Cat Mart Cute Grocery shop apk, tips, tricks, upgrades, and cost

Cat Mart Cute Grocery shop is a casual, simulation, tycoon, offline game. You will come across various types of cats Siamese, Korean, Bengal, etc. If you like pets and cats then this is a must play. You will be building your Mart with different shops and items to sell. It’s basically a Roblox type of game. Tips are given below.

1.Give most importance to get new cat workers. They do all work for you from collecting to transferring items. You might need to collect raw items from trees though first.

VIP order will allow you to exchange gems for money. Add items there.

2.Check Mart stage 2 requirements. It’s located above VIP truck or bar above. Tap on gifts to see requirements. Complete those requirements like upgrading all items and facilities. You get gems for completing those requirements. Tap get all.

3.Wake up sleeping cats to make them work more. Guard cat can wake them up.

4.Wear costumes to get extra buffs. You can also enhance and merge them. Tap on costume sign on right. You can get costume with gems. Tap on star sign on right >> first option to buy costume to get extra buffs. It’s always better to save your gems for epic costume to get more buff.

5.If you don’t know what to do, tap on first option on right to see location of next upgrade.

6.Collect free items from shop and get free offline rewards too. You can get more with ads. Check them on left side below.

7.Cat Mart Cute Grocery shop apk link: Playstore

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