Dreamdale Milk, New Islands, Oysters, and Other Islands

Dreamdale Fairy Adventure wiki articles on Milk, New Islands, Oysters, and Other Islands.

Unlocking milk doesn’t really depend on your level, just keep doing the quest on the main island.
The cows produce milk which is needed for several factories (chocolate, cappucino, cheese, cookies) as well as being asked for by the trade ships to fill orders. If you feed the cows apples, they’ll produce milk, no factory involved. You can’t get the milk until the Princess sends you to an island to save the cow. You have to just keep doing quests and leveling up until she does.

New island:
You need to have every other island finished to unlock it New island is quite late.
If we follow through the main mission, this new island unlocked after completing sugar island and upgrading medicine factory. There you have to build the dungeon and the flagpole. You still need to upgrade the medicine factory to level 4, then you get your new island.

There’s at least 2 more islands with oysters on the left side of the main boardwalk area, one of which perhaps has a cart.

Other islands:
Maps allow you to go to other islands which you get from Lighthouse. There’s a tiny fishing boat, that one isn’t for taking you to other islands. There’s also a much larger ship near the tiny fishing boat, that one is for taking you to other islands. In the early-ish stages of the game, the quests block you from going to islands unrelated to them. After you have completed all the main quests, you can no longer hop between islands. You will be brought back to the main island after visiting each one, and you will have to wait or watch an ad to travel to another island. So, enjoy it while you still have main quests.

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