Mine Strongman Simulator Roblox latest codes, secret code, secrets, July 2023 [Update], Wiki, how to rebirth and get pets, etc.

Mine Strongman Simulator is a bodybuilding type game where you drag items towards finish line to gain energy and use that energy in gym to build muscles and rebirth into stronger self. You discover better items as you move across newer areas which give you more energy but you also need better strength. The game has various titles along the way as you progress. Here are latest codes along with tips and guide:

You will get twice movement speed buff.

2x motion buff.

get twice move buff.

4.1500likes: 2x Energy boost

5000likes x2: workout speed

10000: x2 Energy boost

25k: 10 minutes 2x Energy boost

100M: 10 minutes x2 Energy boost


10m: 10 minutes of twice workout


Pet codes:

strongman: Pet

Chad: Rubber Duck

russoripped: Secret code.

Strongman Simulator secrets: There is also a secret code in saucepan in kitchen. Stools are kitchen pets. You can get them at kitchen and disco.

How to get pets in Mine Strongman Simulator:

You can get a new pet when you subscribe to official channel of developers of Strongman Simulator The Gang Gaming.

Go towards area with Youtube sign in game. Then enter your Youtube id. Wait till you get new pet as reward.

You can get season pets in Strongman Simulator by buying season pass. If you get Darnello it gives you 2x workout speed. There will probably be energy season pets too soon.

How to rebirth in Strongman Simulation: You can rebirth when you reach 10k strength. Second is 2500
more so 12.5k+ 10k= 22.5k for 2 rebirths.
It gets stacked. Formula can be like this:
Amount of rebirth x2500 =10k. You need 2.5k extra for every rebirth. Maximum amount of rebirths is 60k. You
don’t grow in size but increase strength after that.

Best rebirthing strategy should be tested. You can stack for 3 rebirths and see how much you strength you get in an hour. and increase it to 5 or 10. You can also check how quickly you progress if you rebirth immediately.

You cannot keep your pets if you rebirth but some stay after 10 rebirths. Lobby area always stay, gym area stay for 10+ rebirths, 20+ rebirths for farm area stay. So get high rarity pet in early areas to make it stay.
Check rebirth list on leaderboards.

What does rebirth do in Strongman Simulator: It gives you +10% energy and carry 1 extra item for every 10 rebirths.

Tips/guide to progress quickly:
1.Drag biggest item towards finish line which gives maximum energy. For example, dragging feather gives less energy compared to dragging toilets. You can drag all 3 items but you will waste your time for little energy.
Staying in one lane and repeating same items through straight line allows you to get energy quickly.
Sometimes lower reward energy item give more energy as you can drag them quickly. This happens at higher level areas.
Check which items give you maximum reward with quick dragging and choose accordingly. If you could drag only 1 item with highest energy and more lighter items which gives you greater energy, then select that lane and spam repeat dragging. For example, Turkey gives 5k energy and fries give 3k but if you could drag more fries it will lead to more energy. You should aim to get maximum energy in less time rather than focusing on dragging more times at once.

2.Move to newer area quickly once you can drag the item blocking path to newer area.

3.Teleport to relevant area quickly when you login. This saves time running from one area to next. Tap on
Teleport >> select area.

4.Buy pet toys to give you extra energy per item dragged. You can do that by going to market of “buy
pets”. You can even sell them for energy reward. Rare pets give better energy so equip them. Tap on Pets >>
select a pet >> Equip/Unequip.

Fly eccentric objects from another space across reward line to get energy. Get 5 free items for your icon.

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