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Idle Moon Rabbit afk rpg is a simulation, idle rpg game. You can afk farm gold, exp, weapon and skill enhancers, pestlezookas, rubies, etc. This game is rich in skills and has various battle types including bosses. There are so many skill combinations you can create with HP recovery or attack based skills. Tips and tricks are given below.

1.Enhance attack solely in beginning. You also get better pestlezookas drop with farming. Try to increase it but if you are dying quickly and get stuck enhance HP Recovery/ kill rather than going for Max HP. Go for attack speed next. Get it to max level.

Idle Moon Rabbit apk: Playstore

Idle Moon Rabbit Discord: link

2.Get more experience to increase attack cap. Attack cap level enhancement will allow you to unlock more stat upgrade options or you can use lunar blessings to unlock more stats options. It’s much faster this way. Tap on Stats >> Unlock to unlock more options. You can do that by drawing certain skills which increase EXP boost for owning in inventory like ice spear, fire shield, glacial burst, etc. You can also awaken skills to get further EXP boosts. You can draw skills with skill books. Go to shop >> Draw. Buy more by tapping on skill book >> You can also get passive EXP enhancement by learning special inventory effect. You combine 5 same pestlezookas to learn. Third way is to use rings like ring of magic and level them up with ring enhancers.

3.If you don’t know how to get a particular resource, tap on it on right side >> Obtain to know where to get it. Battles are available on upper left side. You can also choose Search product option. It’s easier to get resources this way rather than searching for them in shop.

4.Enter sleep mode to get more items during idle and save battery. Reduce your brightness too.
Tap Menu >> Sleep

5.Idle Moon Rabbit Best skills:

There is no such thing as best skill.
You need different skills combination for different content. Phoenix force/ Blizzard/ Sea God spear. If you have every legendary skill you should opt for pf, sgs, blizz, ice nova, and 2 out of fop/ror/sd/ms. Should get the skills’ rune too.

Image from Discord user Viece:

Skills are divided into water, fire, dark, and lightning. Dark and lightning are better overall. Best skills are mostly attack based skills rather than HP recovery as when you are attacked by too many enemies during dungeon battles your health reduces quickly.
You can create presets of skill to suit different purposes. Some skills have buffs against bosses like Ice spear, Dark spear, light’s blessing, and Gloom Seed. Dark Force is probably the best for bosses. Group them together in preset 2 and use that skill set to fight against bosses. You can also combine them with crit based and stun based skills like Fireball and Lightning Strike. Some skills like speed up have crit bonuses for level 5 awakening like speed up. They do well with skills like Lightning Trap which bonus buffs for attack speed. Some skills also get buffs for increased cast speed like Aqua Totem. If you are not getting enough mana then use blessing of mana. It also has 3% mana recovery every second with level 5 awakening effect. Some are better for chapters as they get more buffs for them like Death Impact. Create another preset for chapters, etc.

If you want to farm then use cure to get gold gain bonus. Create a preset for such skills just to farm when offline or sleep. You can choose preferred skill during drawing to increase draw chances of that skill.

Idle Moon Rabbit best pets:
Fox is more versatile, while ruell for extended break and carry in dimensional gap stages.

What is the best pet for tod?
Mir for fe/sos build or fox if only u have it a5 or

What is the best legendary pet to take as a first pet?
Ruell > peng > fox > cow > sword.

What’s the next pet for A5 after Peng and Ruell?
A5 Peng and A5 Reull.
Nemmy, Lakshen.
Cow if you want some drop boost or just get cow to a2 a3 since its cheaper.
Fox if you didnt get the free A5 from event.

Which pet is better, Nemesis or Lakshen?
They differ in usage.
Lakshen gives def pen as sub pet.
Some contents dont have high def or none at all like magic field. Nemmy gives increase trans enhancer drop and has good active for burst and help you increase scores in realm.
Go for Nemmy before Lakshen because i want more enhancer drops.

Best farming pet?
Fox if A5, Ruell if not.

What are the best pets for trial?
You can also try nemmy instead of glory and replace lak’s slot for gloring.

What’s best legendary pet or ring
to unlock first?
Ruell and refined magic ring.
There is no “best”.

After peng, get phoenix then lak then nemmy
After getting all pets, get ruell to a5.

6.You should also use skill runes to get additional benefits. You should always lock a legendary or unique skill to get most out of runes and use of rolls. Best skill runes are mostly cooldown reduction as it will allow you to use skills more often or go for recovery or damage buffs. Damage buffs are especially useful against bosses.

Use skill gems too to get more benefits. Tap on skills and check all 3 options above.

Use costumes to get inventory benefits.

7.Equipment guide:
Use latest equipment unlocked and learn all previous skills. You can also draw weapon from weapon draws. You will unlock magic bullet enhancer at level 2200.

8.Solve quests from right side to get rubies.
Compete in different events and see their requirements on right side. Competing in portals on right side will also give you plenty of rewards like lunar blessings, enhancers, etc.
Generally, it’s best to play one battle type at least once to have different types of resources. You get 3 keys/entry tickets every midnight. You can clear at once and use all keys if you have already cleared it like treasure dungeons.

You will unlock pets after chapter 3 and guild after level 300.

9.You can buy skills from quest or event passes. Battle quest pack is better as they are cheap and give you skill books and lunar blessings. If you mean buying the monthly rune select, you should save it for end of the month. You should be buying all the weekly/single purchase ones from skill shop.

Nia mp recover is on rng

After first update of March, Should I unlock mainskill fire or water for Nia?
Only need need to learn active 4 1st.
Just max everything from top to bottom. Level up the cheaper thing.
Basically don’t using nia at all but still level up nia aura. Check the inventory stat for each aura.
It doesn’t matter if you unlock nia aura or miho aura. You’ll still benefit from the inventory stats.

Max book first then work on compass if nia main. Reset still keep your artifacts crafted.
It’s just reset the level to 1.

How to get Nia:
Beat chapter 4 like it tells you. If you’re farming at like 7.1k sure.

More tips:
Lyn S4 > Main friend S4 > Lyn S1 passive Lv.3 > Lyn S2/S3 passive Lv.1 > Sub friend S4 > Main friend Actives > Lyn G1/2/3 > Main friend G1 > Main friend G2 > Main friend G2 mastery > Lyn S3 passive Lv.3 > Sub friend G1 > Sub friend G2 > Sub friend G2 mastery

Can learn Sub friend active skill 3 & 4 any time after Main Friend G2 weapon when you want to focus on Dim Gap/Harmony/Future Friend content.

Unlock epic support skill on sub friend when you’re working on S4 for sub friend. Once you get S4 for sub friend you unlock the important legendary support skill then continue on with the progression list.

Coupon Code: ShowdownSeason
Reward: Ruby x25,000, Skill Rune Reroll Scroll x2,500, Sacrifice x5, Aqua Totem x5
Minimum Level: 50

Idle Moon Rabbit skill tier list:
Ice nova, blizzard, runes of ruin, ragnarok, sea God spear, phoenix force for farming.
Ice nova, ice tornado, runes of ruin, ragnarok, sea god spear, song of starlight or inferno for trials.
For farming you want Ice nova + glacial burst + chilled armor

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