Rivengard Clash of Legends Wiki, tips, tricks, strategies, heroes tier, formation, and beginner’s guide

Rivengard is a turn based strategy competitive multiplayer android game. It features various different maps and terrain types with unique features and it’s effects on your heroes. There are heroes of various elements with their own strengths and weaknesses which can be deployed. There are various tips, tricks, and strategies to progress in this game even as f2p.

1.Complete your daily quests first. They give you chest rewards which contains gold, diamonds, summoning tokens, raid tickets, weapons, and armors. Focus on them first and make your formation accordingly. Your formation should have decent combination of tanks, flankers, and ranged attackers. I recommend to go with 2 tanks and 3 ranged attackers to provide decent cover to tanks. Getting all stars will give you elite weapons which are topmost. Unused ones can be converted to dust. Tap on Hero>>weapon>>”+”sign on dust>>select item>>burn. Make sure you only burn common ones. You can also dissolve uncommon ones to get more dust but you don’t get all dust so be careful to not upgrade every item. Don’t burn rings as they are harder to get.Choose uncommon ones to ascend and burn common ones. Sir Matteus, Sigrid, Areus, Taro, and Monty is decent beginner formation. Focus on getting 3 stars to get maximum rewards and unlock elite campaign battles. This will also unlock campaign chests which will give you elite upgradable weapons.

2.Check attacking range of enemies by tapping on Danger Zone on lower left corner. Do not move first if you come into danger zone. Tap on lower right corner and skip your turn. This will allow you to attack first.

3.Arena:Choose opponents which have lower power and more points for easy victory. This will make sure you get higher rank and better rewards. If you have run out of stamina you can still get XP with friendly battles. Tap on Hero Arena>> opponent>>tap on any hero>>friendly battle. Choose easiest opponent and keep on grinding to get XP for your heroes. Your rank will decide your chests and rewards.

Arena points:Each set of opponents gives a range of points. There is a base set of points offered based on how far away you are from 1st place (which is why you shouldn’t use tickets when ranked 1st, and should wait until you drop in rank to get more points offered) and that base amount of points is modified up based on the gap of trophies between you and the top opponent offered to you. The next 2 opponents seem to scale down relative to your top opponent regardless of the trophy gap.

The more points you have the less you can get, and the less you get from a certain rating of another player
So your rating sets the potential and the targets rating sets the actual within that range.

4.Participate in events to get double XP and gold. Tap on event page to get more details. You need to play on Sunday C.E.T to get these rewards.

5.Choose an active guild. Guilds allow you to get items to rank up your heroes. Tap on Hero>>Item>>Ask guild. You should also donate items which you don’t need in guild to get gold. Check guild chat to see if there are any opportunities. You can also tap on Item>>Find>>Raid to get these items easily.

6.Ranged attackers attack get upgraded quickly compared to health and for tanks health gets upgraded quickly for each item upgrade, rank up.

7.Rivengard battle and placement strategy:Tanks should cover cover ranged attackers and healers. Nixie’s tree ancient skill should also be planted surrounded by tanks packed together. This provide additional
cover for ranged attackers. Always start with ranged attackers first which have high and chain
damage like Areus and Naevys. Choose Areus’ skill when you have at least 3 enemy heroes packed together for maximizing damage.
Tanks usually have low damage so they should be last to attack.
Attacking from high altitude gives you more damage so select your attacking
tiles carefully. Bushes provide you 50% armor so it’s a good spot for your heroes especially melee heroes.
Tap on hero and select desired tile and then attack. Healing tiles should be chosen for long ranged attackers and tanks should provide cover to them. Areus or Monty has good range and these are good spots. Learn to retreat to either bush or healing tiles if a battle is too close.

Following order affects power rating most.

1.Rank (huge power boosts in diamond ranks)

2.Gear level/rarity ( obviously you can only equip gear based on hero rarity so you have to ascend to take full
advantage here)

3.Leveling up active and passive abilities.

Leveling the hero does nothing other than unlock new ranks and the ability to upgrade active and passive skills.

Heroes strategy:

Naevys: Naevys at uncommon is good for her passive at least in arena. Long term Nixie is better than Areus and Sir Matteus better than Agnar but it may depend on who you can farm better
So if Agnar works for you that’s okay but you’ll have better warriors eventually
Same for Areus and mages. More specifically Matt+Akio beat Agnar all the way in arena but early campaign may be different. Tl;dr, Gix + Snazz = good

Really the only one worth rerolling for is Dorga since you cant get akio anymore until you defeat his boss level in the campaign. Tim Tim, Thana, Bullmon are all great to have but none are as essential to guild raid as Dorga and Akio. There are some common and uncommon heroes you might not want to give up if you get them Cervidus and Snazzbang being the main ones since they were festival heroes you will need to invest in getting their emblems though so a lot depends on your budget and patience level.

If you click on his crit % in his character screen it gives a decent explanation
Build Snazz with 1 35% weapon and 1 20% weapon, since 50% crit is all you need to guarantee crit every turn
on correct affinity dragons.

Sir Matteus:He can become better as his summons are upgraded. Summons are always good at LEAST for distracting the enemy.

His strength is when paired with Akio because of the range they can cover. Sir Matteus can get to the front line and spawn the summons and then Akio kill command let’s the summons go deep into the backline and snipe a squishy mage or rogue Remember Akio kill command at higher levels is doing over 1k per hit no matter what level the summons is. Gix and Aceshru should be upgraded to rare first. Matt only becomes really good once you unlock Akio.

Scruffy: Scruffy is really helpful on summon kills in the wing typ event I’ve leveled his uncommon up and gears for the first time this cycle Especially because heroes are capped at uncommon for event.
Scruffy will need to be Gold II+ to stop Gold II+ summons, etc. (higher Onslaught levels) Tawa can target.
Scruffy can not. He has to sit “Good, Boy” and wait for summons to come to him, when he’s not even able to continue taking out all summons. Its like using summons yourself in Onslaught, that eventually fades away with the time; when they become useless. Use Scruffy as a summon counter. He’s better at that because his passive is unlimited whereas you can use Tawa active only once.

Sunshine:Depends on current team and goals. Sunshine is mainly a PVP and shines best in arena specifically tourment arena. But she wont help in GR much. Sprocket gives her more flexiblity.
So if you have other options it may be better to invest elsewhere. Tawa stinks at heals but consider her benefit of splash heal and her accumulation of heal points including The Splash. She keeps Bullmon on the map to dominate Onslaught. If archers kill your Tawa use Sir Tristan to guard ahead of her. Since Sir Tristan stays adjacent to Caradan Splash heal works great for that dynamic duo.I

Tawa Rinji:One of the few units in the game that is better if you don’t level up her skills. Shes pretty bad as a healer and as a dmg dealer and her active is inconsistent but better than it used to be. Where she shines is if you use Cervidus in guild raid to place mushrooms around the dragon. You can use Tawa active if its low level and trigger multiple mushrooms multiple times without destroying them allowing for other aoe skills to trigger the mushrooms too.

Stamina investment for laurels means you’re committed to ascending them, and you would want to ascend sooner rather than after you’ve developed and can get deep into elite chapter 3. You develop a couple of
heroes just to clear one level that was giving me trouble, and never touched them again.

Aceshru:Aceshru is a quality character at legendary, thanks to her event, but don’t want to put in the time/gold to level her up to 50 if she’s meh.

She is good before diamond ranks. She is very versatile, use her for arena and
campaign Depending on the rest of your line up she is most likely a great choice to take to 50. It takes some time to go from 35 to 50. Play her a lot in PvP and she rocks in campaign (but so do most level 50 units).
She’s also got a lot of value against a number of guild raid bosses, but if you’re looking to play “the best” line-up, then she’s only among the top 5 units for 1 or 2 guild raid bosses (she’s really good against Web Dragons as the shades 4 have class and color advantage).

Casually farm xp for Aceshru until you get Akio to legendary.

Heroes that have bigger stats need bigger upgrades.

Taro: His damage upgrades are most likely easy but his hp and armor upgrades need a lot. I see the same on Buzzy. His HP upgrades more quickly compared to his damage. Always move him first to soak damage and protect ranged attackers.

In comparison, Pendar needed a lot of high value Damage upgrades, and Snazzbang (having very low stats overall) did not need many high value upgrades at all.

Yes specially for chapter 3. There are several enemy types that can pull your units and a type that gets extra
attacks when you unit is displaced. They can still wreck my legendary mages. So a tanky hulking unit can shield all your rogues from pesky units. Buzzy would be a great choice

Gix, Snazz, Nixie, Agnar, and Matt is a good combination for diamond ranks.

Situationally substitute Agnar by uncommon Naevys if you need more range.

Pelator:Pelator supports hero leveling with +crit & +dmg. And gives adjacent summons extra attack. (Great when trying to fight with Dorga to level.) Mivera used to be an arena regular but others have come along that have benched them. Lyonette is strong attack with charge, and Red Rat is one of strongest tanks when you can level them. Caradan is strong mage, but Sir Tristan is star of the cast. Only Pelator with active skill gives flat crit chance bonus, you may use him for very high crit chance.

If a hero’s main selling point is buffing your enemy for damage quests it’s not a priority for newer players trying to beat Pendar. (For buffing/healing own heroes prefer Nixie).

Vittoria: Vittoria is a Looter which is going to be really important for increasing your gold
haul from Treasure Beach. Staticrackle can also be very useful in campaign, hero adventure, and for quests.

Tips based on battle type:

Hero Arena – Everybody works here (if leveled enough)
Treasure Beach – Not a competitive mode so doesnt matter
Onslaught – See TB
Campaign -Everybody works here (if leveled enough)

Guild Raid – Highly specialized, only a handful of units work here
Tournament Arena – Highly specialized, only a handful of units work here
Guild boss:It just improves survivability. The few that reduce armor or hp seem it would only
affect lings, which again is great for weak players but anyone with a full D1 team is already able to manage survival. It’s the damage output that is the primary factor of where guilds rank on the leader board.

Ad guide:If you need emblems then refresh the daily deals in the store by watching ads
(make sure you save 1 ad for the daily 50 stamina refresh). They come up at least 2 times per day when I’m refreshing. Sometimes they show for gems (way overpriced) but when they show up for gold, that’s the best time to grab them.

PvP:It has to do with the gap of points between you and your opponent and as far as I
understand it scales based on the number points the person in first and last place in the league have.

Best is not to let Dorga/Gix live long enough to spawn. Else deal with the spawn asap. Fastest way to farm green damage is a fight somewhere in the first two regions where the AI loves to heal and sucks at attacking.

Boss level elite strategy: Gix, Dorga, Ranaklu and Nimrul to get max summons then use Akio.

Elite 4.8:In general, that Gix and Akio is a good combo.

Ace, Naevys, Snazz maybe hopefully this kills 6 closest units – meteor close gunner, Snazz corner gunner cluster, eat 2 samurai & spawn a shade. If your dragon tail is strong enough go ahead and wipe all the samurai with ace.

Battle 2.55 strategy:At first use uncommon Katsume and Taro for that quest battle 2.55.
Try to kill all with dark and just use the rest of the team for support. Damage count only ability or just normal attack.Look at ability damage closely. Akio is useful for that. Katsume should be used in 2.55 for quest 12 Her ability works well there because lots of enemies grouped together.

Legendary heroes strategy: Don’t add stars to legendary heroes until you have a surplus of orbs and it
was a long term piece of guild raid teams.

Guild raid: Akio are good followed by Gix.. All heroes that you will take any extra stats for guild raid. Unlock Ranaklu. He is also good to upgrade. Do you need one healer? Nixie should be preferred.

You don’t need a healer in this game except in maybe some hero adventures if you are going for perfect score. The hero adventures ask for no getting damaged, not having full health
Healers are good for me because some missions you can’t lightning victory, but you can at least 3 star them.They will not, but units need to be at full health for perfect scores so in other levels without the no damage requirement. You need to end with full hp to get a max score (500/500)

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