Dungeons of Dreadrock all levels, review, apk link, tips and tricks, etc.

Dungeons of Dreadrock is an action, adventure, dungeon based, casual, single player game. If you like dungeon based puzzle types games, then there are 100 levels with different types of puzzles, chases, and challenges. The puzzles involve meticulous planning from start to finish as merely completing one part might lead to failure. Puzzles involve moving objects, placing them, turning portals, teleporting, discovering secret paths and objects, etc. If you like story, and puzzle solving games with a long think then go for it. Tips are included first followed with solutions. Easier ones are skipped.

1.Look for hints. Think about how can I make this happen without this and look and try to find answer. Look for patterns and try to eliminate your enemy.

2.Plan your way from start to finish as if you don’t have a plan till end, you might get killed.
Look for spikes, fires, and signs like that before moving. Solutions for levels is given below.

Level 2 (Anger the Gods):
Dodge first foe by making it attack you, then move aside. Collect sword, kill all.

Level 3 (Ashes to Ashes):
Allow fire to pass then, go down and press alst tile on left side to open gate. Come back again on top to collect key. Dodge fire by hiding below but don’t press first tile.

Level 4 (Clack Clack Clack):
Kill spider by dodging webs and attacking. Allow it to attack you, dodge, and then attack. You can hit it twice so hit once first, then hit twice to kill it.

Level 5 (You Look Familiar):
Press tile to open gates. Kill first guy. Let other woman kill bugs.

Level 6 (A Terrible Smell):
Dodge Ogre by making it chase you and then open door.

Level 7 (Chase):
Moce without stopping and press switch to make Ogre waste time with foes.

Level 8 (Trapdoor):
Go towards trap door, go down, and press switch. Allow Ogre to come towards trap door, dodge, and go towards gate.

Level 10 (It’s a Trap):
Move towards tile and hide till all foes get killed.

Another brick (Level 11) : You can draw a brick from right side. You need to find a way to reach second tile. Since you cannot do that because of spikes then you need to find a way to make brick go there while keeping gate open. Think before reading further.

Stand near upper left corner. Throw it towards portal and stand on opening tile. This will open gate and allow the brick to land on second opening tile.

Level 12 (Don’t waste them):
Kill both enemies through holes and then proceed to lure bigger guy towards you, turn the switch on and move quickly towards gate.

Of time and space (Level 13): Read note. You and ogre cannot stay on 1 tile. You need to find a way to stand on same tile. Think.

Go towards second portal when ogre steps on respawn tile. This will kill him and give you key.

Level 14 (Fool’s game):
Foe moves in same direction as you. You need to make him move towards gate. You cannot catch him with speed.

Stand on right corner besides lamp in center and move left to manuevre foe towards gate.

Level 15 (The Horde):
Move quickly towards corner, open gates by turning on switch and keep on moving quickly till you unlock last switch. Then kill all enemies as you go back towards stairs. Move fast and don’t wait as staying in open area will get you killed. Move towards lane when you turn on last switch.

Level 16 (Suicidal):
Move down and one step and let arrow pass. Then quickly move towards small corner on right. Again move one step up and down and let arrow pass. Whenever arrow passes on your front tile, move towards collapsed tunnel. Hit the door once at at time and hide. After few strikes, you will open it, move down slowly and lure your foe and kill him once he gets too close. As you are melee, you need to close distance before he attacks so move one step at a time.

Level 17 (Tricks of the mind):
Move towards left from tile from front of pressable tile. This will allow you to reach gate.

Level 19 (Stampede):
Move towards switch and open gate, Let bull run towards you and hit blades. Move quickly towards last door before he approaches you, break it and let him hit last spikes.

Level 20 (Enlightening):
Use gem to open gate. Turn switches in front of torches.

Level 21 (The Bridge):
Dodge the spear and collect it and drop it on second tile. Stand on first tile to open gate. Throw back and allow the foe to collect spear. Collect it again and throw it towards last tile. Kill foe.

Level 22 (Living Trees):
When you hit tree once, it moves backwards. Place it on center tile and make it move towards gate opening tile. Wait for the tree to complete it’s attack and then hit once it’s done attacking.

Level 23 (Keymaster) and Level 24 (Cellar):
Make the bull collect key. Move towards two spaces at bottom to avoid him. Later make him fall in hole as he approaches you. Go down to get key and then unlock door.

Level 25 (Dance of Death):
Look at pattern of open and closes. Make a plan of movement by first collecting key and moving towards the other end. Once you know the path, wait and move slowly. Kill the guy too.

Level 26 (Chamber of potions):
Place them near same colors.

Level 27 (Run you fool) and Level 28 (Someone at the gate):
Turn on both switches by using portals. Distract the foe and then when he gets close, go to portal. Move to other side.

Level 29 (Throwback):
Throw 2 stones on pressable tiles. Stand on second to open portal. Throw third stone on third portal on opposite side and let foe run to throw it back and collect it later. As he returns, press second tile to make him teleport to you. Then run quickly towards door to prevent his escape. Kill him and throw all three stones on opposite side. Collect them all and finish level.

Level 30 (Eternal Flight):
Move towards center and turn switch on. Move toward for and let him shoot an arrow. As arrow approaches foe, turn switch off to kill him. Turn switch off and throw stone towards portal. Turn switch off when it approaches pressable tiles. Do it for all 3 tiles.

Level 31(No Escape):
Move and Dodge arrow. Move towards center and Dodge arrows. Move just one step and arrow moves past you. Try to stay towards first gate. Dodge arrow from foe and kill him by waiting for him. Dodge arrow and move towards second gate.

Level 32 (Fever Dreams):
Kill insects and press tiles toward both corners to know their location. See dream and remember dance steps and press tiles accordingly. 12112212 order.

Level 33 (One step at a Time):
Move towards first for by letting him shoot arrow and then moving towards next stop. Kill him, turn swith and move toward second foe, turn second switch on and kill that guy too.

Level 34 (Dance of Fire):
Break first gate and use portal to escape fire. Once door is broken, turn switch on to let beast out. Make him burn with fire and dodge it. Collect key and kill foe.

Level 35 (Dust to Dust):
Let foe follow you towards left side 2 tiles away at bottom. Kill him and turn switch off to shoot fires to burn him after he gets up again. Be careful as he might turn switch on too.

Level 36 (Symmetry):
Go towards secret passage from lower right corner.

Level 37 (The Watcher):
You cannot pass him. Go backwards.

Level 38 (Secret Passage):
Dodge webs and hit spider with a strike. You need to hit him thrice to kill him. Be patient. Don’t stand in corner. Stand in center to lure him then attack and move away.

Level 39 is dream.

Level 40 (Unexpected Help):
Always understand levels first before moving. You have 4 tiles and you need something on them to press and open main gate. You can do it by killing foes on tiles. Last guy is tricky hiugh as it takes more than one hit to kill him. Kill him first in one of tiles. Then 2 foes from first gate. Kill them on remaining tiles. Second guy helps you with pressing fourth tile.

Level 40 (Lost):
Make for lose his spear on one of foes. Collect it to press tile and open gate. You have two tiles though so you will need spear again so allow for to collect spear and throw it again. Collect it to press second tile.

Level 41 (Detour):
Probably the most interesting level in this game. Understand aim first. You need to to make stone pass through gate. You need enough time to reach tile to press it. You can do that by first making stone oscillate through last portals. Switch first portal to right and second above. Throw stone. Then switch first towards gate direction. Then second towards first portal. Press the tile to allow stone to pass through gate.

Level 42 (Clueless):
Move in direction provided on piece of paper.

Level 43 (Three on one):
Help the guy in need. It will allow you to throw your knife. Throwing knife deals twice damage.

Level 44 (Bugs):
Throw knife toward pressable tile and lure bugs towards you. Kill them and collect stone from wall in front. Use stone to press tile and collect knife.

Level 45 (More Trees):
Make first treeove towards first tile. Move forward. Throw knife to make last tree on pressable tile. Collect knife and throw it towards second tree to make it stand in center. Then make it go downwards towards second pressable tile by throwing knife from other side.

Level 46 (Arrow vs Blade):
Easy puzzle. Throw knife towards pressable tile to make gate open. Foe will chase you but there is a arrow throwing tile in front so wait for arrow to pass. Collect knife and throw it to kill foe.

Level 47 (Too easy):
Probably the most interesting puzzle. If you go towards next floor, you will notice there are 4 pressable tiles below doors on this floor. You have to make stone fall in them and knife too.

There are 2 tiles in this one. If one of them is pressed, doors are closed. Press first one with knife, collect 3 stones, move towards other side and press tile with stone. Collect knife. Make 2 stones go down in first 2 doors with tile. Third door should be used to make go down third stone by using knife to press tile. Use last door to make knife go down. This will press all four tiles in open sesame and open gates.

Level 48 (Open sesame):
Pass through it once gates are opened. You will need a stone to collect knife which you can get from next level.

Level 49 (Blood from a stone):
Use foe go towards killer foe. Stand in front of second foe and Dodge its attack. Make first foe get hit and collect stone from him. Use that stone to get your knife in previous level.

Level 51 (Watch your step): Use direction device and move accordingly.

Level 53 (Ahhhhh):
Throw knife on pressable tile to close doors. Collect it, hit once on door and go to safety. Repeat it it both doors are open and kill both foes. Throw knife and turn switch on. Don’t go to turn switch on with knife.

Level 54 (Rest in peace):
Read all stories. You are told to get rid of knife and show respect at one tomb. Get rid of knife. One part says that all he wanted was a decent woman to give him company for a while. You are supposed to be decent which means without knife and give company means stay there for a while. The ghost helps you open the gate.

Level 55 (Hit and run): Open both gates and hide near pressable tile. Let arrows hit big foe and use tile to kill him. Then run from arrow foe. Don’t kill him as you are supposed to use his arrow to kill watcher.

Level 56 (Dark Waters):
Arrowman will follow you. Use his arrow to kill watcher then kill him.

Level 57 (Round the outside):
Dodge bull and let him go outside from one of portals. Then go outside.

Level 58 (The Outside):
You are supposed to go towards other green portal and use bull as distraction.

Level 60 (Leverage):
Turn off gate. Kill two foes and stand beside third foe. He will open gate.

Level 61 (Count to four):
You are supposed to hit bull with 4 fires to kill him but if he gets killed on tile then you cannot collect key. Go in front of him before 4th strike to lure him away from tile and collect key.

Level 62 (Blood Magic):
You are supposed to kill foe in center. Then go towards 4 candles via center. You have to do it without stepping on other tiles.

Level 63 (Don’t waste their lives):
A difficult puzzle. Use fire to kill first guy before he reaches towards you. Use knife to collect key.
Cross second fire by stepping on tile, hiding, and moving again after fire passes. Then break door to let second foe out. He runs away from you if you approach him. Use this to make him go towards third tile. Wait on second last tile in direction of third tile. Dodge attack of foe. He will approach third tile. Move towards him to kill him.

Level 64 (You shall not pass):
Make second tree move away. Then before you leave, make first tree block way of first door.
This is useful to prevent foe form running away from next level.

Level 66 (Impertinence):
Use knife to open gate and collect key.. Then run away from them. One of foe will collect knife. Chase him and kill him. Collect knife and return.

Level 67 (Chamber of the Sun):
Most difficult puzzle. You have to try so many different possibilities to come up with right one.
Check directions of symbols from map. You are supposed to walk in those directions from clue from center without knife.

Level 68 (Machinarium):
Press second tile to stop fires. Collect shovel. Press first tile to open gate and second tile to restart fire again.

Level 69 (Reset):
Go through a path which presses all tiles to open gate.

Level 70 (Unarmed):
Interesting puzzle. Kill enemies on left through switch and door. Ghost guards gate switch. Use spider to trap him and then turn switch on. Kill ghost and spider by door.

Level 71 (True or False):
Use statements that are true and press tiles accordingly. Sky is blue is true, for example.

Level 73 (Lucky number):
Male arrow guy shoot 7 arrows towards portal and then kill him.  Release bull to kill him with arrows.

Level 74 (Living shield):
Push first tree downward then towards upper fire point. Move second tree there too. Dodge second trees attack by making it attack you before last arrow hits it. Use lower space to make it go upwards towards fire point. Place both of them close together. Go to collect key using trees as shields.

Level 75 (Haunted):
Go towards switch and kill ghost. Go to next level to get key. Return back. You have to make foes fall through doors to press tiles of next level.

Level 76 (Sacrifice):
Kill foes on tiles to press them. This way when all 4 tiles are pressed, gate will open.

Level 77 (Deception):
Move towards right to go to other side through wall. If you go down, you will get trapped.

Level 79 (Chamber of Death):
You need 3 skulls for this level. You have 2. You can get third by killing foe on upper right corner. Place them on 3 spaces.

Level 80 (Rotation):
You need to plan entire movement before doing anything to press both tiles. Make first portal rotate downward and second towards left to make knife press last tile. Throw knife to press it. Before you leave, rotate first portal towards left so you can throw knife to press first tile.

Level 81 (Impossible):
Make 3 trees press first 3 tiles. Get rid of fourth. Press fourth with knife. Go to next level. Lure foe to follow you. Collect knife and kill him on last tile.

Level 82 (Death Trap):
You have to make Ivar kill arrow guy. Open second gate to lure him towards arrowman. Hide on right.

Level 83 (An eye for an eye):
Stay away from Ivar as he can kill you with his magic from a long distance. Follow him slowly and once he is engaged with big foe, kill him.
Collect book and kill big foe. Kill last guy to get key. Throw spear and get knife.

Level 84 (Trees and arrows):
Pass through first portal and make first tree go down to block arrow. Press switch. Distract him on right side, then move towards next portal to push him on right. Push second tree towards second arrow point. Break door.

Level 85 (The Sword’s Challenge):
Kill Ogre by throwing knife. It takes 5 hits but you need to do it before tree reaches tile. Best way to do it is to hit him on right once allow him to chase you. When he turns down, move on opposite direction and make him stay on first lane. When he moves once, you should move once. If you move too fast, he might change direction and you will miss collecting knife.

Open gate. Move when arrow hits tree to reach last tile before pressable tile.

Level 86 (Dead End): Block path with trees to prevent foe from reaching foe on left side. Make him go towards spikes.

Level 88 (Trident’s Trap):
Make first tree move towards first portal. Stand on the tile above where tree gets teleported. Make trident chase you and when he steps on the last tile, throw knife to teleport tree. Tree will kill trident. Then get teleported to kill tree and get knife. You don’t need second tree.

Level 89 (Between the lines):
Kill all foes with fire. Step on tile thrice and then stand on second portal.

Level 90 (Lake of the dead):
Collect potion of undead and consume it. Go back to previous level and step on spikes. Cross Lake.

Level 91 (Rebirth):
Consume Elixir of Life in tile before pressable tile. Kill one foe with knife and move forward. You will need to keep one alive to protect yourself from fire. Make foe attack you on last lane and dodge it. Then press tile to open gate.

Level 92 (Grinder):
Move through secret passage on right towards first portal. Kill foes with spikes. Turn switch on to turn off spikes. Get another guy. Let him fight Ogre.

Level 93 (For your brother):
Go towards left and press switch. Hit tree and hide to dodge fire. Kill foes.

Level 94 (Fire):
Wait for fore to go away, go down, and press all switches to open gate. Make foe chase you but stay towards center tile which allows you to move in all 4 directions. When he shows his back, move, attack, and hide, on another side. If you attack too early, you will get caught with fire so move only when he shows his back. Kill him and collect key.

Level 95 (Fortress):
Turn all switches on. When you move towards right, turn left on second last tile to make last bull stop second and make last bull go towards left side. Then turn all switches on inside which making bull chase you and dodge.

Level 98 (Pay the price):
Put book, coins, stone, and crown in order. You get stone from breaking container.

Level 100 (New Dawn):
Attack foe slowly, and run. Don’t kill it too quickly  but don’t wait without attacking for long too. When dead king appears, kill it.

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