Dreamdale Gems, Jewels, Juice Factory

Dreamdale Fairy Adventure topics related to gems, jewels and juice factory is given below;

They’ll help you build structures later on in the game and help expand land as well.

What can the blue, red, green and purple gems be used for?
One use is land expansion just to build the lotus area of your main island so once that’s done you’re fine on that front. As for structures, several of the statues require those gems to complete level 4, the last few levels of the giant statue also require them, and then there are 6 quests where the gem tower will require them to move onto the next main mission and of course you can trade them with the jewellery store/change gems stall (5 diamonds is 1 ruby, 5 rubies is 1 emerald, and 5 emeralds is 1 sapphire).

You got to go to the jewel house and unlock the diamond spot then put a person to mine it. Shell, starfish, seaweed, if you give it to a merchant, it seems to be a system that converts it into jewels.

Juice Factory:
I don’t think the Sushi factory or juice factories become available until after the medicine one is built.

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