Tropical Resort Tycoon Roblox Wiki, codes, Update, all areas, how to reset, last thing to buy, Obby Island, race island, aquarium, arcade, etc.

Tropical Resort Tycoon Wiki, secrets, all areas, last thing to buy, fastest vehicles, etc.

Rankings for fastest vehicles:

Supercar- 96
Speed buggy – 91
Neon Nightrunner (Metaverse Event)- 76
Traction Buggy – 71
Rugged Rover/Rescue Truck – 66
Pickup truck/Pumpkin Carriage(Halloween Event) = 61
Four Wheeler – 56-57
Go-Kart- 50-55
Golf Kart – 38-39
Forklift – 31-32

Here are the rankings for fastest land vehicles which don’t cost robux.

More cars:
slad: 40
new winter car:65
fire truck: 70
army car: 70
the rbx car next to pickup: 80
slow buggy: 80
fast buggy: 100
the fast car: 100
monster truck: 100
musle car 80
ragdoll + jump + speed =over 200 (faster than fighter jet). It can also drive under water.

Permanent vehicles list:
Flying Sleigh (2020 Christmas event) 150 speed
Headless Hot Rod (2022 Halloween event) 85 speed
Neon Nightrunner (2021 Metaverse event) 75 speed
Pumpkin Carriage (2021 Halloween event) 60 speed
Holiday Truck (2021 Halloween event) 60 speed

fish ship: 30
fidgit spinner(jetski): 70
speed ship: 80
the boat with a donut: 85
ferry: 100
party: 110
wave rider: 90
river tube: 10

plane: 130
stunt Plane: 140
seeplane: 160
fast plane: 170
tropical resort tycoon fastest plane: Army plane: 220

all non p2w heli: 140
p2w heli: 160
ragdoll+ speed: ~130-160
just ragdoll: ~100-130
ragdoll gamepass + speed + jump: ~140-170

How do you know you finished Tropical Island events:
Click missing item button to check if you have something left
to be collected probably.
Try pressing “?” button at bottom of screen which says find buyable object
and if nothing happens then you have finished it. Check your net worth, there’s a possibility you don’t
have enough money. If you have enough money like probably over 50 million, then you have completed it. You need even more for other places like arcade. You could create a new account but then you would lose your event vehicles and spent robux.

Updates/What to do when you have finished Tropical Resort Tycoon:
Wait for next update. Grind Obby, to make more money or afk. You can even restart account or make an alt. I will be posting future updates here. You can also check #tycoon-updates in discord.

Tropical Resort Tycoon finished net worth:
There is no max net worth in tropical Tycoon. If you have got billions after building everything, you will have to wait till next update to spend it. Richest player is probably Grandpa with 1T.

How do you reset/rebirth in Tropical Resort Tycoon:
Go to nuclear bunker on volcano Island. Volcano Island is 1 of 4 in middle of the map.

Tropical Resort Tycoon Roblox codes:
There are no codes for this game but instead you can afk and get rewards for free that way. If you don’t know
what is afk (away from keyboard), it means leaving game on and keep on making money. The more net worth and droppings you have, the more you can make. You can grind and there are various events coming up.

Resort Tycoon Secrets: There is a secret room that you can’t enter in mansion because it closed off. There is a broken window at back from where you can enter. There is a chair inside. Secret places in Metaverse event were big volcano, blue lava, and secret lab.

Where can you find Halloween car except at Halloween Island:
Car park next to docks. Reward for Halloween island is pumpkin carriage. That’s last reward and final prize.
You have finished Halloween event if you have got hot rod car. You will be able to respawn it on the parking left main hotel after Halloween. It’s 4th collection.
5th: Santa Sleigh, Metaverse Car, Pumpkin Car, Christmas Truck.
Hot rod car can be found at Marina.

Where is Marina in Resort Tycoon:
Close to Neon Nightrunner from Metaverse event.
The Marina is the fish dock area with boats and fish and stuff. It has spawners for vehicles that you unlock through events. Drive down to it from your resort.
The vehicle is located at the car park behind it.

What’s the last thing you buy in Tropical Resort Tycoon Roblox:If you want to finish it completely then get 1B net worth as you get a badge after that. That’s the most expensive thing you can get in Tropical Resort Tycoon. Last update was water park so you could probably buy last things there. Last button was near the fire station on the first mountain you buy.
Most expensive places: Arcade or Bungalows.

Tropical Resort Roblox All Areas:
Sea Resort
Water Park
Obby Island
Pirate Island
Race Island
Race tracks
Fire Station
Cave club
Vulcano Island
Underground club
Heli at military base

Tropical Resort Obby Island:
Where is Obby Island:
It is located in water. It is located in middle of the map.
It warns you of 5m. You will also be earning money at resort while you play Obby.
There should be a floating icon that shows you where are certain islands.
It earns you around 3.5 million per full obby competition. You get reward
for every stage you complete. 10 obbies gives 35 million. You can do 10
in a day, that’s a reasonably achievable. If you want to grind it, buy ragdoll pass. It helps a lot.
The higher your net worth, the more you earn from it.

Where is Aquarium in Resort Tycoon: Aquarium is under the resort, basically to the stairs of the resort and there should be a basement where aquarium is situated. Arcade can also be made after aquarium too. You can compete with others in arcade. Arcade machined pay you when you complete playing them.

Lighthouse: Unlocked after villa/mansion. Keep walking past the small garage and up the island. It’s at very end of path. You have to finish Lighthouse before Aquarium and then you can go for Arcade
You need 1 million per map for building aquarium.

Race Island:
Race island is an island with a gigantic racing track where you can do stunts and laps around the race island.
Water Park is located at road to race island. You can finish race track faster with ragdoll+jump+speed.

The bungalows are an extension for the resort at the back near the pool
with 5 bungalows on a bridge that goes over the water. Finishing arcade underground in resort should unlock it. Buy button is just pass the double doors of the left wing on the hotel, the other side to where the ladder is. Button is located on the entrance to the beach. Go carts can be unlocked after Bungalows.
It leads into the rocky cliff below the airport at the end of the bungalow bridge. This is the cave
club and it has a dancing floor, and another race track.
The entrance point for the cave should be near the one water resort thing

Timer is located after sliding down water slide, go right or probably left, there is red countdown button.
Countdown is on the red button on bridge to race island.
You can start buying bedrooms after airport. You can buy even more rooms after villa.
Villa will be unlocked as you keep playing halfway through game. Finish airport and hangars, then extend island and there you will go after villa. Expansion behind villa is for the race island and lighthouse to unlock basement. Lighthouse is also on expansion behind villa.

Tropical Resort Tycoon Pirate Island: It’s an explorable island. Pirate Island serves no real purpose.
It’s just for decoration. Green buy button gives money red doesn’t.

Tips/guide to make money quickly: Buy droppers to make more money. There are plenty in basement and on racing island. Come back later to buy more things. Constantly play Obby. Get better scores on race tracks, play with friends, etc. You could also afk overnight to progress quickly.

Tropical Resort Tycoon Ultimate vacation: It’s an official Roblox toy set.
You can find this set at:

Tropical resort tycoon Twitter and Discord links:



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