Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores android game tips, tricks, Wiki, strategies, formation, and beginner’s guide

The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores is a survival based RPG game. There are many tips, tricks, strategies to
progress in this game. Here is beginner’s guide for Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores:

1.Food is most important resource so in beginning, hire hunters to get food. If you have less people,
you can use guards during day to use as builders or hunters or loggers. You can use them as guards at night. If energy drops too low use another guard. Focus on building farms and fishing dock first. Next priority should be bonfire and watchtowers.
Build buildings needed to get resources to upgrade bonfire first so you could hire more guards. Guards should always be at full capacity to give maximum defense. Build one bridge on each side to discover both lands to discover buildings.

2.Upgrade skills according to role. Upgrade strength for guards as that increases their attack. Agility should be increased for hunters and tower guards. Intelligence should be increased for builders, blacksmith forge workers, loggers, carpenter workshop and all item producer workers like wine steel, coal, pots, etc. Equip items accordingly too.

3.Once farms and fishing dock are built and you have 2 people there next focus should be on guards.
Always have guys with more agility as guards in beginning since you will be using spears which are
ranged attackers.
If someone has higher strength you should upgrade agility until swords
can be made in blacksmith forge. Once you get swords use people with higher strength as guards and upgrade their strength. You can also keep few with better agility as guards too. The advantage of melee attackers is that you can use shield later so they are better as guards. People with ability to cripple enemy movement on strike, enhanced health, never fleeing in battle should be used as guards and you should only upgrade their strength. People with skill of precision who never miss a shot should used for ranged attack.

4.Always accept new workers to increase your members even if you don’t need them as they can always be used as spare guards. Give workers water, gems, wine, or whatever they want as they can give you armors and weapons like solar sword or solar shield. Deploy it to best melee or ranged attacker.

5.Always have at least 1 guy for each building. All of your buildings should be producing resources. Coal,
leather, steel and wine are most important. Pots, bricks, and iron are not very important once you have 300 of these resources you could use these guys for other tasks.
Coal is used to produce steel and wine and wine is used to get meteor shards once trade routes are created so choose guys with highest intelligence for producing coal. You should also always have excess armors, spears, and swords ready if needed. This will free up those workers for other tasks.

6.You can get coal by exploring another land by building a bridge and deploying a worker in mine. You can pick up items from dead worker by selecting that worker from worker list or any other task/building he was assigned >> select >> remove his gear. Do it quickly before he disappears.

7.You get gems from workers of logging camp. Choose workers there with skill of ability to find rare items as that increases your probability to find gems more. Increase their intelligence and choose relevant items like axe and trolley/carrier to speed things up. Do same for farmers, fishing dock workers, builders, etc. You can craft relevant items from carpenter workshop/blacksmith forge. Equip them by selecting worker >> right hand >> equip relevant item like axe/sickle, etc.

8.Place your buildings wisely and based on importance of resources. I recommend putting your at least one stockpile on 3 lands. Put 2 stockpiles close to carpenter workshop, blacksmith forge for quickly building resources. Put one near coal building. This is very important as coal is produced slowly and you need it a lot later to produce best armor and weapons. Watchtowers should be placed close to each other near bonfire so they protect each other. Farms should be placed on main land closer to hut which will allow your workers to go to hut quickly. You can also place
2 huts on another land and place workers there who work on those lands. This will allow them to go to hut quickly. Never give hut to guards and tower guards as they can sleep near bonfire during day if you have less huts.

9.The Bonfire 2 expedition: You can go on expedition to get items by building shipping dock and trading dock. Build it on edge of land. Deploy a worker there. Tap trading dock >> select ship >> add food by tapping “+” sign >> send ship. You can select a worker with low attributes as you don’t need much skills. Add food and items you need to trade. Select a city and send your ship. You can build 3 ships and send one each to each city. Trade items there to get new items. Recall your ship and get items.

10.You will realize that some of your resources will not get produced suddenly. The cause for it is stockpile storage capacity. You should get rid of some of unimportant resources like pots, iron or wood to make room for other resources or upgrade it. hunting lodge stores food and skin. It is very important to not have more than 100 skin to have more food. If you get low on food it will be game over so prioritize it more and always have it in excess. To get rid of excess skin, hire more people at tannery or click on hunting lodge, tap resources, select skin and delete.

11.Speed up activity of your workers as soon as night is started. This will allow your workers to go to hut quickly. Sometimes your workers need more time to go to hut and can be killed. During day speeding up activity increases speed of resource production and movement. Build roads to facilitate quick movement for attack and builders. Add trolley/carrier for workers to allow them to collect more 5 items at once. If you are low on workers you can give weapons to one of worker or some other work like building weapons to help you with additional work instead of allowing him to sleep. If worker gets low on sleep, switch to another worker. Also spiders drop meteor shards so speeding up allows you to collect more resources as resources disappear at end of night. If 2 people adding same resource and it’s going to be full with one then you can drop the item for one of them to quicken process. You can pause other buildings if your watchtowers have not been built. Then next focus should be coal, steel and others. Use pause feature to upgrade important buildings first.

12.You need workers to train at gymnasium to use shields. If your worker is of less level there are higher chances of failed training and he will consume wine so use workers with at least 6 strength to gymnasium for higher level of success.

13.Always tap tiles near watchtowers to move your guards. This will keep them together which which will lead to concentrated attack. If guards are far tap slightly closer to them so they move there.Give new workers hut after you accept them. This will protect them from attackers at night. Always give donations to new people. They will give you flaming sword or solar armor. If all of your guards have solar armor, use other armor temporarily and switch back to solar armor. This will increase your armor count by

14.Don’t accept new members if you are low on food. You can craft solar gear with meteor shards later when you build relevant buildings. Equip them to best guards with high strength, weapons, etc.

15.You will summon titan at end. Make sure you have best weapons and armors for your guards and tower guards. Summon it next night after men attack your land. This will make sure that other attackers will attack which will allow you to fend off attackers easily and focus on titan. After defeating titan it will fight by your side.

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