Blade Idle android game tips, tricks, strategies, level up guide, skills guide, and beginner’s guide

Blade Idle is an idle RPG android game where your strategy primarily revolves around resource allocation. There are various tips, tricks, and strategies to rapidly improve your ranking in this game. Here are tips, tricks, and strategies for Blade Idle:

1.Always spend your diamonds first on costumes first. Collect all of them. The reason is that effect of costumes stack. It will give you buffs in skill book drop rate, core attack, experience. This will vastly improve your strength in long term. The second priority should be for weapon summon. Do not spend it on relics, or even armor until you get God weapon. There is a daily quest for armor summon so you should do it only once. The third priority should be armor until you get at least mythical grade 1. I recommend to not waste your enchant stones and option enchant stones on lower tier weapons and armor. God weapon
also has change option feature too which other tier weapons don’t have. The best way is to be patient. You generally get your God weapon in level 7 or level 8 summon either by merging or summoning. Relics should be summoned later. Don’t forget to merge everything.

2.Spend your gold only on attack first at least until level 1100 to unlock super crit. Later you could focus on HP and defence. HP is in quest after level 300 but not defense so focus on it at least until you get your quest reward. Defense helps you last longer than HP so it’s more preferable but HP gives you quest rewards so focus on both of them equally. Defense will work better with better armor.

3.Complete your quests daily. Completing all 6 quests gives you additional 1800 diamonds so it’s worth it. Watch as many ads you can to get daily rewards by going to Shop >> Ad. Preference should be given diamond. If ad is not available then you can try buff ads on upper left corner. Best choice is gold then EXP buff. You should also get your free 20k diamond package which you get for free. If you are free 2 play player then watch as much ads as you can for resources.

4.Keep an eye on events like Hot Time and Blade coin. Hot time gives you additional experience so you could go on power save mode to get it. You could turn on power save mode by tapping on Menu>>Power save mode. Try to get costume and weapon in blade coin event first as costumes effect stack. Also effects of additional weapon increases your core attack
along with your main weapon.

5.Spend your level up points primarily on attack first. Second priority should be defense and third should be penetration. You need penetration to unlock higher levels so focus on it first prior to accuracy. Don’t
waste your points on movement and attack speed initially.

6.Blade Idle skill guide: It’s better to change your skills if you get better one. Legendary skills like Tornado and space field deal damage for a longer time and should be preferred. Normal skills like lightning and chain dash will help you to kill smaller enemies quickly and move fast. They are also easier to upgrade and could be used for farming. Skills like phantom blade and gravity hole are great for targeted attack and should be used for enchant and relic dungeon. Skills used during normal levels should be used for pet dungeons.

7.The quickest way to get more blade coins is to select a lower level stage and set it on repeat. This will allow you to clear it more quickly. You could also set your mobile on power save mode to get more blade coins. You get less blade coins when you are offline.

8.When you are enhancing skin always aim for mythical tier buffs. You should lock when you get mythical tier buffs. Although it will cost more option enchant stones but it’s still worth it because the probability of getting all three mythical buffs at once is extremely low.

9.If you are dying too quickly, upgrade defense and HP. If you are not having enough time to clear levels then focus on attack and crit attack. Upgrade your crit attack and damage slowly because it is very expensive.

10.Keep an eye on chat and ask questions there frequently. You should focus on relics at last. Always upgrade yourself by going to growth>>Upgrade.

11.The best pack to buy is the monthly dungeon pack for quick progression. It gives reward steadily every day for a month. You also get most mileage for your price. The best use of those mileage is to buy enchant stones. The best use of those those enchant stones is to upgrade your weapon. The best use of free coins is to buy Dinosaur pajamas package. It’s stage drop rate effect is more important than sweep effects because you get it even when offline. You could also buy starter package later in growth package with free coins. You can get free coins by playing relic dungeon. Sweep should be reserved for later use for better rewards.

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