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My Little Universe is a casual, simulation, idle, offline game. It’s open world nature and quick paced action
keeps you quite active. This post contains tips and guide for My Little Universe.

1.Get rewards from daily activities. You get 25 points for each activity. If you complete 100, you get to open
a chest too. You can also watch ads to get 10 points.

2.Always collect extra resources even if you don’t need them as you can always need them later. Refine in excess amounts too as refining takes time and you might need it later.

3.Upgrade your gear including weapon from upgrading places. You will need certain number of resources which you can see by going near them. Collect them and upgrade them at topmost level to be ready. You will need better level gear and weapon as you progress further since enemies get stronger and new resources might need better level gear.

4.Trade excess resources for coins from trading spots if required. Use water way to quickly travel from
one island to other.

5.If all you want to know is how much of each of those resources is needed to build up through Egyptium
(minus the armor at the end) without factoring in weapon upgrades perhaps then it’s very easy:
21930 : PuffinTreeResource
17990 : GradientCrystal
6110 : Fireflies
891 : Questtoken, if you care.

My Little Universe apk link: Playstore

Armor is unlocked in World 2 Trollheim which is not not your custom planet. You can also not upgrade armor
and wait till you get maxed one. You will get lot of damage but it could be worth it.

Sword, hands down. It gives you more HP and more damage.
Never pay for an armor upgrade just used the “free” ones.

Watch ads to max armor.

You have to unlock the “free” upgrade to get the lvl 58 axe in order to finish the last dungeon.

Different resources require different harvesting tools. At the start, stone is harvested by pick axe, trees/wood by axe, and wheat by sword.

While the necessity of wood and stone is always present throughout your journey, wheat is an easy way to earn extra gold through trading with merchants (100 wheat = 45 gold)

With axe and pick axe upgraded you can finish the planet faster then go for sword upgrades faster but otherwise it takes longer so yeah go for axe


Some bosses on various planets and challenges don’t even drop tokens, even if it only has one boss.
And the bosses themselves are always the same for every iteration of each of the three challenges for every planet. Same attack patterns, same appearance, same level +/- 2, etc.

Bosses: Odysium has cyclops.
Factorium:Lizard boss
Wadrium:Candy Mine and spiders
Dimdium:It has mines

Best farming spots:

World 1 Gaia Wood:
Surface Area 10 Name:Palm Tree, Number of nodes:4

Small snowy Rock 1

Azurite: Azurite deposit 1

Find best farming spots from link at bottom.

Best characters:

Artist for a lot for challenges. It’s so valuable to have the ability to choose when, how, and from what
direction you want to engage in a fight.

It lets you push much higher in the challenges earlier in the game, thereby easing a fair
number of pain points from resource refining walls. Once you’re strong enough to deal with the mobs
mobbing you, you are far better off using someone without pacifist. My personal favorite is The Wrapped
One cuz he has 15% sprint and he gives you a for every mob you kill.

Artist is a better choice. He’ll help make Planet Challenges much easier since he prevents the mobs from
swarming you. He makes it a lot faster and easier to push further in the challenges to get more
rewards. Then you can save up for Xilfina (Wood Elf), who is the 2nd best character. Her reach
is better than all the other f2p skins, which makes farming resources a LOT easier. Her reach often
lets her get 1 or 2 more nodes of a resource at a time, which frequently outweighs the boosts of other
skins. McCoal is a good skin but not as generally useful as these other two. But he is easy to
get and his boost is for resources you will end up needing a lot of, which is quite valuable.

Short list:

1.Wood Elf
3.Ice Princess

Bamboos is found in World 7 Dragonora, Nemus, Bamboo shoots
World 8 Egyptium, Surface Area 55, Bamboo palm

My Little universe Bamboos

Beach balls: They are just for decor.

Blue sword:
You will get 22 source core at end of Gaia World and one of them will unlock it.

Bear fur:
You need axe level 16 to get it.
You get it World 2 and 3 in surface Area 3, Name: Bear and Wooden Box Leather.

There a limit it’s composed of The activities blueprint reward (12 for « free » resource and 9 for premium) + quests (same) + the one from the prestige tree. Max should be 33 for oak tree.

Daily quests is a great idea cuz you occasionally get prestige through that. You also get lots of resource blueprints, which can help if they let you build more resource nodes with higher prestige.


Fireflies are butterflies in Wadirum challenge. They are found in Homeland, Prestige Pass 1, Name: Home
Fireflies 1.

Definitely don’t use a skin that boosts anything. My skin does nothing for resources, but my Home World prestige gives me boosts for a number of things.

Home world has several perks. As you level up your prestige, you get boosts in resource gathering, damage, and speed. You can also set up some workers to farm resources for you while you aren’t playing so you can get idle rewards.

Priorities should be as follows:

1.Home Planet tasks (since it gives you permanent prestige that can’t be lost and usually all the rest of the
building is to increase prestige anyways).

2.Upgrade refineries to tier 5. Refineries usually end up giving you more prestige/token than maxing out a
resource tile. Although the first couple resource tier upgrades might be cheaper than the final refinery tier
upgrades, it’s just a guideline.

3.Place highest prestige resources for idle farming. Upgrade all resources to the same tier before
moving onto the next tier, since each tier give less prestige/token.

4.Replace lowest prestige decos/buildings with high prestige resource tile and upgrade to max tier

5.Fill out remaining tiles with highest prestige decos/buildings. I will scrap some resource tiles to make
sure I can place every tile since tiles start taking tokens. But that invariably ends up giving me more
prestige per token.

You’ll end up with a lot of decos and buildings cuz it takes a lot of tokens to max out the resource
tiles and you end up getting new tiles faster than you can build resource tiles. Quest tokens are very
much the limiting factor here so you frequently end up defaulting all the way down to 5.
These priorities have resulted doing the math to maximize the prestige I get per token spent so
that I always have as much prestige as possible given the number of tokens I have to throw at it.



2.My Little Universe Master Document

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