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Ronin The Last Samurai is an action based RPG game. There are plenty of tips and tricks to be better at this game despite being of action genre. This is beginner’s guide for Ronin The Last Samurai:

1.Don’t spam attack button repeatedly as you will struggle against your enemy’s heavy attack. Spamming
attack will work great when enemy has less posture.

Ronin Last Samurai best pet: Ronin Last Samurai has 4 pets dog, cat, eagle, and crow. Dog has HP restore effect. It restores 5.5% HP for each enemy eliminated and by far best companion because of its steady reward. You can select it by tapping equipment >> Dog collar >> equip. Cat bell increases dodge by 22.8% when HP is 50% or lower. This is second best option and is best suited for patient/defensive players. Crow horn(normal) increases gold reward by 14.9%. This is a good choice for grinding when you are low on gold. Falconry Gloves has 14.6% chance to instantly kill enemy with 50% or less HP. This is best choice for aggressive/attacking style players who focus mostly on attack upgrade during battle.

Ronin Last Samurai best armor: Warrior Armor (Kenji) has reduced damage from ranged attacks with increased attack speed and HP buff and is best in my opinion because ranged attackers are hard to deal with. Aggressive/attacking style players can choose Shonobi Stealth Suit because of crit damage/rate buff. Players who have mastered counter flash can choose Samurai Hakama becuase of counter flash damage buff. Vagabond ztunic is best for defensive style players because of parrying posture damage buff. This is good for players who rely on skill over damage.

Ronin Last Samurai sword guide: Crescent Moon Blade has final attack combo bonus with crit dmg buff. It’s best suited for attacking players especially atk spammers. It also restores HP by 24% of damage dealt and is best in my opnion as it can give you HP when needed allowing you to use it tactically during boss fights. Shura’s sword is good for defensive type players because of it’s posture dmg buff. It’s skill is one of best as next 5 attacks become counter flash with dmg buff. It’s skill is very useful for quickly finishing bosses. Whirlwind Twin Sword has crit dmg buff. It has skill of slowing down enemies with increased atk speed and posture damage. This is good when surrounded by multiple enemies. Best gear depends on your playing style

2.Be patient and practice working on parrying and using counter flash damage. Parrying
works when you block an attack right before your enemy attacks. It decreases your enemy’s posture. When posture becomes full your enemy will get stunned.
Counter flash occurs when your enemy performs a heavy attack and you attack right before his attack. The easiest way to use counter flash is to block and then attack before your opponent attacks. You could also spam block and attack alternatively to increase your chances of counter flash but it’s a cheap technique.

3.Choose your abilities wisely. Unleashed potential increases your max level
and EXP gain so should be given top priority followed by Scroll of Resurrection. First
preference should be given to attack. Build your attack around heavy attack so choose ones which enhance attack like strength enhancement and fatal blow.
Onslaught Scroll [Absorb] and Onslaught Scroll [Release] works well with this strategy too as you will keep on restoring 5% HP after every heavy attack and increase damage respectively. Second preference should be given to those which augments parrying skills and damage. Last preference should be given to HP related abilities and should be chosen if you have low HP. Choose ability which will upgrade your skills even with damage at Holy Shrine Maiden like Raindrop Talisman Blazing Talisman. Only choose others if you are confident of not taking damage. Vampiric sword is best choice as it helps to restore HP.

4.Chose sword based on healing based on attack like Crescent Moon Blade as it’s skill heals you. Another sword has counter flash skill which is great against bosses. Equipments are divided into 4 grades grey [normal], great [green], blue [rare] and purple [epic]. You can combine 3 lower grade equipments to get 1 higher grade. You can fuse 5 equipments of same grade to get higher grade equipment. Forging increases your equipments stats. I recommend to use at least rare grade equipment before you consider forging to get more boosts. Sword is the best equipment to use your forging scrolls as they give best attack boosts. You should lock a rare grade damage skill and then keep on forging until you get both at least rare grade damage skills. The second preference should be to use them on epic grade necklace or ring. Tap on Ronin>> Forge>>Sword>>Lock symbol>> Forge.
First preference should be to max sword, followed by necklace and ring followed by armor.

5.Essences have set effects if you use 3 of same type. Essences of same grade can be fused to get a higher grade essence but not upgraded. If you use 8 essence of same type then there are more powerful effects.
I recommend to only fuse if you have at least 8 remaining essences after fusing
to get set effect buff. Essence of Plague has best 3rd effect but you need 8 of them to activate it.
The first best effect is given by Essence of the Sea which increases max level by 1 and gives EXP gain buff. Third effect of Essence of Windblast is also good and should be given second

6.There are 6 types of battle Raid, Adventure, Land of Chaos, Yokai Battle, Shura’s Road and Arena of
Carnage. Adventure has a story. Essences are hardest to get and Yokai Battle are easiest way to get them.
Other battle types will help you to get resources to upgrade equipment
and gold. Arena of Carnage gives you medals which you can use to purchase items in honor shop.

6.Gems are premium currency in this game and will allow you to get any resource. The best use of them is to get essences and craftman’s forging scroll. Never use gems to get gold as you can get gold easily.

7.If want to spend money, the best pack is Chronicle of Battle. You also get special reward each time you acquire 100 mission points. Wandering merchant is a great option to exchange excess resources for f2p players. You can also watch ads from shop.

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