Kingdom Clash android game Wiki, tips, tricks, best team, battle strategy and beginner’s guide

Kingdom Clash is a strategy PvP battle android simulation game. There are various tips, tricks and strategies to progress in this game quickly.

1.Complete your daily quests. They will give you extra rewards and improve your ranking in glory road which has additional rewards. Special quests give you battle pass points which are used for ranking in glory road. You have more than 3 days to complete these quests. You get more battle pass points here than daily quests. Your next focus should be to do head hunt quests.Defense of Northern Territories give you more rewards in general. As you reach higher levels you get more rewards. You should reserve your 2x gold for last 3 levels. If you watch ads you will 3x rewards so combine these to to maximize gold rewards. You should
do same when campaign battle has gold reward. There are also additional rewards for headhunt quests.
Focus on this basics first.

2.There are 4 classes of troops common 9 (grey), rare (blue), epic (purple) and legendary (gold). You can recruit epic troops by drawing 4 star soldiers. There is 6 % chance of getting epic troops with 4 star draws.
This allows you get newer troops. It’s hard to upgrade them though. Common troops are easiest to upgrade and ranged common troops cause a lot of damage. Catapults, archers, spear thrower cause a lot of damage and you could still get a lot stronger with just 1 star draws easily. I recommend to stick to 1 star draws. They will make your ranged attack much stronger. Once you have good ranged common attackers then focus on 4 star draws. You can easily get epic and legendary troops in special draws.
Wait till you have at least 120k gold to draw as drawing in succession gives you more points. You could also get 3x bonus multiplier if you draw more than 30 times in succession.
You can easily get epic and legendary troops in special draws. Epic and legendary have additional abilities.

You have 49 troops and 1 hero available. I recommend to have 28 to 35 ranged troops. Ideally you should have 35 ranged troops. This is because ranged troops provide tremendous cover for melee. If you ratio of melee to ranged is skewed in favor of melee then your melee will not last longer. Melee act as tanks and they take massive damage in beginning of battle so they generally don’t survive for long especially common melee troops like Iron Guards and Infantry. If you have more ranged attackers they not only provide cover for tanks but even if all of your melee are dead the cause
a lot of damage to enemy’s melee. Ranged attackers work in better synchronization compared to melee as they can attack even with greater distance. Melee have to wait to engage in conflict so the ones left behind have to wait till other melee are dead to engage with enemy. Ranged troops attack right from
beginning. This gives ranged attackers more time and better damage per second.

3.Melee troops are tanks and have higher health so they should be placed at front. The first
2 rows and last row should consist of meele troops. It is because Assassins are flankers and you need
tanks to protect ranged troops from behind.
Place same troops in groups for better targeted attacks
and cover all fronts. Alchemists have healing ability within 5 meters so place them on second rank behind tanks. Here is screenshot
of basic formation.

4.Collect all your free rewards daily. You get them from shop, wheel of fortune and chest. Send your heroes on expeditions for gold rewards. Always choose ones which gives you more rewards since they require more time which makes sure that you earn more while being offline. Second missions can be done quicker if you do it within a day.

5.Compete in arena everyday. Arena gives you crown rewards at end of season which you can use to buy troops from shop. Troops from shop get refreshed daily so wait patiently for ones you want. Preferably select legendary ones as they are harder to get. You get trophies for every win and you lose trophies for loss. The more trophies your opponent has the more trophies you get. Choosing your opponents wisely as
if you choose a much stronger opponent you will lose. Choose one with which has highest trophies and least power. This will give you better rewards and easier win. Opponents can get revenge so choosing lower power opponent is important. I personally prefer to compete against someone closer to my power
and higher trophies as you can test different battle formations and troops. There is a disadvantage that they can take revenge though. Always check history as if you were attacked by an even opponent then you can take revenge as it doesn’t cost a chance.

6.Heroes are an important part of this game and choosing based on battle type is important. If you are doing campaign missions Baron Benua is better as he gives additional gold bonus. You also have a daily quest to play with epic hero 15 times so complete it first. Merida is better epic amongst others in my opinion as she lasts longer. Being a ranged hero gives her a good edge. Place her on either side and not behind as she is vulnerable to Assassins.

7.Upgrade your troops and heroes to increase their health and attack. You can get heroes by using diamonds to open epic chest. The best use of diamonds is to get troops by special draw after getting 200 points and open chests in shop.

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