Pocket Battles NFT War android game Wiki, tips, tricks, strategies, heroes, formation, and beginner’s guide

Pocket Battles NFT War is a PvP strategy android game. I will share with you the tips, tricks, strategy and beginner’s guide for this game.

1.Complete quests every day. You will get reward chests for completing quests. 4th and 5th chest has elite soldier and 200 diamonds respectively so focus on completing it first. Keep an eye on weekly quests too. The best use of elite scrolls is to use 10 every week even if you have more as its one of the weekly quest.

2.Don’t forget to collect your free rewards every day. You get daily rewards in mail and special sales.
Collect your rewards by tapping on Special Sales on upper left corner, free offer then value packs, gift symbol. There are also free swift and treasure chest reward which you should collect. The best use of diamonds is to reset swift rewards everyday.
You will have 7 extra chances excluding free rewards. You could get normal, rare or epic soldiers, EXP points, scrolls, diamonds and gold. Diamonds are also best used to epic and legendary heroes and soldiers. Always draw 10 at once to get an extra soldier or hero. You can
do that by tapping on shop > recruitment. Never use your diamonds to get gold as you get gold for free and is easy to get but diamonds are more difficult to get. Diamonds should also be used to get additional chances in boss rivals and arena as these provide best rewards.

3.Complete campaign missions to unlock soldiers. You unlock all soldiers after completing 530 levels. The best formation for campaign is to place melee attackers at front followed by ranged attackers. Some ranged attackers have more range than other and should be placed on last rank. Cupid, Bolt Striker, Orc Shaman, Frost Mage, Archers are such soldiers. Troll Axethrower, Skeleton Mage, and Oracle have low range and should be placed in middle. Holy Paladin should be placed in middle as well as he provides shield. The more soldiers he is surrounded with the better.

4.Soldiers with shield take most damage and should be placed at the front row as tanks followed by solo melee soldiers. Skeleton Guard, Footman and Iron Templar take most damage and are best tanks. Undead Slayer gives most damage and should be placed on last 2 tiles of front row to cover both sides. Orc Shaman, Big Mortar,Skeleton Mage and Catapult deal AoE damage so all of them should be used whenever enemies has too many concentrated enemies. Campaign missions have some levels which have high number of goblin bandits so such soldiers should be preferred. Archer, Royal Priest, Frost Mage, Cupid, Skeleton Mage, Oracle, Bolt Striker and Orc Shaman should be used on last rank as they have lower HP and need cover. Other ranged attackers like Troll Axethrower, Catapult and Goblin Headhunter should be placed in middle as they have less range. This allows your soldiers to get in attacking range quickly. If you place soldiers with less range at last row they will need more time to move forward thereby increasing damage taken. Assassins work as flankers and can be placed anywhere. When your opponents have high number of ranged attackers use more assassins to “peel” and as flankers.

5.Use your footman as flankers by placing them behind enemies. Whenever your enemy has more AoE soldiers use more single melee attackers like Undead Slayer, Blademaster, Archangel, Viking Axeman.

6.Choose your opponents in arena carefully. Players with more trophies and less power are best opponents as they give you more trophies with easy wins. I recommend to check rankings as there are rewards for daily quests in arena. You could spend diamonds to get more chances. If you decide to spend diamonds check how much more trophies you will need to get in top 5. If you are close then it’s worth it otherwise it’s not. Set your defense formation to defend and get daily arena rewards.

7.Use Boss Rivals to get your more desired hero. You could also do Boss Rivals and do missions do get that hero. You only have 3 chances daily even after refreshing to get those heroes so focus on only 1 hero but if you could not beat it then chose another challenge. Even if you don’t use a particular hero you can
still need it in Battle Camp to get soldiers. Complete all of your other challenges but Arena, Boss Rivals and Battle Camp give best rewards.

8.Analyze your battle reports to see which soldiers cause and receive more damage and test different battle formations. You can do that after every battle by tapping notes symbol.

9.You get 3 days of rewards for purchasing any amount in shop so best option is to go for cheapest one to get most out of it if you are considering spending. If you are f2p watching ads is certainly good way to get more gold and an extra spin.

10.Always choose 4 star soldier when you buy with gold. 4 star draws have 4% chance to get epic soldier so it’s worth it. It’s also easier to get 1 star soldiers fro,swift rewards and idle income so they offer best value.

11.Fuse soldiers for a chance to get soldiers you need. Make sure to merge soldiers before fusing to get higher star soldier.

12.Pocket Battles NFT War Heroes guide: Heroes are divided into 4 factions human, beast, undead and divine with 3 classes rare, elite and legendary. Undead faction has highest attack and divine has highest HP. Legendary heroes are strongest but their shards are hard to get so it’s better to focus on an elite hero in beginning and upgrade him. Heroes with damage stack cause more damage than other heroes. Wolf Prince William, Kratos, Death Banshee Selene, Orc Chieftain Gaull, Doom are such heroes. Wolf Prince William has damage stack for both skills and is best elite hero. Statistics for skills can often be misleading as stacking attack adds up. Doom is best legendary hero with high attack because of stack effect in my opinion.
Orc Chieftain Gaull has bonus effect for particular beast class so it makes sense to use more beast class soldiers if you employ him. Melee heroes should be placed at front and ranged heroes behind your soldiers. This will save time for them to get within desired range to attack.

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