Heroes vs Hordes tips, wiki, best heroes, tier list, best weapons and evolution guide

Heroes vs Hordes is a casual roguelike single player offline game. It’s basically survival game where you are supposed to protect yourself from different types of attackers in an open area with little cover which makes you quite run almost continuously. You do get frequent weapon and inventory upgrade skills too.

1.Read your objectives in quests. Your main action should be to complete these objectives first to get stars and open treasures. These give you coins, jewels, and battle pass points. Higher treasures give even more rewards. Daily objectives are refreshed so try to complete most if not all. Tap on “Quests” on right side above >> go. Tap on recruit pass above to collect battle pass rewards. Some objectives are a bit tricky so you got to manage them well. For example, you have open 3 silver equipment and 1 golden equipment chest quest so don’t open more than that and preserve keys for another days when you can’t be very active. Upgrading talent gets expensive as you progress so preserve your coins for at least 1 upgrade a talent as that’s a quest too. Solve easier ones first like watching ads, completing a run with arcane mage, etc. and then go for longer ones.

2.Choose Knight as hero rather than Arcane Mage in beginning as there are various stationary positionings you could do with melee attackers. Knight can be used to hide at particular spots during game like behind trees or other things. This negates the need to keep moving. Combine such positionings with skills like Area Tome, Damage Tome, and Cooldown tome.This creates a strong semi circle protection around you. Sword can be enhanced to Runesword with level 5 area tome. Runesword can be unlocked in Forge. Reaper and Frost Wizard are another better choices as they have good cover.

You can forge weapons with forge tokens and super tokens. You can get these in arena which
you will unlock later as you progress. Source (Discord).

Tap on Collection >> Armory >> Select a weapon >> Forge.

Heroes vs Hordes evolution guide: Skills like Fire orb which eventually become Flame wheel with duplicator
tome and Divine Aura which become Vampire Aura after evolving incorporated with Dragon’s Breath evolved into Dragon’s Inferno provide excellent cover at without moving. This helps during coin collection stage too where it keeps getting difficult. Reaper swings his weapon in all directions and is a good choice here. You should focus on upgrading scythe skills if you buy him. Bombs also help a lot at higher levels. Don’t go for things like movement speed, crit damage as crit is mostly for bosses.
Duplicator tome, Damage tome, and area tome are most important.

3.Heroes vs Hordes best heroes/build:

Heroes are divided into easy, medium, and hard. Hard heroes are generally stronger. Certain ranged attackers have advantages where they pass through enemies while dealing damaging which increase your attack per second. Melee has disadvantage as you cannot attack unless you get too close. Melee can be good for stationary positions though.Heroes get special bonus every 10 intervals so make sure you preserve your gems to get desired hero and then spend your hero orbs for him. You can buy hero by tapping on Heroes >> Select hero >> Unlock.

1.Spirit Shaman: It has 3 animals fighting which surges your attack tremendously. If you buy here, then upgrade Spirit Staff to get most out of basic attack first.

2.Warlock: This hero has one more attacker fighting which who is ranged attacker. Upgrade Demon Staff to get +50% damage and 2 more projectiles.

3.Crazy Tinkerer: Pretty good with his mines skill. Keep on upgrading it as first priority which increases
area of effect.

4.Pirate Queen: Good if you prefer to keep on moving continuously as flintlocks attack randomly.

5.Dark Ranger: One of best heroes. It’s arrows pierce causing damage to all those that stand in way. Great while moving or even for staying at one place.

4.Talent guide: Upgrading talent gives you permanent buffs regardless of hero. They get expensive as you progress. These talents are best based on order of preference:

2.Regeneration: Recovers health probably.
3.Area of effect.
4.Bonus XP.

All epic and legendary as they are rare draws. Tap on Talents >> select talent >> unlock.

Heroes vs Hordes Tier list:

Easy: Arcane Mage, Reaper, Pirate Queen, Barbarian

Medium: Knight, Dark Ranger, Frost Wizard,

Hard: Crazy Tinkerer, Fire Wizard, Warlock

5.Upgrade your equipment as you gets chests. Tap on shop >> drag below >> keys. One of good things about this game is that even if you upgrade green (great) equipment, you get a equipment of same level for blue (rare) or epic (purple). Upgrade all of them as gold is not a problem generally. Equip purple preferably or blue gear. Merge gear to convert them from common to great to rare to epic. Tap on equipment >> Blacksmith >> Auto Merge. Equip Jewel to equipment to make it even stronger. You can buy it from shop. Tap on shop >> Craft a Jewel. Go to Equipment >> Jewel >> +/Quick Assign.

6.Join a good guild as active members will help you rank better in guild event and give you better rewards. You will get guild tokens for it. Guild tokens can be used to buy items from guild shop. Best items are Hero orbs and scrolls. You can request scrolls, hero orbs, and dust. If you send items someone else has requested then you can get coins. Tap on Guild >> Request >> Select item. Tap on help to donate. You can leave guild by tapping on Guild >> upper left sign >> Leave.

7.Play adventure and other events to get extra rewards if you get stuck at a particular level. You can also watch ads to double rewards to headway quickly. Tap on events and adventure to check them.

8.Best pack is rare armor pack from shop as it provides most gems per dollar and hero pass. Tap on Recruit pass above to check it. This helps more if you play longer.

9.Play in hard mode to get keys quickly. Hard mode gives you more rewards. If you like grinding, then tap normal mode during stage selection to change difficulty. Tap on “i” to check rewards. Check inbox to check rewards and weekly giveaways information. Go to discord >> #Giveaways >> Enter to enter. DM player ID if you win. Winners are selected

Discord link: https://discord.gg/heroes-vs-hordes-949591341137035284

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