Idle Siege War Tycoon android game Wiki, tips, tricks, strategies, heroes, and beginner’s guide

Idle Siege is an idle build and battle simulation android game. There are many tips, tricks and strategies to progress in this game quickly. Idle games are passive in nature and strategy lies in resource allocation.

1.Always complete your contracts first as you get rewards to complete them. The more contracts you complete before you win the more rewards you will get. Keep an eye on them and then upgrade. Certain tasks are to upgrade certain troop to certain level so make sure you do it first. If your spend gold tasks is pending then only spend needed amount of gold and preserve rest. This will allow you to use rest of gold for next task of spending gold. You should prefer to upgrade siege camp over troops camp
if spending gold task is the only one contract remaining and as upgrading camp allows you to recruit more commanders, troops and upgrade upgrade them.

2.Upgrading your camp and units give you siege points which gives you rewards. You get gold, scrolls and siege points. Each 1 upgrade of unit gives you 1 siege point and 1 camp upgrade gives you 25 siege points. Upgrading units are cheaper in beginning so make sure you upgrade each unit to at least level 30 to get more siege points.

3.Commander have different classes, elements and types. There are four classes strength, agility, arsenal and
air, 3 elements wind, fire and ice and 3 types common (grey), rare (purple) and legendary (gold).
If you use commanders of same class you get bonus attributes. Wind gives you double bonus against Fire. Fire gives you double bonus against Ice and Ice give you double bonus against Wind. Check your enemy’s building element and use your commanders accordingly for maximum benefit. Common commanders
can only be upgraded to 5 stars and level 60. Higher level commanders can be upgraded to higher levels. Common commanders are easiest to get and upgrade. Rare commanders are better for long term as after 5 stars you need other rare and common commanders to upgrade. Since rare and common are easier to get than legendary rare have better chances of getting promoted quickly. Don’t promote common commanders which you don’t need as they can be used to promote rare
commanders and preserve scrolls.

4.Compete in events to get additional rewards. Events are a great way to fight 2 battles at same time. There are also rewards you get for events here so it’s worth it. Make sure you use secondary commanders here and primary commanders for main mission. Tap on event symbol on upper left corner to join one. You can collect rewards from events. The highest preference when using your special currency for rewards should be given to diamonds followed by scrolls and keys. Siege points should be given least preference as you get them simple with upgrades and contracts.

5.Idle Siege formation guide: The front row should be reserved for melee commanders. They will act as good tanks. Steele, Nameless Knight, Wallace and Robin Hood is basic formation. Advanced formation is Bjorn, Odin, Leonidasand Blimpie. You can use any other but make sure you have 3 melee and 1 ranged or you could have 2 tanks and 2 ranged. Upgrade conscript camp only till required by contract rewards or level 30 to get siege points. The are weak tanks.Raiders are better tanks because of higher health and area damage and should be preferred. Arbalests and sharpshooters have lower health and high damage. They should be given least preference for upgrading if your troop are dying too quickly. If you are surviving for longer then prefer to upgrade ranged troops. In this game you generally don’t survive
very long so best idea is to max your tanks before going for arbalests and sharpshooters. Even sharpshooters
act as good tanks once you get them past 100 level so they are pretty well rounded and should be given higher preference over arbalests.

6.Relics are a great way to get that extra push to move forward. The best time to use relics is at beginning
of second and third stage stage as if you unlock chest within time limit then you can get additional rewards for free rather than spending diamonds.
Caducues is best relic as it allows your commander and troop tanks to survive longer. Generally it’s a good idea to use use relics in combination. Caduceus works well with Hermes boots. Green Pyre and Sands of Time should also be used when battle starts to quickly aim for chests. Mjolnir works well at end when you face tanks so picked target has higher health and fewer numbers.
Generally, it’s a good idea to use them before engaging in battle to maximize it’s use during battle. x2 speed should also be used in conjunction with Relics to further increase it’s use.

7.The best way to spend diamonds is to open legendary chests. Once you get a good commander like Bjorn you should focus on Pile of Scrolls until you maximize it. Wagon of Scrolls gives you best value so prefer it. Reserve at least 100 gems in case you need to open chests on battlefield. Collect free chest and rewards daily and you can also watch ads to open common chests. Watching ads during battles is also great way to speed things up. You can get 2x gold when you login, upgrade camp and also target buildings.
Never exchange diamonds for gold as you cannot be used to open chests or buy scrolls.

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