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Vampire Survivors a rogue like horror survival, arcade, casual game. You have different characters and evolutions you can choose to play. This article contains best tips, tricks, best characters, best evolutions, and upgrades for Vampire Survivors.

1.Buy new character rather than going for power ups in beginning. Imelda Belpaese has magic wand which is better than whiplash because of its longer reach. Buy her first. Later you will be able to get Clerici who has Santa water and 0.5 HP/sec and +50 health boost. No need to buy characters you will not play with. Don’t waste your gold in them. Also always watch ads to survive longer and double your gold rewards when you die. At later stages, you get more chances of getting treasures. The more you survive, get more treasures you can collect which give massive gold and a power up. You need to hit monsters especially bats as they have lower health which are shining to get treasures.

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2.Vampire Survivors Best evolutions: Choose selected evolutions and get them to very high level rather than having multiple evolutions at lower level. If you go for Imelda, magic wand, garlic, clock lancet should be preferred. If you go for Clerici, choose Santa water, fire, clock lancet, garlic and crown. Clock lancet is especially useful at later stages as they create a path for you to travel as enemies are freezed which allows you to escape from that direction.

Candlelabrador is good is garlic and laurel to increase circle size. Duplicator with magic wand, whip, and fire if you go for more aggressive evolutions.

Knife, and runetracer are not of much use as they don’t cause much dps.

Evolution guide:

So weapon evolution, you need to level up a weapon all the way, and have a certain item – it’s different for each weapon. Then grab a chest and it should evolve. Most levels you have to wait for the 10 minute mark to evolve a weapon, but level three actually let’s you evolve any time. So for the knife, you’ll need the bracer. So, you level up the knife all the way, make sure you have the bracer passive item (that can be any level), and then grab a chest – you should be good.

For the garlic, you must have had the little red heart item.

3.Always keep moving from torches to torches to get power ups, restore health and 1 gold. They do sometimes contain good power ups. It get difficult to get exp at later as enemies get stronger and you have to keep on moving forward so torches and treasures are better choices.

4.Vampire Survivors best power ups:
If you go for more defensive formation, then Clerici along with Recovery, Area, and Max health can help you last longer and give recovery up to 1 per sec. Area will maximize its area of effect and if you choose candlelabrador and Max it too then it complements other skills well. You have to choose evolutions based on your main weapon and power ups.

If you are attacking player, then go for might, cooldown, amount, and speed. This will increase your damage, weapon speed, number of projectiles, etc. Power ups like revival, growth, greed, luck, and magnet can be used in all circumstances as they are general in nature. Curse should be used when you have maxed out all your main power ups and unlocked most skills.

If you want to change power ups, tap refund power ups to get all your gold and allocate accordingly.

5.Check dps statistics after playing to know which evolutions causes more damage so you can experiment and choose accordingly. Tap on “>” Results to check dps.

6.Vampire Survivors Best character:
Start putting all your golden eggs on big trouser till he’s at 20k eggs. As you stack eggs on Trouser they gradually become the best gold farming character.

DLC character is good, the girl that overheals, really cool ability. Possibly one of the best characters. Let alone she has silver wind as a starting weapon which is already very adaptive.
It weakens enemy defenses, so it is probably so much better.

Caciotta is the best character in the game.
Scientist is probably the best character from the new dlc, mostly because of how well she can scale. Best among us character is Shapeshifter.

If we’re talking about golden eggs then it’s true that sigma falls out, otherwise she is the best character without DLC (cuz sammy exists)

Golden Eggs is just a meh way to make anyone theoretically “the best”. Use base stats as a baseline. The best at base is definitely Sigma and the best scaler is Smith IV.

At high enough eggs starting weapon (and lag) are all that matter for determining a character.
Sammy lags too much. Trouser can start with anything. Use jubilee or a weapon that doesnt cause any lag. You don’t use eggs on sammy.
If you use the game breaks and lags too much.

7.Vampire Survivors best weapons:

Santa Water is literally one of the strongest weapons in the entire game. Scales with speed like nothing else in base game.

Hellfire gets the most out of arcanas. Especially

You really dont need the highest dps weapons.
Just a good build and like, one or two high dps weapon. Limit break also helps. The best scaling weapons are usually ones that use luck, growth, greed or curse as a multiplier, or recovery, or armour as these are uncapped stats and one public beta weapon that scales with bonus max hp. Db is one of the easiest ways to stack a lot of dmg up.

Bone, lightning ring, heaven sword, thousand edge, magic wand and la borra. 6 slots, 2 aoe, and 1 crowd control. Santa water and it’s evo were the best weapons by far.

Ophion and Paranormal scan are good too.
Garlic and Santa Water are good for beginners.
Garlic are Bibles is a good combination.

What’s the best evo weapon for gallo tower?
Probably Mannajja.

What are the best weapons for dealing with the water reaper?
There are some of those reapers that require evolved Pentagram.

La Borra fits well with most builds. It can be a life saver too.

Multiple points why la borra is the best weapon and evo:
Level 7-8 santa water is already really good
with La Borra. You essentially create a death zone around you for everything that touches it.
Attractorb is great for pretty much every build cuz you level up easier with it. It has synergy with most other passives too.

For early game AoE, you could use Garlic or King Bible, but later in 15-20 ish minutes la borra outclasses Garlic and its evo by pretty much every aspect, and King Bible/Unholy Vespers has a blind spot.

Legionnaire is probably the best weapon in the game so far, including DLCs. You can use the arcana that grants health for killing with retaliatory damage and scale your HP per kill with Legionnaire and you win the game.
Seal Legionnaire’s base weapon because of how powerful it is.

Best build pic:

Godai is best curse-oriented weapon, because it has all screen area and with Lost Painting can kill all enemies just they appear or you can run with just one Jenevivs weapon, with limit break you also can kill all enemies so fast.

So, just take some huge area weapons, also ophion can turn in black all screen, so u GPU says thanks.

8.Vampire Survivors Ranking:
Moonspell: best characters
Tides: Best maps
Emergency Meeting: best weapons.

9.Vampire Survivors Arcanas:

Pugnala or Poppea characters work well with arcanas mentioned below. You can try Waltz of pearls, Twilight and Slash with Holy Wand, Hellfire, Heaven Sword, Thunder, Vespers and Spiral AMannaja, Moon, Soul Eater, Fuwala, Lancet and Laurel with Blood Astronomia and Sarabande.

So, try your arcana works not for only 1 weapon.
If arcana affects several weapons, try to collect as much as u can of them.

10.Vampire Survivors Final boss:

How to start the final boss fight for vanilla?
Just keep going through the unlocked stages, eventually you’ll fight something big at the 30th minute mark. There’s an entire opening animation and everything, you won’t miss it.

How to get to kill the final boss?
Unlock Eudaimonia m.

You know what’s FANTASTIC for bosses? Victory Sword and Festive Winds.

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