Gladiator Arena Idle Tycoon android game Wiki, tips, tricks, strategies, heroes, and beginner’s guide

Gladiator Arena Idle Tycoon is an idle RPG android multiplayer game. The game features a campaign mode and PvP battles. You can play up to 6 of them every day. It has 2 ways to upgrade your heroes rather than passive stats upgrade compared to other idle RPG games, training, and passive stats. Training can be hastened with tapping. The more you tap the more quickly a gladiator upgrades with cap based on colosseum level. There are also beasts you could hunt and use in certain battles. It has daily, weekly, monthly, hero, diamond, and upgrade item packs. There are various tips, tricks, and strategies to progress in this game quickly even as a f2p and light spender. There are 5 types of gladiators and heroes, swordsmen, shield bearers, spear men, agile, and strong. They are divided into 4 classes common (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), legend (orange).

1.Gladiator Arena Idle Tycoon Flying daggers tips: The best way is to spam with with 2 hits per second. If it reverses, pause, and repeat. Try to hit items to get points that way. If you wait too much then chances are high you could mishit. As speed increases increase your hit speed too while maintaining same hit rate.

2.Complete your daily missions every day. You get diamonds, shards, and recruit hero token. Diamonds is a premium currency and should not be exchanged for gold. There are special missions for colosseum upgrade which allow you to increase cap level for gladiators, your colosseum level, and gives additional rewards. I recommend to check these quests first before spending your gold on upgrading any stats. If a quest is about HP upgrade then dedicate gold for HP upgrade rather than attack upgrade and so on. This will allow you to upgrade your colosseum quickly. Also don’t spend your gladiator recruitment tokens unless you have a colosseum quest. This allows you to spend them strategically rather than spending all at once. Do same for hero tokens. Gladiator and hero recruitment quests appear often. You get only 2 gladiator tokens every day so spend them only you can complete a quest unless you have more than 10.
Always reserve at least 5 just in case you need it for colosseum quest. There are also recruit 4 gladiators every day quest. so there is no need to recruit more than that unless you have hoarded a lot. There is also a daily quest of upgrade 2 gladiators to level 30 so daily recruitment in limited amount is necessary rather than spending all tokens at once.

3.Spend your diamonds exclusively for shards and recruiting gladiators. Select a hero you like and target it’s shards rather than trying to buy all that is available. I recommend Death Knell shards and Barbarian II. Death Knell gives boosts to shield bearers. Shield bearers have maximum durability because of high HP and and better rather than going for high attack and low HP hero which provides boosts to swordsman. If you prefer swordsmen who have high attack or balance with spear men who has intermediate attack and HP then prefer heroes with respective stat boost accordingly. Generally choose hero with highest power naturally preferably legendary or legendary+. Second preference should be given to star potions which you need to upgrade gladiators. I don’t recommend buying EXP since you can upgrade a gladiator and then get more EXP that way rather than spending your diamonds on it. You will have to spend 175 diamonds to get same power boost as level 60 Thracian, for example.

4.Build your main attack formation with just one attack type. If you choose a hero like Minotaur then choose Carthiginian who is a sword specialist. This gives additional power. I recommend Dark Knight predominantly because of shield bearers. Shield bearers and strong gladiator types are tanks. These are the best troop types amongst all as they provide maximum durability. If you have a stronger hero like Minotaur which boosts swordsmen then build your attack formation around it. You can go for 5+1 combo with 4 swords men and 1 shield bearer to give additional durability. If you are dying too quickly it’s better to choose a shield bearer CP booster hero along with Thracian to last long. If you are lasting longer but your opponents are still having more durability go for swordsmen hero with Carthiginians.
I do recommend at least 1 tank like Barbarian II or Thracian II. Choose Barbarian who has 2 skills which will
help you cause more damage on battlefield as not all of them have that. You could also go for a Spearman hero and Macedonian formation which has more balance overall.

5.Stats for heroes are upgraded based on hero type. For example, for every 30 attack upgrades Thracian II, Macedonian II attack gets upgraded by 4, Germanic II, Barbarian II, Amazon II, Carthiginian II by 5.
Every 30 HP upgrades upgrades Macedonian HP by 25, Amazon II and Germanic II by 22, Barbarian II by 26, Thracian II by 27, Carthaginian II by 23. This shows that Thracian by far is best tank and Barbarian gives most value for both HP and attack. I recommend you buy only Barbarian from shop. You get 1 chance per day so preserve your gems for it.

6.Spending guide:Legendary Gladiator for 2.99$ is best pack as it offers Legendary Thracian which is best tank. If you buy that then shieldbearer pack along with star potion are best. Choose a gladiator type and buy accordingly. Buy tanks if you prefer that or go for attack with swordsman gift. These are best packs. If you prefer rewards based on progress then Eagle Trainer pack allows you to get more challenges in arena and is best but most expensive. If your attack is based on spear men then go for it but if your
budget is tight stick to individual pack. You can get Eagle Trainer pack by tapping on pic icon
on upper left corner>>chest. Don’t go for gold packs as they easiest to obtain.

7.You can get more gold by tapping on gladiators when morale is high after battles. I recommend you tap with all 5 fingers rather than just tapping on one to get most benefit and also to upgrade gladiators quickly. Passive gold income can be increased by unlocking new heroes and gladiators so don’t preserve more than 20 gladiator tokens and don’t preserve more than 2 hero tokens as you might need them for colosseum quests but spend tokens in 5 to 10 draws to increase gold income time. You get more gold/per hour for being online so you can do that by turning your phone on for all night with low brightness if you want to progress quickly.

8.Upgrade your heroes by using gladiators. Gladiators with highest EXP give most power so always train your gladiators to highest level to get maximum EXP. Gladiators like Barbarian II have naturally high EXP so should be preferred if you have him
in excess.

9.Compete in arena to get rewards with arena coins. Choose opponents with highest arena coins and rank but least power to increase your chances of winning. You can play 6 battle per day which can be increased by upgrading to VIP and spending diamonds. Winning a battle gives you arena coins but losing decreases it. During a season you get more points. Season is 2 weeks long. Start of a new season allows players to
get additional points based on previous season’s points.

10.Upgrade your gladiators by merging them. Tap on Index with “up” sign on lower left corner. Select rare gladiator>>star up. Carthiginians get more atk upgrade compared to health, Thracians get
highest health upgrade, and Macedonian gets highest overall power and health from 3rd level.

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