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Guidus Pixel Roguelike RPG is a a RPG Roguelike, dungeon based, adventure game. You mainly have 5 heroes archer, swordsman, wizard, sylph, and monk. You can choose according to your preference. There are lots of different types of skills based on offense, defense, and resources.

1.Chose archer as you starting hero because of range. You can use it to collect at least 30k gold and then get good heroes. You should preferably choose only 1 hero and get it to 5 stars by leveling it up rather than waste your gold on getting multiple heroes.

2.Always check golden stairs as you can get gold from there through breaking jard and blessings too.

3.Buy stones from Monster Scholar to give you different attack, shield, and movement speed buffs. Best are fighting stone to increase damage, and abundance stone to get gold buff. Just focus on these two rather than wasting your gold on other stones. Courage stone is for boss so if you get stuck on a boss, you could buy it. You can watch ad to refresh ads.

Guidus apk link: Playstore

4.Guidus best heroes:
Archer is a good starting hero. Berserker if you prefer more health. It’s active skill is pretty good too. Berserker ( if you know how to dodge stuff at lvl 5).

Saja and Blood Mage have passive skills that can cause damage to entire room. Saja has to kill an enemy with normal attack first with 44% probability to get a soul, and then use passive skill to hit multiple enemies at once. Blood Mage has 8 HP and you can consume one to cause 200% damage right away to entire room. If you use blessings to increase your max HP and revive once then it’s a good choice.

Elemental Master has 500 to 800% attack buffs so is great for bosses. Samurai is great for quickly solving levels because of its teleporting ability. It also attacks 8 tiles at once and is pretty good for offense. Dancer has good active skill. You can spam attack and kill multiple enemies from a distance with it. It’s a good starting if you have less gold. Lightning wizard is like a better version of Dancer. It causes more damage.

Thief allows you to play stealthily which is pretty cool of you like to depend on your passive playing skills rather than active skills. Locksmith is same and is difficult to find. You also get extra life and one more at 5 stars.

To conclude, best heroes depend on your playing style. You can buy a few to check skills especially ones which require 1k gold to see what you like.

Lightning Wizard is one of the best ones.
Monk is really good as they can kill anything in 3 hits.

Ice Wizard and Blood Mage are the most common heroes for monster wave.
You can get to the final boss with a ton of HP and shield left with Ice Wizard.

Don’t buy heroes. Try and roll for them. Don’t buy blessings from shaman in the lobby. You’ll unlock them over time. Beat every boss 5 times for the items they drop.

6.Guidus Best starters:
As a starting point, everyone is alright. Good are Sylph, Queen and ice wizard. If you want more gold for faster progress, dwarf is good. Flame mage bypasses puzzles and has good passive skill.

Tier list:
Tbf the tier list would depend on what you are looking at. If you are looking in general, that would be whatever character you like.
But if you look at something like abyss 1000, the only 2 characters I’d use/recommend are monk or zerk for the survivability since it’s take ages to kill bosses anyway. Other characters though are still useable (third for me would be samurai), but personally not a fan since I’m bad at dodging.

If your experienced/skilled, Zerker shaman and blood mage feel really good. It’s hard to say they wouldn’t all be A tier at the minimum. Queen is also quite good. She does struggle on abyss past 100 because you can’t get dash resets as easily. Ice wizard also feels absolutely insane especially at level 10. Her damage is bonkers.

7.Guidus best blessings:

1.Golden Boots for gold. You can get 30 per level.

2.Mushroom Boots are great as you can create bombs just by moving. Holy seed is similar type. Stardust cape is same. You can find others as well.

3.Thunderbolt: It strikes enemies periodically. Precision aiming is same type. Meteor too.

4.Dynamite: It attacks enemies with bombs you attack.

5.You can also go for attack blessings like long sword, ghost sword, craftman’s anvil. Don’t choose attack blessings which reduce HP. They along with second shadow will be useful against bosses. Second shadow can be used quite tactically to lure bosses towards shadow and then attack. Make bosses move towards shadows by staying there, move a little away as they approach or hide a little and attack with shadow. You will have to rely on your playing skills that way. Dancer and Lightning Wizard with attack based blessings will make you kill enemies faster with just spam active attack.

8.Collect daily rewards by logging in.

9.If you die, respawn from previous candle rather than camp, especially if you have got good blessings.

Guidus Abyss:

When you’ll beat the Palace, you’ll unlock the Abyss. It’s the best place to grind money.
Max out your dungeon lvl and play abyss is generally the way to go.

Characters go up to lvl10, the dungeon goes up to lvl50, and the abyss goes up forever.
330 is the point where you can max all purification stat boosts.

How do you get that four pointed yellow star that can increase attack, health and shield?
Thats based on purification level, you have to go to the Abyss to get the stars. The stat increase only works in the Abyss, it doesn’t activate in normal Palace.

When you finish the Palace, you’ll unlock an area called the Abyss. There you’ll get purification levels, which let you boost the stats of that specific character.

So what do you do with the boss drops from the abyss?
Other than abyss gorgon/void knight/guardian dropping artifacts or their pieces as usual, the unique abyss bosses drop materials for unlocking character level (specifically 6, 8, and 10).

Berserker is the only hero that can climb abyss. Else just die in 1 hit. Blood Mage is really good for abyss and monster wave.

The abyss master has a lot of aoe and tanks a lot of hits and attacks lot. Meanwhile,well Mystic has low hp (head) and the hands get destroyes (as long as you can deal over 100 damage to the hands you are fine) .Furthermore you can tank all of Mystic’s attacks during the fight.

This is probably true since Shadow stalker seems quite OP in aoe and single target.

Is there a specific way to avoid gorgon’s stun? It’s not an issue in the dungeon but the abyss one stuns pretty often. You have to look the other way to avoid it.

Soul hunter for abyss LV 9999:
Must have blessings/synergies:

  1. Reflux
  2. Lucky Pelago
  3. Spirit of vengeance
  4. Bloody Dagger
  5. Champion
  6. The Last leaf Ninja could get 30000+ with active and passive skills.

Guidus Arcade:
You get emeralds through anything other than daily reward thorough arcade.
Monster wave – 5 gem
Glass abyss – 5 gem
Ordeal – 5 gem
Glass palace – 3
Rainbow – 2
But after you unlock the cosmetics for the lobby.

Arcade is your primary source of emeralds. Plus you can just reroll until you get the spirit you want. If you use the 5 coins, you can get 25 emeralds and you recover 1 coin per hour.

You have to beat the arcade games to unlock decorations. First success gives you the decorations, any repeated arcade challenges give you emeralds (the green tokens).

If used well, ghoul can demolish monster wave, and defeat arc in one go.
There’s no way ghoul can kill every enemy with the new active skill, since running out of time on normal waves deals damage.
But even just using the bite on quick and easy kills is enough to make it absurdly OP.

If you have him at lvl 10, dying right at the start for the extra damage buff.

The best way to start a run with new Ghoul: Blue Potion as the first blessing.

Ghoul buff:
Pros – he charges faster and his skill can hit more enemies
Cons – enemies have to be close to him and each other for damage and he lost his global aoe in Ult A.
But now his Ult A has more use/easier to use.

Guidus Bosses:
Abyss Master
It’s similar to prince(ss) but he has more moves.
It’s like a mix between palace boss and void knight. Anyways for that invincible attack there’s a way to counter it. Collect the orb. When he gathers the orbs you just have to walk into them. If speed is a problem, you’ll need to upgrade dungeon and collect more stones. You don’t need to collect all of them, just a majority. 7/10 and if you stick close to him it’s easier since you only have to move 2-4 spaces max.

Level cap:
For characters 10
Dungeon 50
Stones – depends on dungeon level (60-80)
Artifacts – +20

Guidus coupon code:
There is no coupon code.
Codes are only being used to recover accounts as of right now.

Change destiny:
What does the change destiny mean?
Changes if the prince or princess is at the camp.
so its just cosmetic nothing gameplay wise

In Boss of Palace, in the first visit is a princes, and then when you are in the doors of destiny there is a relic asking you if u want to change your destiny unlocking the princess for 10k golds.

They actually changed it so you can change it again for gold. If you don’t have 10k gold,
but you can save your data, change the destiny and upload your data from the saved cloud if u dont want to change.

Discord link:

Level expansion:
You need to click the level expansion button (where you would normally see the buy exp button) and spend the required supplies (some monster essences and a photon core).
You need choose a buff first.

Normal leveling up:
Once you reach level five you can no longer buy experience or watch ads to get it, after level 5 you have to get exp by fighting monsters.
Bosses give more exp than regular monsters, and the abyss offers more exp than Palace route. Your character needs to be level 5 before they game transcendence xp. If you beat 100, you the up the limit to 200 and you can continue doing it until 9999. But it’s not really worth going that high unless your competing in leaderboards.

There’s a green bar below your health and shield.
Kill enemies to make it go up. When it’s full, it’ll turn yellow and you’ll have to go back to the bonfire and go to your hero. And press “Level Expansion”.Then you’ll have to give up enemy materials and coins to actually get to the next level.

Guidus character guide:
Levels 1-5 are gained with coins or watching ads, while 6-10 are gained by fighting monsters for exp. You do need monster essences for lvl 6 stuff and abyss items in 8 and 10.

Once you max 5 stars for a hero, you can collect stars. The Blue Star requires beating Lvl 50 palace with a non-5+ star character.
Then there’s the Purple Star, beating Lvl 50 palace with 5+ star character, and Red Star for beating Abyss Lvl 100+. Yellow star is just maxing out a character.

Best strategy for exp past lvl 5 is to use shaman to get to the save point closest to final boss with a ton of blessings(especially bronze key ring) and then die and then use the character I want to lvl up to go to save point with the blessings, rush through the floors until boss, kill them besides final and quit, repeat until leveled.

For efficiency, that’s really the best way.
As among as you never kill abyss eye and have gold, you can continue to use the same set of blessings for every character

Level 6:
When you have a 5 stars character, you still can get 5 more stars by getting exp from killing monsters.
If you have a blue star instead of the first yellow star, your character is at level 6.

Level 10:
I thought that after acquiring all the heroes there would be no need for gold, but it turns out that the heroes still need 5000 gold coins to unlock the Ultimate Skill when they reach level 10!

After level 10 you can get a transcendence ultimate A/B depending on how you’d rather play.

At level 10 you unlock 2 things called Ultimates for your character.
On Queen is:

Ultimate A: you generate petals every 5 seconds, but your skill damage is reduced by 100%(so it’s 200% now)

Ultimate B: The Queen’s illusions transfer to a enemy once. On pratice this makes her illusions able to hit twice, so it’s either a massive chain reaction that clears the floor, or massive dps.

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