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Infinity Kingdom is a competitive multiplayer city building real time android strategy game. There are various
ways to progress quickly in this game even as a f2p.

1.Complete your daily missions every day. The last chest has best rewards and it will make your progress steady. If you are f2p the extra philosopher’s stone, gems, and gold will certainly help you to keep up with spenders. Also collect your resources based on alliance missions. In beginning you have Helen of Troy event,
get all the points to receive all her fragments.

2.Always reserve your gems for hiring an extra builder. It is very tempting to spend your gems quickly but
best way is to hoard them and use it for hiring builders only in beginning.
You could always get an extra builder from alliance shop but if you don’t have enough alliance coins then this should be your first preference to increase your building speed. Gems are needed during wars to restore your castle’s prosperity or heal your troops so make sure you save them.

3.Collect all your daily rewards. You get 5 normal free fragments and one free advanced fragments daily. Always collect them first so you could get more when you do other things while it refreshes.
Collect food in wishing fountain. Food is least used needed resource. The extra food can be exchanged for gold at forge. To transmute resources, tap on Forge>> Transmute>> Select Food>> Transmute.
Always send your troops to collect resources before logging off.

4.You should have 2 talent pages, one for war and one for development. Assign all to development during peace and all points to war for war page. The best talent skills for development are in order 1111212222 and
best for military are in order 1232211212.
Building speed, gold generation and rewards are important for development and magical attack and Energy regeneration are most important for military. You can also have one for talent page exclusively for defense which focuses on defense skills.

5.Divide your AP between hitting gnome and gnome bosses. The strongest one should be used for gnome bosses and 2nd best for gnomes. Gnome bosses will give you dragon crystals used to upgrade dragons and gnomes will give you enchant stones which are used to upgrade equipment. Always make sure you kill a Gnome boss if you have damaged him to get reward. Different Gnome Bosses give different Dragon crystal. Initially, just focus on getting one type of dragon crystal based on your strongest troop power. The dragon crystal received are blue for Death Stinger, purple for Giant Breaker, red for Lava Lurker and brown for Metallic Fortress. If your main troop formation is water go for Death Stinger. This will be helpful in long run as you will need more dragon crystals at higher level. You can always buy dragon crystals from market as well. Always unlock dragon chests which require longest time before you are going to log off for a long time. This will allow you to open more chests. Uses raids for gnomes to make it easier. If you defeat a higher level gnome you will be able to raid a level higher. Keep an even level for all your gnomes as you get different type of equipments for hitting different gnomes. Hitting gnomes will level up your Imortal. The Talent Experienced will give you 2xreward.

6.Equipments are divided into 5 categories grey [common], green [uncommon], blue [rare], purple [elite] and gold [epic]. You need few enchant stones to upgrade till level 15. You can upgrade common and green till that level. Equipments get a resonance effect if you keep them on same level and after every 5 levels. Equipments also get bonus if they are of same element. For example, it’s better to have all leve 15 blue equipments rather than having one green and rest of other colors. Don’t waste your enchant stones after that for grey and green. Once you get blue equipment upgrade it to max and equip it to your best Imortal on your main troop. You can always dismantle lower tier equipments to get enchant stones in alchemy lab.
You can dismantle equipments by tapping on Alchemy Lab>> Equipment Dismantle>> Tap and hold on equipment>> Dismantle.

6.Missions in Well of Time allow you to get resources to boost Imortals.
Strongest troop power is more important than your overall power as this will not only allow you to better gnomes and gnome bosses but also stronger troops in Well of Time.
This will allow you to get better bonus, rewards and upgrade your Imortal. You can upgrade your Imortal level by tapping on Imortal>> number on upper right corner>> Activate All. You can also perform better in mysterium by focusing just on your main trrop power. Mysterium allows you to get epic Imortal fragments so as f2p this is a good way to grind.

7.You should grind as much as you could in mysterium to get better rewards as f2p. Mysterium allows you to get epic Imortal fragments so as f2p this is a good way to grind. Resource rewards are pretty decent there as well. Hitting other castles to is a great way to grind to get rss. There are plenty of events based on teleporting other players, damage to players,etc. so this is a good way to get gems and other rewards. There is also KvK event frequently for which you can reserve your ap potions and attack boost items. You can spend troop training speedups during arms race and armed troops event to rank higher during event. You can also invite others to hit you to manufacture fortifications or destroy them on your own. Tap on Fortifications>> Select one>> Tap destroy symbol on upper right corner. There is also spending reward which you can use to get crystall balls which you can use to preform horoscope to get Hero points during
Stellar Compass event. You can then use these points to get desired artifacts for your Imortal. Choose artifact based on your Imortals in your main troop formation.

8.Always research Speedy construction in production first to increase building speed then only focus on troops, Imortal and Defense. This is a war game so focus more on attack and defense rather than just resources. Once your attack and defense research is done then focus on resources. You can always get resources by hitting other castles.

9.There are 7 elements of Imortals Water, Fire, Wind, Ligtning, Earth, Shadow and Holy. Imortal attributes are as follows:

  1. Water counters Fire, Fire counters Wind, Wind counters Lightning, Lightning counters Earth, Earth counters Water, Shadow counters all except Holy, Holy counters Shadow. Imortal troop type characteristics are Shieldmen restrain Spearmen, Spearmen restrain Cavalry and Cavalry restrain Shieldmen. Bowmen don’t restrain any troop type and don’t get restrained by any other troop type. You should choose Water as your main element to create your main troop
    formation in beginning as they are easiest to get Imortals in that element because of Helen of Troy event. Helen of Troy, Lancelot, Tomoe Gozen and Eulji Mundeok are basic Imortals in this formation. I like Pierre Terrail as well so I used it instead of Eulji. You can choose as you like. Brynhild is fine as well. Advanced formation for Water is Attila The Hun, Ramesses II, Yoshitsune and Merlin.
    You can always Reborn an Imortal and dismantle fragments to get essence and get your desired Imortal
    at market. You can do that by tapping on Alchemy Lab>> Imortal Reborn>> Reborn then Imortal Dismantle>> Refine. Change your main troop formation later as you get better Imortals. Earth is considered as best element by many and Wind as weakest. Lightning formation is pretty dope as well. You should always scout your enemy and if he has Earth formation you could send Lightning formation as your main march as Lightning beats Earth. Earth can be combined with Holy Imortals. The basic Earth formation is Charles The Great, Alexander The Great, Zenobia and Cleopatra. Theodara
    can be used as well as she is great at restoring health. The basic Lightning formation is Peter The Great,
    William Wallace, Abaoji and Medb. Medb can be replaced with Hammurabi. The advanced formation is Richard I, Peter The Great, Genghis Khan and Yi Seong Gye. Magical attack has higher impact than physical impact. Dragon of Lightning element causes Magical damage and is best
    imho. The shadow formation is MedB, Himiko, Flavius Belisarius and Bjorn. The basic fire formation is William I, Sanada Yukimura, Pelayo and Vlasta.

10.The best skills are those which which work on Energy Regeneration, based on
every normal attack and Magical attack. The best skills are Meteor,
Concentration, Chase, Retaliate, Fortify, Cleave, Annihilation, energy Burst, Adrenaline Rush, Fire Nova, Toxin Nova.
Adrenaline Rush is best skill and is best used with Genghis. You can try various other combinations in arena with various other skills. You can also upgrade skills but wait first to get best Imortals and then use your essence to upgrade skills.

11.Battle Strategy: You should always use Guerilla War tactics when outnumbered. The most important thing
you will need is garrison before you go on attack. Garrison makes sure that your wall is protected and you don’t lose a lot of prosperity.
When you are with other players, always divide your team in attackers and senders. Use rallies and let guys with strong troop power take lead, others can join them and garrison them.
Senders can also stay shielded as you can join rallies even when you are on shield. Senders can also garrison your main attackers as they will be unshielded. This way stronger guys can set up attack. Always use teleport to launch Guerrilla Warfare tactics on your opponents.

12.Initially choose a server which is most active. You can teleport to another server if you castle level is at or below level 8. You can check server members by demagnifying land on World map and tapping Earth, then select Servers which have a higher numbers and good balance of players between all 3 kingdoms. Balance of power between kingdoms will make sure that your server stays active. You can always teleport to another server by buying a teleport pack.

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