League of Angels Pact wiki, codes, tips, best heroes, gear, and beginner’s guide

League of Angels Pact is a unique idle MMORPG game, anime, PvP strategy game. You leave it on and progress on auto while offline. It has frequent bosses and good gear drops frequently. All you have to do it simply tap “switch” to equip it and progress on auto. It’s a good game for players who like easy going idle rpg games.

1.Collect all free rewards when you login. Tap on event hall >> daily reward >> claim. Tap on Hourglass to get offline rewards. Tap D. Hunt contest >>
claim for free, territory >> angel summon >> summon and bonus bringer, activate heroes/heroines by going to growth on lower right >> gallery >> hero >> select hero/heroine with red mark >> activate. Activating hero or heroine depends on completing battle rating milestones so keep on collecting them as you get stronger. Tap on recharge above >> free and fund >> claim. You can also get items with diamonds from privilege pack in VIP shop. All items here are useful and can buy only
once. Buy them all as you reach higher VIP level. Tap on Territory >> Bonus Bringer >> Daily check in / Angel blessings to get more free items.

Tap on mails with heart symbol. Send blessings and gain candy. Go to inventory and get honor and enhance stone with candy.

League of Angels Pact discord, codes, best class, and heroes:

1.Discord link:

2.Codes: WENDYPACK. Go to Territory >> Bonus Bringer >> Enter code. If you want more codes, go to discord link >> Events page and participate in weekly question answers. They ask simple questions and first 50 people receive gift codes. Tap link there to answer.

Another code: jGRgZF8OtFMeLcc29

3.Best class is Angel Power as it’s focused on attack. You can have 2 Power Angels and one intelligence Angel for healing effect. Best heroines are based on Angel Bond which give you stat bonus. Mikaela is best paired with Noelle which gives 1200 ATK boost. Tap on Angel >> select an Angel >> Angel Bond to check bonds. Best heroines/heroes are M, epic and legendary heroines like Mikaela, Noella, Marina, Nina, Lunaria, etc. Once you get enough shards, activate them and check for bonds for best pairings.

4.Keep on upgrading your gear with smelting. Tap on inventory >> equip >> smelt. This will raise you equipment level and rarity. Blue is better than green and legendary is even better. Forge blue gear to make them even better. Forging in is done in succession so you should have all blue gear preferably as you will use up enhance stone. You get it with smelting equipment. Tap on Forge >> Enhance. Socket your gems here to get more DEF, BR, ATK, HP recovery boosts based on type of gems. You can even synthesize 2 same gems to get one of higher grade. Tap on Forge >> Gem >> 1 click socket >> select a gem >> synthesize >> buy. Replace highest grade gem by selecting it >> replace. Do it for all gems to get most stats boosts. This is one of best ways to spend diamonds.

5.Participate in different fights like daily trials. You can check them by tapping trial on
lower left. You get treasure for Dragon born treasure trial.
You can also blitz it for quick rewards. Boss battles offer legendary gear and owner’s chest which has legendary shard used to forge equipments. Challenge quickly to be owner for boss battles and get legendary shard. You could also sell your existing legendary gear to get those shards. Offline rewards give them too.
Tap on Forge >> Equipment recycle >> recycle.

Wyrm Race gives you quick rewards like Honor, Merit, and Coins. Angel Holy Land gives you Angel Essence, Angel crystals, etc. Tap on Trial >> select battle types below.

4.Duel will be unlocked later. You get honor, merit, combat pack, and gear here.
Merit is required to upgrade character’s Peerage which boosts ATK and PvP damage bonus.
Honor can be used to buy things from honor shop. Tap on shop above >> Honor Shop. Duel opponent rewards vary based
on battle rating of opponent. Higher battle rating leads to more EXP reward. Go for stronger opponent but still weaker than you. Start from right towards left. Tap on Duel on lower right >> Challenge.

5.Equip best gear to your character. It will be done automatically as you progress. Smelting often leads to unlock Divine gear. When you get all Divine >= 40 gear, you get new appearance. Tap on character below >> Divine Gear below >> unlock if already equipped. Ring of retribution and ring of Aegis will be unlocked later.

Equip skin to get ATK, HP, defense, and hit boosts. Tap on Character >> Skin >> select and equip. If you want to buy more, go to event hall by tapping source of wings >> rebate shop or limited pack last option.

Rank No.1 in various rankings events to get title and associated stats boosts with them. Tap on Character >> title.

6.Learn new skills to get more stronger as you battle your way through quests. You can unlock even more skills through class rank upgrade. Tap on Skills >> select a skill and learn it. Tap Promote Now below to promote your character through class upgrade. Skills can be upgraded with combat pack and coins. Ragnarok is best skill as it costs most damage. Preserve your skill upgrade items till you unlock it. Tap on Skills below >> Ragnarok >> upgrade to upgrade it.

7.Activate Angels and Heroes to join your forces. You can activate them by tapping on Growth >> select Angel/Hero >> Activate. You can get them through event hall >> opening offer >> Angel pack. You can also go to Angel >> tap activate to activate an angel. Select and upgrade them. Tap on Angel >> select >> upgrade till you reach improvement. You can also promote them when you get 30 shards of them. Tap on Promote. Equip accessories by going to Accessory >>1 click equip. You will need Angel Essence to for this which you can get with Advance Summon and Angel Holy Land.

8.Summon Angels with summon orbs. Tap on Territory >> Angel Summon >> 10x Summon. You get few free summons too. Angel Realm will open at level 81. You can deploy Angels here to get item collection boosts. Tap on Angel Realm >> “+” sign >> select Angel. Angels are divided into 3 types, Power, Agility, and Intelligence. Deploying 3 Power Angels boosts ATK, Agility Angels boosts DEF, and Intelligence Angels boost Character Heal. Deploy Angels of same type to get those additional boosts. Upgrade Angel pacts to get stronger and create more lineups. Tap on Angel >> Pact >> upgrade. It’s dependent on Angel battle rating.

9.Join a strong and working guild. This will allow you to get guild contribution points, participate in guild events to get massive rewards. You can get guild contribution by guild donations and guild events. Tap on Territory >> Guild Territory >> Event Hall >> Donate. Contribution points can be used to purchase items from Airship Vault. Important items there are scrolls, guild boss passes, and legendary shards, etc. You can promote your power with contribution points and raise guild level by going to Skill Statue >> Contribution up or Personal skill >> upgrade. ATK is more important so upgrade Ancient Blood, Power Guardian, and Life of Grace first. If your hero is dying too quickly and is stuck at a boss then upgrade Life Origin and Divine Angels for HP and DEF boosts.

10.Participate in periodic events like Treasure formation to get treasures and Pandora’s Box. You get first free. Tap on upper right Formation Treasure. Tap on Pandora’s Box above >> Dice symbol to roll. You can get more rolls by tapping Box purchase and claim 2 free rolls. You get rewards based on ranking.

11.Packs are found in Hot Packs. Best ones are 1.99$ pack, 4.99$ for feathers and relic pack.
Monthly card is good too where you get 48k gems for 5.99$. Don’t buy directly from diamonds shop first.
Monthly cards give you best return on investment for long term players.

12.Bind your account to get diamonds and rings. Tap on Bind on upper left >> Bind and Get. If you
get stuck fighting, tap “Get Stronger” above to guide you.

13.Complete daily quests. Some are easy to do like buying from Mystery shop, guild contribution, Angel blessings, and summons. Complete easier first and them other challenging ones later.

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