Korilakkuma Tower Defense tips, wiki, strategies, toy heroes formation, and beginner’s guide

Korilakkuma is a strategy tower defense, cartoon, kiddish casual game. You can play it
casually. This articles describes tips, tricks, strategies, hero toys formation, wiki, and guide for beginners:

1.Play daily missions to get coins, jewels, and stamina drink. Clearing stages you have already cleared is
easy as you can just skip 10 stages at once. Tap on mission >> battle >> select a stage >> skip >> + >> Time to Skip >> Skip.
Your XP decides your toys level. Your toy level cannot exceed player level. Missions will give you lot of XP and will augment your player level which increases your maximum stamina and starting energy too. It will also restore your stamina. Daily missions are restarted daily so complete them as much as you could.

2.Read objectives of normal missions. The last mission is a bit tricky to complete. Others will be completed as you progress naturally. Albums can be completed by taking part in event. You get points for it which can be exchanged for toy pieces. Tap on Event on right side >> Event store >> buy.

3.Get toys from store. Go to store >> exchange Happy Medals with videos >> toys >> buy. Another quicker way is to go to Draw below. Draw can be done with paid jewels, or with 3000 free, or with draw tickets. Watch videos to get stamina drink if you run out of stamina. Watch videos to get coins as well. There is another Jewel Store for players who want to pay. Best pack is 30 day Jewel pack as you get 3000 jewels in 30 days with least money and 30 day stamina pack which gives you 200 stamina for 30 days
for grinders.

4.Korilakkuma battle strategy:There are 2 types of toys, long range and close range. Long ranged ones should always be placed near entry points because their skill slow down enemies. This allows more time for long range attackers who have higher attack to attack more often. High attack toys should be placed in middle. Kiirotori & Chairoikoguma has very high damage and should be placed in middle along with Korilakkuma Ranger and Chairoikoguma which damages all enemies in range and has knockback skill.
Kiiroitori, Rilakkuma, Rilakkuma (Laidback) slow down enemies and should be placed at entry slots. These are long range too except Rilakkuma. Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma (Bakery)
should be placed last near tower as they have skills where you can expand their range.

5.Always start off with long range toys who have skill of slowing down when placing your toys first. Do not upgrade anyone unless you have filled all slots. Once everything is filled, upgrade basic stats first especially of attackers in middle to do maximum damage. Use skills for second or third waves. Skills of toys who slows down enemies should always be used first to allow allow high attackers in middle to capitalize on it. If some enemies make their way towards tower, activate skill of last toys. Urgent situations should always be dealt with skills as they have immediate effect even though they don’t last long. Another aggressive way of playing is to shift your toys around. You can abandon a place for your highest attacker
near tower. You can do that by tapping on toys >> retreat >> drag attacker towards empty slot near tower to defend it.

6.Choose attacking and energy skills over HP to quickly deal with enemies. Best skills in order of importance are All Toys’ Damage Up (+15%), recover energy (+200), recover lots of energy when defeating enemies, power up energy cost down, etc. You should also upgrade base stats quickly of certain strong attacker toys or entry toys when you get sudden energy with recover energy power. Base stats upgrades remain intact till end of stage so they are better for longer term attacking strategy. You should split your skill use and base stat upgrade somewhat equally.

7.Collect all free rewards every day. You get login rewards and coins. Tap on Rilakkuma Bank >> Claim now to get coins.

8.Take on different events like Ranked battles and Bannies with play. Ranked battles gives special bonus for certain toys. tap on Ranked Battles on upper right >> Bonus Toy to see them. If you reach top 1% in ranking you get 300 Jewels, 20k coins, and 10 Happy Medals. Even just participating and getting rank between 76% and 100% gives you Jewels x 50 and 1000 coins. You don’t even need stamina to participate there. Bannies with Play requires stamina and you also get jewels, coins, and XP rewards for it.

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