Dreamdale kill scarabs, last quest, lotus

Dreamdale Fairy adventure articles for scarabs, last quest and lotus are given below.

Kill Scarabs:
you need to kill and scarabs you’re better off doing regular island dungeons.

Last Quest:
Last mission was to build the flagpole. Last kill is probably kill 100 enemies

Level up your axe, because the higher your axe level, the greater your lotus yield.

Lotus is a 5 minute respawn cooldown. So it requires less work. But it sells for a lot more.
Tools have a ceiling price. You’re going to hit a wall. Starting where it feels like it takes time to make a profit.

The axe skill cap is 50,000 per levels. After cultivating all the lotuses, you have 5 minutes to spend on dungeons or farming other types of materials (mainly wood since you got the ax bonus).

You have to unlock the top left of the map, and even once you do, it’ll take a while to build ip your axe to make a good profit on lotus so sickle is best to start with.


Axe can collect 500 lotus with each swing. Don’t even bother with my workers. It’s
quicker and easier. If everything is available, just gather it as you need. Spend 2 weeks doing nothing but upgrading scythe, grinding wheat, and watching ads for backpack.

Once you start collecting $50k in one backpack cycle, start using that to upgrade axe. Then when you could gather $50k lotus on one go, focus on gathering lotus and winter pine trees.

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