Survival RPG Open World Pixel wiki, apk, tips and tricks, base building, copper, clay, aluminium, gold, carbon, etc.

Survival RPG Open World Pixel is an open world, rogue like, 2D pixel Survival game. It’s extremely fast paced and doesn’t have stamina base system but instead has food collection system with a good respawn rate allowing you to grind for longer. Food will be you last concern as it’s in abundance and fast health revival allows you to just heal and continue without needing to go back to your shelter to recuperate. That’s what makes it so fast paced. Get hit, recuperate, and keep going on. It’s normal Survival game with 3 sectors to upgrade attack, HP, and defense whenever you level up. You get level up points by beating monsters, more points for stronger ones. You don’t get it for collecting resources like other Survival games. Crafting is very fast paced too as a good dungeon or open world run to gather rss will give you enough to collect new items and craft better weapons and gear. Good thing is that you can craft anywhere if you have enough rss. No need for workbench. Another cool feature is how quickly you can build huts and shelters. You just need few basic rss like tree branch and rope and you can change respawn point to newest shelter by building new one or sleeping inside it at night on lichen bed.
This allows you to camp at night and progress from that area. It’s extremely f2p friendly but enemies do get much stronger so you will have grind you level up a lot to get atk and defense buffs and better gear.

Lot’s of depth when it comes to gear progression starting with wood, copper and other metals later as you unlock difficult areas.

Tips, tricks, and guide to progress in Survival RPG Open World Pixel game are given below.

1.Congregate and stockpile as many basic resources like different types of food like raspberry, blueberry, bananas, apples, rocks, pebbles, slimes, vines, lichen, etc. You will need them later to craft gear. It’s better to explore a dungeon completely before moving on to next one. Take enough food with you, at least 100 and explore 2 dungeons with massive loot. Build at least 3 boxes in your main first camp shelter and pile it there. Don’t throw away excess resources. See if you can craft and make way for another ones or get back to your boxes to empty your bag.

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2.You can protect yourself at night in beginning by waiting in wooden compound. This allows the night to progress quickly and wait till 4 a.m and sun sign to go out again. There are more enemies at night and it’s not good to go outside.

3.Craft better gear as you get enough rss. Tap on craft section on upper right and see if you have unlocked better weapon option. This happens as you unlock areas and get newer resources allowing to craft better gear. Check requirements on what you need for crafting gear and go on a collecting mission and pile those rss. You will get different metals like tin, iron, copper, and steel as you progress in different maps allowing you to craft better weapon, etc.

4.Level up your attack till you can kill easy monsters with 1 hit. This makes grinding much faster especially in beginning. Later upgrade hearts till at least you have 6 of them and then focus on attack again. You will later need more hearts to survive against stronger foes and better defense gear. Focus on gear alone for defense which will allow you to increase hearts and attack.

5.Always explore newer areas to get newer and better resources. This allows you to get craft newer gear. You can guerilla warfare tactics. just attack a stronger monster, retreat, convalesce, and attack again. You will probably get hit but just rinse and repeat and clear new area one targeting one monster at a time. Move slowly and carefully see what route you will be taking to attack and retrace back. Never engage more than one monster at a time.

Certain caves require torches which need fire. Torch last 3 minutes. Craft at least 3 and explore those caves.

6.Survival RPG Open World base building:
Camp new areas by building shelter which will allow you to start from that area once new day starts
. Always have enough resources to build at least 2 shelters, 2 bridges, 2 boxes, and 2 ladders allowing to explore more, camp, store, and move to newer areas. Check map regularly and plan your trail accordingly. Red mark indicates respawn point and blue your location.

7.Get diamonds for completing achievements and collect free resources for logging in daily. Tap on free on right >> spin. If you die, don’t spend diamonds instead wait and spend gold as diamonds are difficult to get. You can use diamonds for crafting difficult to get resources. Tap on shop and watch ads to get more free rss.

8.Survival rpg open world pixel Batteries:
You need aluminium, copper, and water.
Survival rpg open world clay or wood ash level 10 to 15:

Clay or wood ash is found in special places, scarab shells found in scarab in caves, or aluminium ores found in caves. You can also grow seeds after you use hoe to create a crop field.

Copper ores are found in caves.

Level 22 to 27:
Metal detector will help you find more hidden ores. You also need tin ores found in caves to craft bronze.

Level 28 to 35: You need to find iron ores from within farther away caves. You will need a copper pickaxe.

Level 36 to 45:
You need to find carbon inside caves. Melting it with iron can create steel, which is stronger than iron.

Level 52+:
You can craft gold equipment. You can find gold at bottom of exploded caverns, increase level and kill final boss found in one corner of map.

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