Chest Adventure Idle RPG apk, tips, guide, best heroes, etc.

Chest Adventure is an idle RPG, role playing casual game. It doesn’t require a lot of attention as it’s mostly afk. It’s has different maps of diverse types including jungles, cold, mines, tunnel, beaches, etc. It has 4 factions, holy power, fire power, frost, and poison.

1.Complete dailies quest to get gems. Tap on shop >> events >> dailies. Check merge event requirements there too to get gear grade bonuses. You need to merge items of shown types for a chance to get fear upgrade. Achievement quests can be seen and claimed from Shop >> trophy sign above >> claim.
Get free chests there from right side and sign in rewards too. One of the dailies task is to recycle 60 gear items. Buy common items from shop just to recycle them to complete quest and convert gold coins to gems. Tap on Hero >> Recycle >> select items >> confirm. Use storage to free up space for new items. You can watch ads to get more storage space. Collect rewards whenever you get certain gear by tapping Hero >> Book symbol >> Claim.

Chest Adventure Idle RPG apk: Playstore

2.Make sets of gear to get set collection bonuses. Tap on Hero >> left option with bag sign >> “+”
to deploy gear.
Heroes have talent points. You should always go for HP restoration talents like Divine Grace
and Providence as you can survive longer during battles.

3.You should reserve your gold and gems till at least you reach 40th level first. Once you have all highest
level gear, you should stop drawing till you reach 10 levels higher.
Higher level gear is unlocked every 10 levels of Heroes.

4.Complete challenge tasks to get rewards like relic shard (red), relic essence (red gem) and curio essence (blue gem). Relic shards are required to upgrade certain gears on lowest level. Tap on lowest gears >> Train >> Upgrade. You can refine it later too which requires more shards. Heroes can get extra buffs with change of looks. Tap on Hero >> Helmet sign >> select different look.

5.You will unlock heroes at particular chapter levels. Deploy them and tap “auto” to farm and raise level.
Choose level from map before start of battle with highest difficulty.
Tap on campaign >>”+” to deploy
them. Heroes have 4 power types; Holy, Fire, Frost, and Poison PWR. Tap on Hero >> Cross sign above to check statistics. Maps shows Monster Stats. Check resistance of heroes and deploy accordingly.

6.Reforge and ascend your gear at 50th level. Enhance your gear after 60th level.

7.Merge gear of same rarity to get different gear. Check event requirements to see which rarity gear should be merged to get better gear. For example, shoes and sword might give you better level gear. Only merge based on such requirements for a chance to get better level gear. You can reset gear requirement type with ads. Tap on Event >> Reset. Tap on Merge >> drag gear >> Merge.

8.Draw gears from different chests from Shop. It’s always better to go for green or blue chests to get better gear. Use gems to draw gear too. There are dailies task like open 40 chests and recycle 60 gear items. You can draw common items and recycle them to complete those dailies. This allows you to convert gold to gems.

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