Idle Magic School game apk, tips, guide, free, play, etc.

Idle Magic School is an idle, simulation, tycoon, afk type game. If you love building and expanding without
much serious attention then this game is good for such players.

1.Complete tasks to get coins to advance swiftly. This will let you now what should be upgraded. You can also choose randomly but this is much efficient use of your resources. Tasks give you gold and glory too for some tasks. Glory allows you to open other areas. You can see other areas by tapping first option on upper right. You have glory requirements for certain upgrades and expanding to new areas.

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2.You will unlock special bonuses at level 40 which increase success rate. Unsuccessful students go away so increasing success rate is beneficial. If you don’t like following tasks, then gets desks, tables, etc. to
level 40 before going for seats and reducing training time. You get more gold coins for every upgrade which
you can see besides Next word. Brand new desk and magical singing stand require least gold so focus on upgrading them first. Gravity flight table offers most gold compared to others. Focus on seats later followed with reducing training period. If you notice a long queue in any department, focus on increasing seats, receptionists, etc. It’s better to focus on seats and training period after reaching level 40 to take many students.

3.Observe flow of students to understand their flow, this will give you good understanding which department is taking maximum time and upgrade accordingly. Additionally, you can also read comments from students to see what’s lacking. Tap on College Management with notepad sign above >> Evaluation. Comments about registration office, Flight, receptionists, etc. with thumbs down (red) will let you now to upgrade that.

4.Keep on expanding with new tables, places like classrooms, dormitory, offices, etc. Demagnify screen by
dragging fingers inwards and move around to see if there are any available places to be unlocked. Building more classrooms increases Glory for every 10 upgrades. Building office allows you to increase success rate and course fee.

5.Choose admission method to attract more students. Tap on giant book >> publicity method below >> Start. Best way is Press as it offers +10% boost with 5 minute duration. Admission efficiency is affected with student review. Ideally, it should be +25% as it shows efficiency level of 81 to 100%. Efficiency between 0 to 20% has admission efficiency of -50%. Upgrade admission to increase number of applicants.This section should be done only if you have excess gold and less queue at registration office. If you have long queue and slow movement that leads to negative comments and less efficiency.

6.Complete extra tasks like Daily Prophecy and Monster Invasion. Better reward are copper coins. You get gold while afking but copper is difficult to get and it can be used to get bonuses which increase success rate. Tap on any section “+” at bottom >> Unlock. You will need required combat power to defeat them. You can increase your combat power by increasing wizard levels which is obtained through advancement, exploration, and training.

7.Collect free rewards like Holy Water Storage, magic fruit, and coins. Holy water allows you to increase certain buffs. Tap on Department of Mysteries at lower right >> Unlock. Collect it for free before entrance. Magic fruit is required to raise star grade of wizard every 10 levels. Use it for better level wizard. This allows wizard to get more experience which raises combat power. Collect it from Magic Tree. Upgrade it with copper coins. This should be given top priority as you can increase other things with copper later. You can collect gold for 2 hours even while offline.

7.Complete adventure tasks to get extra coins. Tap on animals >> Fight on map. You can also collect extra coins by collecting items from ground with digging sign.

8.If you are a spender, then caretaker pack is best to increase offline income collection.

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