal pass provide progress based rewards. You get a cool special offer to get 500 gems in just 1 dollars and second builder for 4.99 $ approximately. PvP is extremely balanced with plenty of options to choose from based on your strength. You don’t like a particular opponent just swap it for 70 food. It’s designed to allow f2p players to be on par with p2w. You have whopping 6 quests where you could compete in PvP! Knight tournament has their own market and requires passes though. You get 6 every day.

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This game not only has resource allocation strategy but it also combines base building, and troops setup strategy as well which makes it a wholesome experience to it. This game has variety of weapons and damage types like physical and magical damage, different skills like freezing, healing, stun, retreats, teleports,
damage pacifiers,etc. You can setup a tanky base or more range based based on your preference.
You like healers? Mages got you covered! Mage weapon skills offer incredible variety. Base setup allows
you to setup attack and defense items.

Drawbacks:You cannot upgrade barricade and can only build all items once which
kind of takes away depth as far as base layout. You also don’t get any gold and compass reward which is used for an event. You do get more trophies than usual though.

There are various tips, tricks, strategies to progress quickly, also I will give beginner’s guide for Broyalty.

1.Throne room is the main room which allows you to upgrade other rooms. Focus on upgrading it first followed by garrison and training room. Training room allows you to increase skills of fighter which allows you to equip higher level gear. Don’t focus on other rooms or base yet.

2.Complete all daily quests including watching ads. There are additional 20 points for completing all quests. There are chest rewards for every milestone which help you get gear. Keep an eye on weekly quests as well. They give at least 30 points per task and additional 90 points for completing all of them which allows you to get more chests and better gear for everyone. Tap on “book” on lower left corner>>daily/weekly quests on top. There is a main 3rd quest option too. Try to get all chests as the more gear you get the more better your fighters become.

3.Craft gear in forge. Upgrade it first. You need to upgrade it till its able to produce weapons for your level of fighters. You should then craft it. You don’t need any extra builders for it. I recommend to dissolve all unused green, blue and purple gear to get weapon shards once you have more than 7 of these as you will be able to deploy 7 fighters at throne level 8. Use these weapon shards to craft weapons of higher class. When you dissolve green gear you get green shards which allow you to produce blue gear. Blue shards are able to produce epic(purple) gear and so on. You can keep on dissolving all green and blue gear once you get above level 20. This will give you all epic and legendary gear. Tap on on “bag” symbol on lower right corner>>select gear>>dissolve. You should also dissolve gear which boosts resource production. If you think you have plenty of food reserves dissolve all food boosting gear.

4.Select fighters which already high max level so you could train them more and give better gear. Leveling
up a fighter gets expensive as you go to higher level so better to go with those who already are of high max level.
The highest max level fighter should be used for mage class. If you want to increase stars of fighters, select fighter>>tap on”+” sign above>>Add.

5.Get higher star fighters by deploying higher level fighters in living room. Select highest star male and female fighters. Expel fighters of lower stars. No need to waste gems to increase their max level when you can breed higher level fighters for free.

6.Broyalty troop formation guide:If you can deploy 5 fighters. You should have 1 tank, 1 ranger, and 3 mages. Mages have variety of skills including healing, stun,etc. skills which give you more variety and raises your overall power. If you could deploy 7 fighters then just increase mage number by 2. No need for more than 1 tank and ranger. This is much more balanced. Ranged attackers allow you to save time as they start attacking straight away and don’t need to cover ground. You could also try a more tanker formation with 5 tanks, 1 ranger, and 1 mage. You should choose fighters based on opponents. For example if your opponents mostly has ranged attacked choose more tanks and if he has more 3 tanks choose 2 tanks to counter him with other rangers and mages. Place warriors preferably in a line which has a clear path towards opponents as they deal damage upon first hit. Stay clear of lines which has mines and barricades to
prevent damage and move towards enemies quickly.

7.Broyalty base layout:Spread out all of your rangers and mages on last lane.This is important to protect your fighters from AoE spells of your opponents. AoE means Area of effect which target all fighters within particular area. Place warrior at front to take maximum damage and reach opponents quickly. Healing crystal, Ice Ballista and cannons should be placed at opposite end corners and 1 at center. Mines, Studs trap, and crawling mine concentrated at 1st lane so they will surely deal damage to all enemy tanks. You can also set them up to surround ranged fighters if you go for a more concentrated approach. Grouping all ranged together with barricades and healing crystals provides excellent cover against tanks. Try different layouts to see what you prefer. You can check layout of other players by going to tournament>>Leaderboard>>select player>>visit.

8.Upgrade your healing crystals, cannons, Ice Ballistas to be on same level as other rooms. This will get you lots of good defense against attackers and trophies when offline. The upgrades and buildings these don’t show up as your troop power so your opponent might think you have less power but your base is far more stronger which gives you more strength than what appears.

9.Collect all free rewards like tribute chest on your base, gold, medal of honor from Map. You get medal of honor for free every 8 hours which can be exchanged for gear in market. Go to Map>>Knight tournament>>Market>>Free. Watch an ad as well.

10.Get legendary gear easily by hoarding medal of honor and exchanging it for legendary gear in Tournament market. Get legendary gear like First Aid Staff and Magic of the elements of sandal. Get them first and then go for epic gear and so on. I recommend to get only weapons and armors first. Once you get all of that then get production gear for mana, gold, etc. Only refresh once you have collected

11.Use spells tactically during PvP. Healing skills are best especially if you use more ranged attackers as they tend to stay together especially mages. Mages complement healing skill better because of this. Carry at least 3 healing skill. Use them where your fighters are grouped together. Damage skills should also be used where enemies are grouped together because all skills have AoE effect. If you hold a skill for some time on base you get to see everything in slow motion so look for good areas to use these. Upgrade spell workshop to increase spell slot and get new spells.

12.Compete in events like sky challenge and card collection. Card collections have 3 different types carnage, collision, and evocation. You can tap on “pumpkin” symbol or other symbol on your base and “i” to see required quests to get these cards. Tap on collection>>exchange to get rewards. You can also watch ads to get cards. Tap on Store>>Watch.

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