My Dear Farm tips, wiki, plants list, house, and beginner’s guide

My Dear Farm is an android farming simulation game. The game features various plants, pets, decorative items, house, marketplace, and few other things. Your aim is to raise your level to get new items by sowing new crops and putting new items.

1.Plant as many plants as you could on available field. Go for cheaper crops first like cabbage which costs 27 gold coins. Increase your budget incrementally till all field is filled with plants, flowers, and trees. You can buy more at once by tapping + symbol. Tap on plant symbol on lower right >> select cabbage >> + till you spend all gold >> buy. Water them by tapping plant >> water symbol. Sometimes you will get 2 coins.
Some plants like Blueberry, Funion, and Cabbage give gems too so plant them more. Trees give minimum
3 gems.

2.Tap on plants to collect coins and gems occasionally. You can also plant them at elevated height by placing brown tile first. Your aim should to maximize coin collection in beginning. Variety should
be added later when you want to sell at market. Furniture items don’t produce anything other than
raising your level so focus on it later once you hoard over 1k coins. Go for cheaper one first like wooden plank which costs 16 coins. Tap on furniture symbol below >> select item >> buy. Focus only on getting maximum points to raise level first.

3.Sell your produce at marketplace to get even more coins. The more quickly you sell, the more coins you earn. It gets refreshed every 2 hours and you have 10 customers so make sure you play it often. Wrong choice will lead to no reward and one lost customer. Try to remember all your crops location at bottom to quickly select them.

4.Watch ads to get gems and other items. Ads can be limited so try to watch them for gems first. Tap on gems above >> first ad for 5 gems. Watching ads also supports developers. Hoard your gems and never exchange them for coins as coins are easier to get but not gems. If you decide to buy pack, go for best deal if possible as it provides most gems per dollar. If you want to progress slowly ads ad 50 gems pack will suffice.

5.Expand your land by buying new plots. Tap on anew plot with + sign >> clean this area. This is best use of gems to maximize production. Don’t buy items with gems unless you have extra to spend.

6.Login every day to get free reward. You also get it in mail so collect all of them. You can get a pet from animal store. Drag towards right >> Animal store >> buy >> place.

7.Decorate your house with items. You can buy them at house store. Prefer to buy with gold coins rather
than gems as coins are easier to replenish. Your house will get upgraded in the sense that you can place new items there. Some are placed on walls.

8.My Dear Farm plants list:

Cabbage : 27 coins
Barberry: 34 coins
Celery: 40 coins
Tomatillo: 41 coins
Tomato: 45 coins
Blueberry: 45 coins
Leek: 48 coins
Delicata: 49 coins
Parsnip: 49 coins
Orange Sweet Potato: 50 coins
Pumpkin: 53 coins
Wheat: 54 coins
White Cap: 54 coins
Coffee: 56 coins
Henequen: 59 coins
Funion: 59 coins
Devil Berry: 68 coins
Cloudberry: 72 coins
Purple Sweet Potato: 74 coins
Brocolli: 77 coins
Raspberr: 83 coins
Yellow Amanita: 90 coins
Cucumber: 110 coins
Cactus: 117 coins
Blue Peas: 122 coins
Artichoke: 135 coins
Romanesco: 150 coins
Edamame: 89 coins

Pink Dragonfruit: 2 gems
Rutabaga: 3 gems
Eggplant: 3 gems
White Currant: 3 gems
Asparagus: 4 gems
Honey Fungus: 4 gems
Alien Cantaloupe: 5 gems

White Bulb: 37 coins
Red Amanita: 45 coins
Red Hibiscus 45 coins
Red Desert Rose: 49 coins
White Protea: 54 coins
Red Gannet: 59 coins
Pink Water Lillie: 61 coins
Red Rose: 64 coins
Pink Orchid: 80 coins
Blue Water Lillie: 81 coins
Blue Clowner: 99 coins
Magenta Tulip: 103 coins
Orange Marigold: 117 coins
White Hibiscus: 2 gems
Violet Orchid: 3 gems
Blue Bulb: 4 gems
Sunflower: 5 gems
Pink Hyacinth: 5 gems

Apple Tree: 592 coins
Banana Tree: 592 coins
Orange: 592 coins
Pear Tree: 592 coins

9.Customize your look by tapping on your icon at upper left or your character on field. Select different hair style, skin tone, and hair color. Select your outfit and accessories. You can also change your name by tapping third option above. If you want more options, tap on first option on upper right >> buy different accessories. You can also watch ad there to preserve gems.

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